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How to Make a Hydraulic Hash Press

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[Article Summary]: A hydraulic press is an efficient tool for solventless extraction. It can collect trichomes and transform them into hash coins or pucks for variou……

how to make a hydraulic hash press

A hydraulic press is an efficient tool for solventless extraction. It can collect trichomes and transform them into hash coins or pucks for various uses.

Note that a H-Frame style press's pressure gauge does not correspond with its Platen PSI (bag PSI). Calculation provides an accurate measure of internal press pressure.


Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Solventless Cannabis Extraction Skills? A hydraulic hash press is an invaluable investment. Created specifically for producing high-yield rosin, these H-frame machines use heated aluminium plates to extract resinous trichomes responsible for many psychoactive effects in cannabis. In addition, hydraulic hash presses can compress these trichomes into coins or pucks for easier storage and usage; pneumatic presses may be more widely known, while manual hydraulic hash presses offer discriminating connoisseurs the experience every bit of pressure exerted when performing extraction.

Hydraulic hash presses use a powerful hydraulic jack to apply constant pressure onto a heated plate, producing some of the highest quality rosin on fully washed bubble hash and de-stemmed high-grade flower. Their only drawbacks are their price and regular oil leakage maintenance requirements - however there are cheaper and more portable alternatives that work just as effectively.

Finding the appropriate materials and tools is key to creating a hydraulic hash press. You will require a hydraulic jack capable of supporting 2-8 tons, an aluminium sheet that can be welded without rusting, clamps strong enough to keep it stable during pressing, as well as set of rosin plates capable of reaching precise temperatures required for optimal rosin extraction; you can find these plates online or at cannabis hardware stores.

Pre-press molds help compact source material and eliminate inconsistencies within a bag, and can be purchased online or from most cannabis hardware stores. Finally, parchment paper can be used to catch any extracted rosin that comes out of your bags; these bags come in 15, 25 and 37 micron sizes for purchase online.

Once you have all of the components for a hydraulic hash press assembled, it's time to put it together. Start by filing any weld seams flat and thoroughly cleaning each component inside, followed by coating all surfaces lightly with cooking oil for extra rust protection and release when pressing your rosin.


Hydraulic hash presses employ a powerful hydraulic jack to apply consistent pressure onto a flat, heated plate. They're an efficient means of producing high-grade rosin when combined with decarboxylation to alter cannabinoids' chemical structures to make them more potency; plus homemade systems can be assembled at an affordable price, making this an appealing investment for solventless extraction enthusiasts.

Finding a reputable manufacturer of H-frame hydraulic shop presses and investing in premium rosin plates designed to fit them is the optimal approach. These plates feature a rim to keep hash contained, as well as surfaces less likely to stick, plus holes for your jack to fit through. Once purchased, make sure to follow manufacturer's instructions closely and avoid damaging plates or jack during assembly and operation.

Once the plates have been assembled and fitted into their box section, it's essential that their corners align with curved edges of the internal weld seam. A file or bench grinder may be used to smooth these edges before coating each plate with cooking oil as a protective measure and release agent.

When making hash, it is crucial not to overfill the bag and to distribute pressure evenly throughout. Furthermore, it must be secured tightly enough so as not to allow movement during pressing; otherwise it will result in product waste.

There is a range of hydraulic presses on the market, from basic manual models to advanced pneumatic models. While pneumatic presses require an air compressor for operation, they tend to leak less often or need constant lubrication, and are more precise than their hydraulic counterparts.

Hydraulic presses are an efficient and flexible means of producing rosin from kief or bubble hash. Their versatility means they can produce various concentrates that suit each user's particular preferences; making the yield maximum possible is key - simply understand the process while taking notes so each press can be improved upon over time.


Utilizing heat and pressure to extract cannabis concentrates is becoming an increasingly popular extraction method, thanks to its ease of use and purity. No harmful chemical solvents are needed; making this approach within reach for anyone with creative ingenuity and an entrepreneurial spirit.

As with any market, there is an array of rosin presses on the market, ranging from simple manual models to sophisticated pneumatic units. Your choice will depend on both the amount and budget for which rosin will be created; an H-frame hydraulic press with plates costs under $500 while high-end pneumatic presses offer greater precision and customization capabilities.

To assemble a hydraulic hash press, begin by prepping the plate set. File down any internal weld seams until they have an even finish, clean each plate carefully on its interior side and lightly coat each one with cooking oil to protect from rust while serving as release agents when pressing. Insulators should also be coated with this oil.

Once your plates are prepared, assemble the U/girder and box section. Place the bottom plate on top of the table while the top plate rests atop the ram of your press using collar and bolt systems; additionally insulators may be installed between plates for added strength and to prevent contamination leaking onto pressed products.

As you are building your press, be mindful of the pressure level applied to the source material (flower, sift or hash). Platen PSI measures how much pressure will be applied during extraction. As its value rises, extraction speed will accelerate as will production of rosin.

As one way of minimizing blowouts, pre-pressing your rosin in a pre-press mold is a useful strategy for minimizing blow-outs. Doing this helps compact the material further and eliminate inconsistencies in packing. Furthermore, be sure to apply pressure gradually so as to allow time for it to warm up before full pressure is applied on to your bag.


No matter your starting out or level of experience in extracting cannabis, a hydraulic hash press is an excellent solution. Offering affordable yet quiet pressing power with large production capacities, hydraulic hash presses provide quality rosin in large amounts with little operational or maintenance requirements compared to pneumatic options. Furthermore, hydraulic hash presses are relatively user-friendly!

To maximize the power of your hydraulic hash press, it is essential that you invest in quality rosin plates heated at an exacting temperature for optimal extraction of rosin. Ceramic is often preferred due to its long lifespan. Rosin plates come in both ceramic and metal varieties - ceramic is more resilient. Their size directly affects how much material can be pressed in one press session. To select an appropriate press size that meets your output capacity needs best.

Once your rosin press is assembled, testing should begin immediately. With the aid of a pressure gauge or scale, determine the platen PSI; this pressure determines what sort of pressure the hash will experience once in its containment ring. Aim to press hash at 350-750 PSI as this should provide optimal results.

Though manual presses may work for making your own rosin, pneumatic or hydraulic presses provide the best method of pressing keif. With such presses you will ensure a consistent product every time and ensure the quality and consistency of extracts produced from it. Furthermore, pneumatic or hydraulic presses boast additional benefits of being quieter than manual machines.

Additionally to a hydraulic hash press, smaller devices that work with handheld kief collecting grinders can help compress trichomes into hash coins or pucks for storage and transportation more safely. This can significantly decrease accidental spillage as well as making transportation simpler.

An expensive hydraulic rosin press can be an invaluable tool for extracting cannabis oils with high levels of THC content, used to make various cannabis products. An investment in quality hydraulic hash presses can significantly boost yield while saving money over time.

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