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Hydraulic Press Channel – How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: After his video of folding paper more than seven times with a hydraulic press made headlines on Reddit, Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta d……

how much does hydraulic press channel make

After his video of folding paper more than seven times with a hydraulic press made headlines on Reddit, Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta decided to start his own YouTube channel: Hydraulic Press Channel.

Vuohensilta runs his family-run machining business from home and frequently utilizes the hydraulic press in his videos.

YouTube Views

YouTube channel dedicated to crushing objects with hydraulic presses is among the most watched. Since October 2015, this series hosted by Finnish factory worker Lauri Vuohensilta who owns his own machine shop has become immensely popular with viewers worldwide. These videos show him placing Lego pieces, coins, rubber duckies and even miniature clay figures his wife creates into this loud hydraulic press which produces sounds comparable to motorcycle engines; yet oddly compelling even for those familiar with what lies ahead!

Lauri's videos aren't simply meant to entertain; Lauri uses his hydraulic press to test the strength of things such as helmets and diamonds as well as seeing if it is possible to fold a sheet of paper more than seven times. He even accepts suggestions from his viewers - like crushing an unwanted remote control in liquid nitrogen after it fell victim to Lauri's hydraulic press!

Vuohensilta's videos often feature him being goofy and his wife laughing along. A former biology student, his demeanor is that of someone hosting a PBS science show for kids; clearly a natural in front of the camera.

Estimates suggest that those creating YouTube channels dedicated to breaking objects can earn as much as $65,000 for every video they publish, although many don't reach Vuohensilta's prolific levels. Jimmy Donaldson of Florida known by his moniker Mr. Beast earned $54 Million through videos showing things being crushed between brightly striped hydraulic presses.

No surprise that Vuohensilta and his wife make a healthy living from their work - the Hydraulic Press Channel attracts over 10 billion views annually! But what makes their videos about crushing watermelons under hydraulic presses so engaging? I spoke to them both at their workshop in Finland to gain more insight into why so many viewers subscribe to them, their fascination with destruction, and why Lauri's charming accent are key ingredients of their success.

Ad Revenue

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube is dedicated to crushing various objects using an industrial-strength hydraulic press. Created by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta in October 2015 and quickly becoming popular online due to its oddly satisfying videos, as well as having sponsors.

Millions of viewers tune in daily to witness what will be destroyed next by the hydraulic press - alarm clocks, fruit and golf balls have been among some of the more unusual objects to date! A Finnish voice provides running commentary while someone laughs in the background.

Although their channel is predominantly dedicated to crushing things, those behind the hydraulic press have taken to other activities and created another channel named "Beyond the Press." Here they test various machines and tools for their potential destruction potential while also trying their hand at bending metal using their hydraulic press.

The channel generates significant ad revenue on YouTube, with an average ad value per thousand views of $18 - typically earned when one or two videos are posted per week - allowing them to make approximately $36,000 from ads alone each week, helping pay production expenses and other costs associated with running it.


Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta of Finland's Hydraulic Press Channel is an immensely popular series of videos on YouTube featuring them using their family hydraulic press to crush objects they find around their house. Since it launched in October 2015, this channel has garnered immense popularity on YouTube; they operate a small metalworking shop where this press serves as one piece of equipment. Furthermore, Lauri and Anni also created another channel called Beyond the Press where they post videos that don't involve crushing things with it: including preparation work before pressing; family outings with kids as well as real work they do within their shop's business venture.

Each video posted to Vuohensilta's YouTube channel starts off with black-and-white shots of his hydraulic press in action, followed by Ethan Meixsell's rock song Thor's Hammer, then introduces whatever object or objects will be crushed by using his hydraulic press; these include Lego cars, hockey pucks, Nokia 3310s and Xbox 360s; as well as speakers they previously crushed!

Lauri and Anni's YouTube channel has earned them numerous sponsorship opportunities thanks to its immense popularity, such as Amazon Prime Video and TBS partnerships that help generate additional income. Furthermore, they have established a merchandise line that features products with their logo.

Hydraulic Press Channel's concept may be simple, yet its success lies in its unique style and sense of humor. The couple's thick Finnish accent adds an extra layer of humor; their deadpan commentary is both sarcastic and hilarious!

Vuohensiltas recently posted a Q&A video, in which they shared what they have learned from their experience on YouTube. They highlighted that creating videos has been enjoyable, while they appreciate that people enjoy watching them. Furthermore, YouTubers have been very welcoming. In an upcoming Q&A video they discussed growing their channel further and looked forward to what the future may hold for them.

Affiliate Revenue

Many online retailers offer affiliate programs that pay commissions to anyone who clicks a link and makes a purchase, whether physical (books or video games), digital (courses or coaching programs), or both (coaching programs and courses). Affiliates may earn anywhere from five-30% of total sales depending on how effectively they market and promote their links; the more sales made means the greater their earnings!

YouTube channels can generate affiliate revenue in several ways. One method is through ads on videos, which can provide lucrative streams of income for popular channels. Another approach involves employing influencers who promote products via their channels; successful influencers focus on producing engaging content that resonates with their audiences; this explains why many bloggers, podcasters and vloggers decide to become influencers themselves.

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube video series hosted by Lauri Vuohensilta that showcases him crushing items using a hydraulic press. Since its inception in 2015, it has gained widespread acclaim and also published extra content such as interviews with fans and fellow YouTubers.

Hydraulic Press Channel provides an illuminating example of how an online channel can make substantial income through advertisements and affiliate revenue streams. Part of its success can be attributed to offering viewers a novel way of passing time while watching it.

Lauri Vuohensilta, a factory owner from Finland, started his YouTube channel in October 2015. His videos showcase him crushing objects such as iPhone 7's, Lego cars, hockey pucks, and Xbox 360s with an eccentric yet amusing Finnish accent, leading to them becoming immensely popular.

The Hydraulic Press Channel has established itself as a major player in the world of industrial-strength hydraulic presses, earning millions through videos and merchandise sales on its site. Furthermore, clothing lines featuring its brand can now be purchased directly through this platform.

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