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How Much Money Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]:Hydraulic presses are indispensable tools in any machine shop, but one YouTube channel has found an ingenious use for them: they’ve found ways……

Hydraulic presses are indispensable tools in any machine shop, but one YouTube channel has found an ingenious use for them: they've found ways to put these powerful presses to good use by crushing objects to pieces!

Lauri Vuohensilta established the Hydraulic Press Channel in October 2015 after seeing other destruction-focused channels like carsandwater become successful. He operates it out of his family's machining business in Tampere, Finland.

How Much Money Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make On YouTube?

Assuming you own a YouTube channel, chances are it likely makes money through ads displayed on videos. This is one of the primary methods people make money on YouTube and most new channels can get started quickly with this method of making money on the platform. But making a living from YouTube takes dedication and perseverance - so if making money is important to you consider what are other methods could potentially work to generate an income source through the site as well.

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta of Finland have created an unforgettable YouTube presence by turning everyday objects into profit with their massive hydraulic press, which they use at their family factory to earn millions in income. By becoming YouTube celebrities themselves by becoming famous crushers of everyday objects using this 150-ton machine in a subgenre of videos created on YouTube - creating millions of dollars with each crushing session they host using it - Lauri and Anni have established themselves in this realm by crushing objects for profit with ease using YouTube's video call with them where I learned more about their channel as well as what life is like working against things for a living!

For those unfamiliar with the channel, its basic premise is that Vuohensiltas use a hydraulic press to demonstrate how different forms of pressure impact various objects such as sponges, rubber band balls, crayons and human teeth - objects which seemed indestructible at first. Each video also usually includes some sort of humorous element such as failing an attempt at performing a challenge (like folding paper more than seven times) or providing commentary by pair on results from latest experiment.

There's something strangely satisfying about watching a hydraulic press crush basketballs or flatten firewood chunks with incredible force. While watching these videos may appear dangerous, Vuohensiltas have taken great strides to ensure everyone involved remains safe by operating behind thick safety glass or other barriers, testing experiments in an enclosed environment such as their family workshop.

Vuohensiltas' YouTube videos have garnered over 10 million views; now, in addition to regular uploads, they've launched Beyond the Press series using hydraulic press to demolish secondhand clothing mannequins, biscuits, nails, watermelons and even an old Lamborghini!

Though some might find these videos disturbing, the Vuohensiltas' humor and genuine enthusiasm make them far more entertaining than anything else. In an age when most online content aims to gain likes and comments in exchange for likes, it's refreshing to see a couple who can still make you laugh with their silliness; an admirable quality which has propelled their hydraulic press channel's popularity to record levels.

How Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make Money?

Hydraulic presses are widely utilized by various industries. Their primary function is to apply compressive force and form materials into their desired shapes. Modern hydraulic presses are highly customizable, making them suitable for production of metal, plastic and composite products as well as construction sites - as can be found in warehouses, factories or construction settings.

Hydraulic press channel makes its money through advertisements and merchandise sales, hosting private events for large crowds or smaller audiences, repair work and other specialized services provided in its shop, advertisements and merchandise sales, advertisements on television and radio, merchandise sales on website platforms like social networks like YouTube etc. As for advertising its service it uses traditional means such as television commercials as one source. The couple have also found success making money by owning and operating shops specializing in repair work or providing other specialized services - this makes for additional streams of income stream!

The couple uses the money earned from YouTube videos and other ventures to support themselves and their families, fund upgrades to equipment, and fund future experiments. Their aim is to produce engaging, entertaining content that appeals to a broad audience; their videos have achieved global recognition for this unique voice while increasing subscriber numbers globally.

Hydraulic Press Channel also generates revenue through sponsorships and other sources, such as receiving free products or equipment to review in their videos - however they do not reveal how much income these deals generate.

Hydraulic Press Channel has seen tremendous success, but it has not come without challenges. Both members have encountered technical issues with their machines (including overheating) as well as difficulties procuring necessary equipment for certain experiments.

Despite these challenges, the couple remains committed to producing high-quality content and is always adapting their style, exploring new objects to crush. Additionally, viewers frequently request specific items be crushed which helps ensure that viewers remain engaged with their videos.

In the past, this couple has regretted some of their destructive efforts and the challenges encountered while searching for suitable locations to conduct experiments. Furthermore, some videos featuring explosives or dangerous machinery required them to take additional safety precautions in order to be uploaded successfully.

The Hydraulic Press Channel offers an engaging way to spend your online time. Created and managed by a creative couple, their worldwide following of viewers makes this an engaging way to pass time online! Whether it's killing time or seeing what type of things can be destroyed with their hydraulic press press, this channel is definitely worth taking a look!

Hydraulic Press Channel plans to expand their production by diversifying into more video types in the near future. They plan to incorporate livestreaming and other features into their videos, as well as develop merchandise lines. They hope that these changes will draw in larger audiences while increasing revenue streams.

How Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make Money On YouTube?

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta didn't expect their YouTube channel to become as successful as it has. Within weeks of starting it in October 2015, however, Lauri and Anni quickly gained a large following for their videos of using a 150-ton hydraulic press to crush various objects ranging from money bills to jawbreakers - providing viewers with captivating, satisfying viewing. Recently they talked with Insider about their channel as well as which objects they've broken up as well as how much money they make via YouTube.

The couple operates a family workshop in Finland which uses a hydraulic press. When one of their friends suggested they try crushing something in the press, they accepted and made history: their video of trying to fold paper seven times won over 2 million views within just 24 hours!

As they continued creating videos, the Vuohensiltas recognized they had something big on their hands. Their videos have amassed over 10 million views since their launch and generated over $650,000 from ad revenue alone - not including merchandise sales or livestreams hosted to further monetize their content.

Some of the Vuohensiltas' most viewed videos feature them testing out their hydraulic press to see its limits, including one video in which they put pants under it to see how much force was necessary to rip them, as well as pushing a car through one to see how much of an impression it left. Each of their videos also feature "extra content" segments where the couple discuss creating each video and show off their workshop.

Vuohensilta makes money through ads revenue; however, this information remains private due to many YouTubers keeping this knowledge to themselves. Vuohensilta has stated that his channel is profitable and promotes his products without fear.

The couple have also ventured into other video genres, like pranking each other or testing household items' strength, without losing touch with their core audience. YouTubers who find success are those that create videos that entertain or inspire viewers; such content has seen increased prominence with TikTok platforms where music marketers pay creators to make dances or memes that help a song trend, prompting "influencer" marketing boom and creating new sources of income through uploading videos of themselves doing silly things for money - some even make careers out of this endeavor!

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