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Hydraulic Press Channel Becomes YouTube Star

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[Article Summary]:This Finnish factory owner has quickly amassed an international following thanks to videos showing him crushing various objects with his hydraulic p……

This Finnish factory owner has quickly amassed an international following thanks to videos showing him crushing various objects with his hydraulic press, both engaging viewers while remaining oddly satisfying and popular with viewers alike.

Analysis of the channel's success highlights both its unexpected results and Vuohensilta's amusing accent and jokes as key factors in its success.


Hydraulic press machines can be found in industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, metalworking and construction. Their benefits over other types of machines include the ability to easily control temperature, speed, pressure and ease of use compared with others.

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube features a man using an industrial hydraulic press to crush various items. Established by factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland in 2015, this channel quickly gained over 3 million subscribers within months and became a fan favorite among viewers of YouTube.

Every video features an unflinching machinery host pressing an object with extreme force into a hydraulic press, creating explosive yet always hilarious results. These videos share similar themes to viral videos like Will It Blend? and The Slow Mo Guys but with more unforgiving machinery hosts.

Some of the more popular videos include an experiment involving a rubber duck and one that disproves an urban legend about folding paper seven times. Another video features the narrator attempting to break apart secondhand clothing mannequin Johnny with an air cannon; although Johnny breaks into several pieces, Anni and her husband quickly duct tape him back together before restarting the challenge.

Other videos feature the hydraulic press crushing objects such as books, golf balls, bearing balls, bowling ball pins and pins, LEGO toys and cell phones such as Nokia 3310s. In some of these instances the narrator and his wife use scraps from these items to craft homemade tools out of them! These videos often take place in workshops equipped with large industrial-strength hydraulic presses capable of exerting up to 144 tonnes of force - great fun!

The charming Finnish accent of the narrator adds much charm, with many videos featuring comments that mimic his pronunciation of phrases such as "Vat da fak" or "Hoodraulik press". His couple uses various safety precautions during each video shoot in order to ensure its safety, including barriers and safeguards around their hydraulic press.


Once a YouTube channel dedicated to crushing objects with a 100-ton hydraulic press becomes popular, it can be hard to resist watching. Finnish factory owner and his wife have made YouTube their own by amassing more than 10 million views across platforms, offering humorous yet uniquely satisfying takes on this genre that have cemented them with Internet fame.

Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland started his Hydraulic Press Channel in October 2015. Each video features him placing objects into his hydraulic press and crushing them; quickly becoming one of the world's most-viewed channels with over one million views per video!

Each episode begins with a black-and-white shot of the hydraulic press in operation accompanied by Ethan Meixsell's rock song, then transitions into an explanation by its anonymous narrator who begins by describing an object, before showing how the hydraulic press crushes it. Popular videos include responding to urban legends that you cannot fold paper over seven times without breaking, as well as attempts at "pressception" (putting a hydraulic press into a box).

Once the video ends, the narrator and his wife will discuss how they made it and provide an update of their lives. They even have a merch store selling T-shirts featuring their hydraulic press.

There are numerous channels on YouTube dedicated to similar content, but Vuohensiltas have made their mark through humor and technical prowess. Lauri's thick Finnish accent has become a trademark of their channel; viewers frequently comment with phrases similar to his pronunciation such as "Hoodraulik press", "Vat da fak", and "Dagwood sandwich".

Even though some of their videos appear dangerous, the couple takes great precautions to ensure safety. Operating the hydraulic press from behind thick glass and other barriers ensures they avoid legal liabilities that might be present.

Lauri Vuohensilta

YouTube's latest star is Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta, Finnish factory owners known for their unusual hobby - crushing everyday items with industrial strength hydraulic presses using their Hydraulic Press Channel videos. Their oddly satisfying videos have gained hugely popular as viewers tune in each time to see what will get crushed next. Since launching their channel in October 2015, they now boast over 1.7 million subscribers to their channel!

Beyond their main YouTube series, the Vuohensiltas also run a secondary channel called Beyond the Press where they post more personal videos about life or preparation work for pressing videos; plus various projects around their shop or related to hosting a podcast.

Since October of 2015, this couple has been uploading videos to YouTube through the Hydraulic Press Channel and their videos quickly gained in popularity. These YouTube videos depict various objects being crushed or crushed out with a hydraulic press while they provide running commentary in Finnish. Some videos focus on more common targets like clocks, fruit, or golf balls while others take aim at more unexpected targets like Nokia 3310 cell phones, books or Furbys - the usual suspects and unexpected ones alike!

While some viewers have taken issue with the repetitive nature of these videos, many others have applauded the couple's unique approach to videography and humor. One of their most watched videos features Lauri trying to fold a piece of paper seven times until an explosion ensues!

Konepaja Vuohensilta, owned and run by the couple, provides machinery such as balancing machines, CNC milling machines, industrial-strength hydraulic presses and industrial strength hydraulic presses in these videos. While some pieces were purchased pre-built others were custom built.

Fans have long demanded more videos featuring the Hydraulic Press Channel, and Vuohensiltas appear to be listening: in their latest video they attempt to crush a piece of Marvel's fictional alloy Adamantium with their hydraulic press.

Anni Vuohensilta

The Hydraulic Press Channel, a YouTube series dedicated to crushing stuff with hydraulic presses, has become a viral sensation thanks to its oddly satisfying appeal. Since being created by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta in 2015, millions have watched his videos as viewers attempt to unravel mysteries like whether or not you can fold paper seven times and crush helmets and bicycle tires using hydraulic presses.

Vuohensilta's channel success has enabled him to purchase his dream house and enjoy an abundant lifestyle. Now with a full-time employee and various activities such as cooking, cleaning and DIY; including hosting weekly online chats; as well as starting his own side business selling branded merchandise he lives comfortably.

Anni Vuohensilta is well known on YouTube as an accomplished powerlifter and cyclist, having taken part in numerous bicycle events such as Finland's Powerlifting Federation Suomen voimanostoliitto competitions and races like Ratareisi 24h bicycle race. Additionally, Anni has earned several powerlifting medals that she was recognized by. Additionally, she's been recognized by Finland's Powerlifting Federation Suomen voimanostoliitto. Additionally she's an experienced cyclist having participated in many cycling races such as Ratareisi 24h bicycle race where she took home top honors!

Vuohensilta earned her social science degree from the University of Tampere; although now an internet celebrity, she claims she did not require formal qualifications to realize her dreams. Vuohensilta holds both a bachelor's and master's degree in humanities.

Vuohensilta especially enjoys using her hydraulic press to crush steel pipes, since they're more fun and less dangerous to crush than bowling balls. Her husband also hosts another channel called Beyond the Press where they post videos not directly related to using the hydraulic press; these include videos showing other machines in their factory being used to destroy things as well as preparation work being completed for its use as well as various outings they take part in.

Dudesons had amassed more than three million subscribers to YouTube channels in Finland by 2022. Bass Boost and Hydraulic Press Channel followed closely behind, each boasting over two million viewers each. Hydraulic Press Channel still continues its upward trajectory as an up and comer with over one million subscribers yet more are joining regularly.

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