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How to Make Dabs With a Hydraulic Press

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[Article Summary]: Interested in making dabbing at home? A hydraulic press can help. It provides an effective solvent-free extraction method, producing sticky cannab……

how to make dabs with hydraulic press

Interested in making dabbing at home? A hydraulic press can help. It provides an effective solvent-free extraction method, producing sticky cannabis concentrate.

Hair straightening with dabbing technology is far more effective and cost-efficient than using a hair straightener, and does not require professional extraction expertise to use effectively. Furthermore, dabbing laboratories tend to be significantly more costly.


Rosin is a solvent-free cannabis concentrate produced by pressing weed or hash under high heat and pressure, creating high-grade dab that rivals traditional extracts in terms of quality. Rosin allows users to maximize THC extraction without compromising flavor or potency; you can either produce your own using personal equipment, or purchase it at dispensaries.

Based on the type of material used, you can create many different dabs. Rosin is often chosen because it's highly potency and flavor profile is second-to-none; additionally it retains many essential terpenes and flavonoids otherwise lost during extraction processes. Plus it's very straightforward - all you need is a press, parchment paper and dabbing device!

If you want to get the most out of your hydraulic press, implementing an ongoing maintenance schedule and performing regular checks is key to its proper function. Check for leaky hoses or seals, loose fittings, improper crimps and improper wire crimps as well as wiping the hydraulic lines regularly to clear away oil spills.

Your hydraulic press may become damaged if left without proper care and attention, which means maintaining an ideal temperature for the hydraulic oil in order to avoid this scenario. If the temperature gets too hot, take steps immediately before it damages the machine further. For assistance adjusting pressure or any other issues during operation consult a professional for guidance; they will be happy to offer advice or assist with solving issues quickly.


If you're serious about producing high-quality rosin, investing in a hydraulic press with a large capacity is essential. The higher its capacity is, the more concentrated will be your dab. To achieve optimal results with this press type, choose one with temperature controls and accurate readings, plus accessories like heating tongs, parchment paper and titanium/glass awls; additionally you may opt to include a rosin bag to ensure an end product of pure quality.

A hydraulic press consists of two interconnected cylinders filled with liquid hydraulic fluid; one, known as the Ram, and one called Plunger are interlocked together and pressurize simultaneously with each other when applied force to either one of them. A small amount of force applied to either Plunger increases pressure underneath, pushing fluid below and spreading evenly up towards Ram to raise him up by Pascal's principle; which applies when pressurization forces are multiplied by surface area of fluid. This method works to crush objects placed between these cylinders based on Pascal's principle which multiplies external source by surface area of fluid surface area.

Hydraulic presses offer another advantage over pneumatic presses in that they provide greater force with minimal operator effort, making control much simpler than pneumatic models that require manually adjusting force with toggle levers. Hydraulic presses also offer greater control of ram force, direction, speed, release force release time and pressure dwell time than their pneumatic counterparts.

Before using your hydraulic press, it is vital that you read its user manual to gain an understanding of its functionality and usage. Furthermore, check that both power source and safety valve are closed prior to turning on the machine. Furthermore, never touch any moving parts while operating as this could cause harm or even destroy it altogether.


Dabbing is an increasingly popular way to enjoy cannabis, and can provide a memorable experience. High-quality dabs can deliver an intoxicating rush that quickly hits after inhalation; furthermore, many are said to contain extremely high concentrations of THC.

Making dabs at home has never been more accessible thanks to advances in extraction technology. For beginners, solventless extraction offers the most cost-effective and economical method - this process uses no volatile solvents and requires much less equipment compared to traditional extraction techniques. Solventless methods can also be utilized on a small scale for home users.

For optimal results, it is vitally important to use high-grade weed that has been carefully dried and cured. A superior product will have an aromatic scent and thick consistency which make dabs easy to create; also boasting an optimal ratio between THC and terpenes, depending on its concentration process dabs can range in color, texture and potency depending on how they're prepared.

Rosin is a very popular weed concentrate, and making your own is simple at home. A hair straightener may even work for more economical rosin production! To create this concentrate, the key ingredients are hot temperatures and pressure--enough heat should melt trichomes packed with cannabinoids and terpenes--then these extracted trichomes can be compressed between heated plates using a hydraulic press to form Rosin.

First, prepare your weed by breaking it up into small pieces and removing stems, while attempting to keep particles as large as possible in order to increase surface area for trichomes. Next, place it in a micron bag along with isopropyl alcohol until the latter evaporates completely and scrape off dabs from the bottom of the container - store them airtight containers afterwards.

Parchment paper

Parchment paper has long been an indispensable kitchen tool, and professional bakers and chefs rely on it as part of their arsenal. Its heat-resistant surface makes it the ideal material to do a variety of jobs from lining baking pans to funneling ingredients through pipes - even pipe frosting onto cookies directly without dirtying a spatula! Parchment paper also comes in handy for dabbing enthusiasts - either to line their dab mat, or cover airtight jars to keep concentrate fresh for weeks on end!

Parchment paper comes in various sizes, but most dab manufacturers opt for 4x4 parchment sheets as this size enables an ample collection of product without overcrowding or losing precious rosin. Furthermore, this size of parchment sheet makes cleaning up after using a dabbing tool or stamp easier.

Purchasing parchment paper specifically tailored for rosin extraction should be your top priority. Such high-grade brands typically feature 2x thicker material than regular store products to prevent tears during extraction, with precut sheets and rolls available so it's easier than ever before to find exactly the size that meets your dabs' needs.

Not only can parchment paper for dabbing protect your equipment, but it can also reduce waste during production and storage. Any time sticky concentrate clings to manufacturing equipment or employees' gloves - lost profits! - it costs money in operational expenses. To maximize its use and protection from moisture and air, purchase a rosin pouch as this will keep it intact longer.


Dabbing involves inhaling concentrated cannabis extracts through a dab rig, e-rig or vape pen. To operate one you will require a dabber and the appropriate tools: metal or glass implements designed specifically to handle concentrates without touching hot surfaces that could result in burns and accidents; various shapes and sizes exist - spoon-shaped tools work best with runny concentrates while paddle or scooped-end tools work better when handling thicker waxes; these implements may be constructed from quartz, titanium or ceramic; metal is durable while ceramic is lightweight yet easy to maneuver once in use!

Most extraction methods produce dabs with varied textures, consistencies and potencies. Dabs that feature more solid textures like shatter and budder can be created either through cold or hot pressing techniques; cold pressing (130degF-170degF) generally yields lower overall yields while hot pressing (170degF-220degF) results in shatter-like consistency with increased overall yields - though potentially degrading some terpenes slightly.

No matter which extraction method is employed, an insulated container to store and protect your dabs is essential. An airtight glass jar, silicone container or bubble bag are all good choices. In addition, a dab mat helps keep dabs gunk-free during handling; plastic or non-stick silicon mats work equally well - just ensure it can endure heat generated by dabbing rigs while withstanding repeated contact from sticky dabs. Other great tools for dabbing include metal paperclips, uncoated bobby pins flathead screwdrivers and butter knives.

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