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How Much Does the Hydraulic Press YouTube Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: Hydraulic Press channel isn’t the first to utilize hydraulic presses as viral videos; Blendtec and General Electric have long used hydraulic……

how much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make

Hydraulic Press channel isn't the first to utilize hydraulic presses as viral videos; Blendtec and General Electric have long used hydraulic presses in viral video content creation, as have Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni.

Finnish factory owner started his YouTube channel to show off his 150-ton hydraulic press by crushing objects like Lego toys and Nokia 3310s with his 150-ton hydraulic press. His videos are strangely captivating; his wife often provides commentary while each object is destroyed.

How Much Does The Hydraulic Press Make?

Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland runs a family machining business. Inspired by destruction-themed YouTube channels such as Reddit, he decided to put his powerful hydraulic press to use and started uploading videos last October of him using it - they quickly went viral thanks to Reddit! His videos feature him smashing various objects for fun, earning over 2.2 million subscribers and over 540 million views!

Vuohensilta's videos possess an irresistibly charming quality; his use of humor and surprise engages viewers while his captivating Finnish accent makes the experience that much more personal. His most viewed video, showing how to crush secondhand clothing mannequin, has been watched over 2.3 million times! Similarly successful are his prank videos; including one where he shoots an air cannon at an unwitting bear before using hydraulic press to crush him!

His other popular videos feature him pulverizing golf balls, hockey pucks and mobile phones as well as Lego toys, ball bearings and Wolverine claws with an electric drill - often producing hilarious or spectacular results! Additionally, Beyond the Press is his series in which he pulls various stunts such as shooting Johnny with an air cannon before crushing him under an hydraulic press!

Hydraulic Press Channel presents a different object every week that will be crushed beyond recognition by their hydraulic press. Once on a pedestal in an industrial setting, an object is then subjected to an audible bang as the hydraulic press slowly but implacably lowers itself down on it until finally it destroys or shreds it completely, with slow-motion replay of its destruction usually following suit.

Vuohensilta noted in his Q&A video that he and Anni enjoy making these videos together to spend quality time together while simultaneously using them to promote their machining business and make money through advertising shown within them. Both Vuohensilta and Anni have an advanced level of English, learning it by watching shows like Top Gear and Fallout on television.

Lauri Vuohensilta

Lauri Vuohensilta is a factory owner from Finland who creates videos using his family's 144-ton hydraulic press to amaze viewers on his YouTube channel since October 2015; with millions watching each of these mesmerizing clips featuring objects being flattened by Vuohensilta using his hydraulic press he draws inspiration from other YouTube channels that showcase similar equipment's ability to crush random items and put on display its power through crushing random items into submission.

The Hydraulic Press Channel's success can be attributed to two components. First is its combination of goofy nerdiness with host Vuohensilta's playful goofiness; often speaking in his signature Finnish accent as he describes what objects he crushes with heavy metal music playing in the background; secondly are its videos featuring Vuohensilta fiddling with metallic machinery with goofy humor creating tension-inducing contrast between gleaming machine brutality and Vuohensilta's goofiness creates tension-filled tension-filled videos!

Vuohensilta enjoys taking requests from his audience, but prefers finding interesting objects around his home to crush instead. Being a competitive power lifter himself, many of the objects Vuohensilta uses to crush are used in his sport such as an adamantium ball bearing. One popular video on his Hydraulic Press Channel was produced as part of an event to promote Logan and featured Vuohensilta crushing an adamantium ball and Wolverine claws!

Videos posted to his channel range from humorous pranks to demonstrations of his hydraulic press' capabilities, with an amusing series called Beyond the Press featuring amusing stunts such as shooting secondhand clothing mannequin Johnny with an air cannon.

Vuohensilta made his inaugural video for Hydraulic Press Channel to disprove a common belief among folk that folding paper more than seven times was impossible, which quickly went viral and resulted in Anni leaving in 2021 and Vuohensilta continuing making videos, which have amassed over one billion views since their creation and are still very popular today. They currently share two daughters together!

Anni Vuohensilta

Lauri Vuohensilta, from Finland, enjoys crushing random objects with his hydraulic press in his workshop and has made YouTube history since 2015 with his Hydraulic Press Channel, amassing an estimated annual income of $650,000 from ads shown on his videos.

Vuohensilta currently boasts more than 4.2 million subscribers and has amassed more than 540 million views since he began uploading videos. Alongside advertising revenue, he also generates income by selling merchandise and custom-made products to his followers - especially steel pipes which give more satisfaction than fragile objects such as paper or plastic.

Vuohensilta initially launched his channel as an outlet to amuse himself, but quickly saw popularity following one video using a hydraulic press to test whether paper could be folded more than seven times. Since then, his videos have gone viral; and Vuohensilta spends his days destroying items for viewers' pleasure - even inviting ideas from followers!

He takes safety very seriously and always wears a helmet while operating his hydraulic press as well as taking other precautions such as operating it from behind a thick glass barrier and meticulously cleaning up any mess after each video is released.

Vuohensilta may not fear breaking things, but he tends to avoid damaging anything that would cost his family money or cause significant property damage. For this reason, he often declines requests for videos featuring expensive items like cars and appliances.

Their shop features a hydraulic press capable of crushing anything from small toys to appliances. Their videos have quickly amassed millions of views; Vuohensilta's dry humor and thick Finnish accent add an additional level of entertainment value.

Anni Vuohensilta also earned an estimated net worth of $2 Million through her successful online career - in particular working on Hydraulic Press Channel where most of her earnings come from.


The hydraulic press is an impressive industrial machine capable of crushing objects with extraordinary force. It's often used in metal sculptures or to bend sheet metal. Recently, a husband-and-wife team from Finland have made this machine famous on YouTube by featuring everyday items being crushed under its unforgiving vise grip - garnering millions of views and subscribers worldwide! Their video series known as The Hydraulic Press Channel has quickly become a YouTube hit that has garnered them millions of views and subscribers around the world.

Their success stems from their natural chemistry, which shines through in every clip. Their genuine humor and unpretentious approach to filming set them apart from other YouTube stars. Furthermore, unlike many channels featuring prank videos like other channels that use fast editing or dramatic makeup techniques in order to draw attention towards themselves or their actions; making these videos an appealing break from overexaggerated or over-produced content typically found online.

Since its debut in October 2015, Lauri Lauri's YouTube channel has proven incredibly popular with a broad audience. Her videos often showcase various objects being crushed with hydraulic presses; rubber ducks, Lego toys, Nokia 3310 phones, Wolverine claws... Plus Lauri Lauri's thick Finnish accent and humorous Captain Obvious commentary only add to its charm! Additionally to YouTube videos the couple have also set up merchandise store online where they sell T-shirts based on her content.

Other than their hydraulic press, this couple uses an array of equipment and tools to produce their videos. They possess both a camera that records at high-speed as well as a special helmet to shield their heads against its intense pressure - both features contributing significantly to their immense popularity.

Couple's Popular Hydraulic Press VideosPlus YouTube subscribers, they have also created various extra videos of interest including behind-the-scenes looks at their shop, preparation work for hydraulic press clips and daily life vlogs (video blogs).

Though a hydraulic press can be dangerous, the couple takes great precautions to prevent accidents and injuries from using it. They use it behind glass barriers and take measures against fire or explosion damage, though their YouTube videos may still cause distress for some viewers and have resulted in numerous complaints from viewers who find them distressing; nevertheless, the couple remains committed to producing new videos and continue producing videos online.

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