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Hydraulic Press YouTube Channel

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[Article Summary]:Hydraulic Press channel has quickly become a cult hit with an enthusiastic following since its initial debut on Reddit; seeing an exponential increa……

Hydraulic Press channel has quickly become a cult hit with an enthusiastic following since its initial debut on Reddit; seeing an exponential increase in subscribers to date and over 42.7 million YouTube views.

Finnish factory owner and his wife started their channel in October 2015 and quickly gained fame for its destruction videos. Their distinct Finnish accent, deadpan commentary and sheer number of objects they destroyed set them apart from other channels dedicated to destruction.

How Much Does Lauri Vuohensilta Make On YouTube?

The Hydraulic Press Channel is an immensely popular YouTube series about Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta using his family's hydraulic press to crush objects. Since launching in October 2015, this YouTube series has seen over two million views in just 24 hours after Vuohensilta unsuccessfully attempted to fold paper seven times using his press using Reddit; that video went on to earn over two million views in just 24 hours alone! Since then, Lauri and his wife continue publishing videos using it to crush Lego cars, hockey pucks, or PS5 consoles using it against them both - creating one very entertaining series on YouTube that everyone loves watching!

Content on their channel consists of black-and-white shots of their hydraulic press set to heavy metal music, with Vuohensilta explaining what he will be doing before starting up the machine and crushing an object under tons of pressure. They frequently add humorous commentary or comical effects such as adding sarcastic remarks after crushing an object or discussing how it feels under pressure from their hydraulic press. They also use their channel as a platform to promote products and services through discounts offered at their e-commerce store or by other online retailers who promote these clips on social media channels such as Youtube and Vine.

Vuohensilta stands out among YouTube vloggers by using his own machinery, along with his playful personality, to produce videos. As a result of his channel's hugely successful popularity on YouTube - over 2.2 million subscribers and 360 million views! - appearances at television shows and conventions, as well as merchandise sales like T-shirts featuring the hydraulic press itself have occurred as a result of it all.

Vuohensilta's success on YouTube can be attributed to many factors, including his unique vlogging approach and videos that combine entertaining and educational aspects. While viewers may be curious as they watch objects being put through a hydraulic press, many find them engaging thanks to Vuohensilta and his wife's commentary regarding various objects being crushed.

Another aspect that helps Vuohensilta's Hydraulic Press Channel stand out is his careful approach to safety in all his videos. He and his wife often operate their hydraulic press from behind thick glass barriers and take extra measures when handling explosive materials or dangerous equipment. Furthermore, a separate YouTube channel called Beyond the Press hosts videos about non-hydraulic press related topics, including their fondness for secondhand clothing mannequin they call Johnny as well as homemade air cannons they created themselves.

Hydraulic Press Channel's success has helped launch careers for several of their friends and family who now contribute their expertise on YouTube, as well as opening opportunities to other YouTubers looking to create content with significant physical force. Unfortunately, however, its success has also raised serious safety concerns regarding hydraulic presses used to crush objects.

How Much Money Does Lauri Vuohensilta Make On YouTube?

Lauri Vuohensilta from Finland has found his calling online through his YouTube channel dedicated to hydraulic press crushing things at his workshop. Since launching his Hydraulic Press Channel in October 2015, Vuohensilta has amassed more than 2.2 million subscribers for these videos featuring objects being crushed by powerful hydraulic presses at his family workshop - leading to huge online success!

Vuohensilta's channel can be attributed to many factors, including unexpected results and his humor. His dry, deadpan tone echoes Captain Obvious, while his thick Finnish accent adds another level of amusement. Videos posted are engaging while Vuohensilta provides often entertaining commentary.

Hydraulic Press Channel's success on YouTube defies its seemingly trivial premise; it now boasts over 2.2 million subscribers and remains one of the most watched channels in Finland. Furthermore, its success has inspired other machinists to launch similar channels while encouraging viewers to watch them.

Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland began this channel after uploading a video showing himself trying to fold a sheet of paper more than seven times using his hydraulic press, but failing spectacularly after each fold and collapsing into an explosive pile of stone-like materials after sevenfolds. Following its viral success and with over two million views in just 24 hours alone, Vuohensilta started posting new videos regularly and now regularly releases content each week.

Vuohensilta's workshop features various machines and tools, such as a powerful hydraulic press capable of exerting up to 144 tons of force. His channel has featured various items being crushed under this machine such as books, rubber ducks and Lego toys; sometimes submerged in liquid nitrogen for extra effect - and all videos come complete with hilarious commentary by Vuohensilta and Anni himself!

Hydraulic Press Channel offers not only regular videos but also bonus content with other devices being dismantled, including meat grinders and air cannons. In addition, Vuohensilta and Anni answer viewer queries via Q&A videos on their channel.

This channel has earned numerous awards from YouTube, such as the Silver Play Button for reaching 100,000 subscribers and Gold Play Button for reaching 1 million. Recently it was accepted into YouTube Partner Program which allows for monetization. While exact figures of how much the channel has made from ads remain unknown; recent growth can likely be attributed to 20th Century Fox's partnership to promote Logan movie which generated significant ad revenue for them and their channel.

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