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Yintong Introduction


Yintong Hydraulic Press Factory Introduction

Donguan Yintong hydraulic press company, is one of the leading manufacturing companies producing hydraulic press machine in China. With the aim of being china’s best hydraulic press manufacturer, our company has for over a decade, put all its efforts in the design, development, and production of the customer-oriented hydraulic systems with high safety standards. All our products have been awarded the IQNET, ISO9001, and 2008 International Quality Management System Dual Certificate. Moreover, we have a customer base all over the world.


Yintong hydraulic press factory has more than 20 years of experience in hydraulic press. we are more than 150 employees, and the technical personnel are more than 50, our yearly production capacity is more than 50 units every month. Our Products are four column hydraulic press ,cold forging hydraulic press ,deep drawing hydraulic press, c frame hydraulic press, and hydraulic hot press


   Why Yintong hydraulic press company?

In 2015,Yntong hydraulic pres company was awarded the funding for the   innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangdong Province and entered the cultivation of high-tech enterprises in the same year. YinYong hydraulic press factory, with the mission of becoming a global outstanding hydraulic machinery supplier, realizes the perfect integration of hydraulic system and hydraulic products such as complete machine design, development and production. With more than ten years of profound accumulation, we have gathered high-end talents in the hydraulic machinery industry, and have passed the double certification of IQNET International Certification Union and ISO9001;2008 International Quality Management System, to create the best products with strong R&D strength and leading quality control.

In terms of intellectual property rights, our company has obtained one authorized invention patent, eleven utility model patents, two appearance patents, and three high-tech products of Guangdong Province. In terms of knowledge product management, our company has established a perfect enterprise intellectual property management system – “2013 Yintong Intellectual Property Management System and Incentive Measures”. This system protects the intellectual property rights held by our enterprise, strengthens intellectual property management, and encourages the invention and creation awareness and ability of each employee.


   How did Yintong develop?

In terms of product research and development, we set up the R&D department in 2009 and established the “Project Management Measures for Scientific and Technological R&D Projects of Dongguan Yintong Machinery Technology Co. In 2014, the “multi-station four-column hydraulic press production system” developed by our company won the national authorized invention patent and the “Guangdong high-tech products” recognition. In 2014, the “Multi-station Four-Column Hydraulic Press Production System” developed by our company was awarded the national authorized invention patent and “Guangdong High-tech Product”, and in 2015, we were awarded the “Guangdong Small and Medium Enterprise Innovation Fund” by Guangdong Science and Technology Department. After years of wholehearted research and development, we have obtained fifteen patents on hydraulic machinery, and our products cover eight series of hydraulic presses with more than 120 specifications, including frame type, four-column type, open type, hot forging, powder forming, multi-station and cold extrusion forming. They are widely used in press molding, embossing, press fitting, stretching, cutting and other processes. Such as hardware, glasses, clocks and watches, tableware, auto parts, micro stamp jewelry, toys, electronics, rubber vulcanization, EV foam, printing, powder metallurgy, mold manufacturing and other industries



The development of Yintong factory, based on independent innovation, has obtained twenty-three patents for hydraulic machinery, and has passed fifteen “Guangdong High-tech Products” certifications. These scientific and technological achievements have laid a solid foundation for the company to develop into a well-known brand, and continue to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and continue to provide users with more personalized, professional and intelligent hydraulic machinery and equipment. In the future, the company will increase the investment in science and technology, improve the independent innovation system, strengthen the product upgrade and the extension of related fields, and devote to the cultivation of the enterprise’s independent innovation and sustainable development ability, and aspire to become the first-class hydraulic machinery enterprise in China.

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