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Hydraulic Press Channel – How Much Does the Hydraulic Press You Tube Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]:The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel dedicated to crushing things with hydraulic presses. Founded by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohen……

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel dedicated to crushing things with hydraulic presses. Founded by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta who operates his family machining business with one.

Reddit took notice and saw him test the myth that it's impossible to fold paper more than seven times with hydraulic presses. Since then, his videos have gone viral, featuring objects as diverse as books, rubber ducks and Nokia 3310s being placed beneath hydraulic presses for folding multiple times.

How Much Money Does The Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

The Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) was started on YouTube by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta in October 2015. The channel publishes videos showing various objects being crushed with a 140-ton hydraulic press. HPC quickly gained in popularity after its first video, "Can You Fold Paper More Than Seven Times With Hydraulic Press?," received over two million views in one day and their subscriber count tripled dramatically within days.

The success of this channel reflects its content being watched on YouTube: destruction videos are especially popular and these videos often showcase items being crushed into bits in hydraulic presses with narration noting their destructive power. Not only are these videos entertaining but they're also educational as they demonstrate how mechanical equipment operates.

While some might be put off by the raw force of HPC videos, many find them highly entertaining and addictive. Not only are viewers drawn in by shiny metal machinery and heavy metal music - Vuohensilta's playful sense of goofiness and distinctive Finnish accent are also draws.

Vuohensilta had no idea that his YouTube channel would become so successful so quickly when he started posting videos online of himself crushing random items for fun - much less garner over one million views in just days! At first he thought these would only reach a few thousand subscribers but then was surprised when over 1 Million views came pouring in!

Since then, HPC videos have seen exponential growth; one such video, entitled "Crushing Deep Freezed Stuff with Hydraulic Press," has amassed over 10 million views. Vuohensilta typically attempts to smash various objects - an iPhone 7, Lego cars or even a hockey puck are some of the common targets - with often surprising and humorous results while Anni cackles away in the background.

Hydraulic Press Channel's popularity has led to numerous imitation channels, but the original remains one of the most successful examples of social media's ability to connect with audiences around the globe. Its simple concept provides both entertainment and information in equal measures; thus proving social media's worth as an engaging form of communication.

The Hydraulic Press Channel’s Revenue

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta of Finland first made waves online five years ago when they began using a 150-ton hydraulic press at their family shop to crush objects into pieces using YouTube. Since then, these viral video creators have gained over 10 million subscribers on major social platforms through "crushing it" videos - inspiring millions more. I recently spoke with them via video call about what could still be crushed, why their videos appeal, and how people without access to such presses could fulfill their human desire for destruction.

Vuohensilta's YouTube channel works like this: Vuohensilta takes various household items and puts them under the press, then records what happens under its crushing force - often hilarious results include watches being crushed or mobile phones destroyed or old car tires torn apart! He also shows what happens under pressure such as how sponge or rubber band balls turn to gooey liquid under intense force!

Vuohensiltas have also established an additional channel, Beyond the Press, in order to post additional content such as behind-the-scenes footage from their workshop, preparation work for pressing, and videos in which they try and destroy items outside the press - their most watched upload has amassed over 23 million views - featuring them trying to crush an "adamantium" bearing ball and then Wolverine claws before both were eventually damaged or destroyed by their press.

Even though their clips may seem comical or frivolous, Vuohensiltas take safety seriously. When operating their hydraulic presses from behind thick glass barriers, or when engaging in more explosive or risky experiments. They use various precautions when operating them behind thick glass barriers.

Hydraulic Press Channel's sense of humor is another major draw, making the channel both endearing and amusing. Their reactions to their destructive experiments are both endearing and amusing; their distinct Finnish accents add a special charm. Vuohensilta exclaims, "What an unexpected surprise!," as he gently removes printer paper from under the press.

The Hydraulic Press Channel’s Income

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube boasts over three and a half million subscribers, featuring clips of Finnish couple Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta using their shop's hydraulic press to crush objects from different industries; frequently including black-and-white graphics of Thor's Hammer or rock songs in the background. Furthermore, Lauri and Anni also run another channel called Beyond the Press where they post videos that don't pertain to crushing things with their press.

Hydraulic Press Channel's first viral video was an experiment to test paper folding by Vuohensilta. He folds it five times before placing it in a press to see if more than seven foldings could take place; its popularity skyrocketed within days and amassed over one million views!

Since that initial upload, this channel has become one of the most-watched on YouTube. Not only have the Vuohensiltas put their hydraulic press through rigorous tests but have also used it in creative ways such as melting items with it or exploding them, while they have experimented with their home's food processor and 3D printer as well.

Although their videos can be hazardous, the Vuohensiltas take great precautions to ensure viewer safety. When operating presses or testing more hazardous or explosive objects they often operate from behind protective glass and barriers or use extra safeguards when doing so.

Success of their YouTube channel has enabled the couple to buy a house and provide for their children. Beyond YouTube revenue, the Vuohensiltas also make money through merchandise sales and sponsorship deals as well as their website, where various items like t-shirts and mugs are sold for sale.

Vuohensilta credits his channel's popularity to its "funny, stupid results" as well as his unique accent and jokes, while its success has encouraged him to continue creating videos. Unfortunately, neither Anni nor Vuohensilta were immune from burnout or mental health concerns; she left in 2021 due to burnout concerns.

The Hydraulic Press Channel’s Net Worth

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube features Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta from Tampere, Finland crushing objects under their 100-ton hydraulic press. After seeing other destruction-focused channels like CarsandWater which features melting cars being destroyed under hydraulic presses; Lauri and Anni run their family machine shop where a hydraulic press exists naturally making this a natural fit.

Since launching their channel in October 2015, their channel has amassed over 2.2 million subscribers and 360 million views. They also created a separate behind-the-scenes channel called Beyond the Press where Lauri serves as host, while Anni is responsible for producer duties as well as extra content management - while she enjoys cycling and spending time with friends during her free time!

Anni is listed on LinkedIn as having earned her Bachelor's in Social Sciences at the University of Tampere and serving on its national cycling team in 2009.

Anni and Lauri may seem odd for making their living by breaking things, but they are not alone in doing this on camera. Will It Blend? was an earlier series of viral infomercials promoting Blendtec Total Blenders that predated Hydraulic Press Channel by several years.

However, watching their videos is both engaging and satisfying for viewers. Part of what makes their videos entertaining and satisfying to watch are their reactions to what they are doing - for instance the sad yet comic sound of Nokia 3310s cracking under pressure is both sad and funny! Furthermore, their delightful accent makes viewing these videos all the more enjoyable; Lauri has acknowledged in one Q&A video that pronouncing certain words incorrectly (such as pronouncing "hydraulic" as "hoodraulik or hiddraulik) intentionally to add to viewer enjoyment!

Hydraulic Press Channel's popularity has inspired other YouTubers to try their hands at creating similar videos, yet most haven't achieved the same level of success as Vuohensiltas' video. But remember that success on YouTube doesn't translate into financial stability - those looking to become YouTube stars should explore other forms of income generation such as affiliate marketing or sponsorship deals as potential sources.

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