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How to Make Dabs With a Hydraulic Press

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[Article Summary]: Hydraulic rosin presses are considered the superior option, since they do not need to be plugged in and come at a more reasonable cost point than ……

how to make dabs with hydraulic press

Hydraulic rosin presses are considered the superior option, since they do not need to be plugged in and come at a more reasonable cost point than pneumatic models. However, hydraulic presses require greater attention from their operators for successful use.

Rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate that rivals the quality of shatter and wax without the harmful solvents used to extract them. Most often made from flower or nugs, but can also be made by pressing trim, kief and hash.


Temperature control is key to creating high-quality cannabis extracts with a hydraulic press. A high quality rosin press can produce excellent cannabis extracts quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively without using chemical solvents, while being environmentally-friendly due to no toxic waste products being released into the environment. Furthermore, this machine can be used on both flowers and concentrates.

Many have used a hair straightener to make dabbing easier, cheaper, and more convenient. While this method may work in terms of cost and convenience, its temperature capabilities fall short of that offered by professional dabbing presses - its controls being harder to manage as accidental burning often occurs with this approach - professional presses provide more reliable temperature control, extracting maximum amounts of terpenes from material being compressed.

Rosin is a solvent-free form of cannabis extract made by applying intense heat and pressure to plant material, whether that be flowers for flower rosin, or hash for hash rosin. The end product resembles shatter and wax in texture but boasts significantly greater potency.

Rosin is best made with high-grade cannabis or nugs, but you can also produce it using trim, kief or hash as lower-quality materials will yield less flavorful dabs - still an efficient way to use up old flower or hash stash! While mastering the technique takes some practice, once it becomes second nature it becomes much simpler and faster to produce high-quality dabs.


Rosin is one of the easiest forms of cannabis extracts to create, as its production doesn't require complex machinery or specialization. Rosin can be made by pressing weed buds or hash at high temperature for short amounts of time under pressure at high temperature - without propellants or chemical solvents - thus extracting THC-rich resinous extract. While some people improvise by using their mother's hair straightener as a rosin press for best results.

Handheld rosin presses are small handheld devices you can use for short bursts to quickly create thick rosin or even just smaller dab chunks. Usually more cost-effective than larger squishing machines, these handheld machines will quickly make back their costs within a week if used regularly.

Larger squishing machines typically include hot plates 20" x 20", as well as hydraulic pressure for producing large volumes of rosin quickly. While these may be costly investments, they're vital tools for anyone hoping to squish dabs professionally.

Once you're ready to squish, start by getting some double-folded parchment paper that fits inside of your rosin press and placing your weed, hash or kief into the centre. Be mindful not to exert too much pressure at once - take your time testing the thickness of your rosin until it stops staining the parchment paper - once fully pressed you can collect your finished rosin using a dabber before transferring it into an easily stored glass jar or silicone pot for storage purposes.


As previously covered here on DabFest, rosin is an easy and popular cannabis concentrate to make at home, becoming increasingly sought after among dab enthusiasts. Though not as strong as wax or BHO, rosin boasts a higher THC percentage and less labor intensive extraction methods compared with others; also allowing you to start from any variety of starting materials such as trim, kief, or hash.

Start out right by gathering essential items, like a rosin press and raw materials. While you could technically replicate a rosin press at home using just a hair straightener and parchment paper, an actual machine offers better results. Size and price considerations range from small 4-ton presses up to large 20-ton presses; our favorite machine is the Dulytek DHP7 7-Ton Hydraulic Heat Press Machine as its strong pump jack exerts up to seven tons of pressure while still being easy to operate; additionally it comes equipped with temperature gauge and timer for precision pressing.

When ready to create your dabs, simply place the material between two sheets of parchment paper and apply pressure as you wish. When timer goes off, carefully remove pressed material using a dabber before refrigerating to maintain quality or stretch, pull and twist with your dabber until taffy-like consistency has been reached - this process should be quick and painless although trial and error may be required in order to achieve optimal rosin dab results from starting material.


As with any endeavor, hydraulic presses require several tools in order to craft dab with them, yet their upfront costs are far less than you might expect. A quality rosin press costs approximately $200 online retailers and should also include materials such as dab torch, parchment paper and a titanium dabber (optional). A carb cap may also help increase potency by keeping any vapor escape through.

Rosin is an extract made from cannabis weed, hashish or kief that falls below the quality threshold for most types of dabbing; however, it makes for an effective way to use up extra stash without creating new dabs altogether. While most other kinds of dabbing require high-grade flower or nugs as raw material for extraction, rosin can be made using any sort of cannabis plant material which makes it popular among recreational and medical marijuana users with excess low-quality material on hand.

Once your rosin has cooled completely, remove its parchment paper. Use a dabber tool to scrape it off and onto your dab tray - this way, you can mold the extract to suit your ideal dabbing experience.

Before embarking on any rosin project, another factor to keep in mind is your preferred extraction method: solvent or solventless. Solvent-based extraction uses chemicals like butane or propane to extract the resin from trichomes on your cannabis weed - though the resultant concentrate can be potency, their use presents health risks as well as potentially altering flavor profiles of dab. Due to these reasons and rosin's rising popularity among new dab makers, solventless extraction has become the go-to solution.


Safety should always come first when using a hydraulic press. As these machines exert tremendous amounts of pressure, overdoing it is easy, leaving behind runny products that won't solidify in the fridge. Therefore, start off slow and gradually increase pressure until you feel at ease operating the machine.

As part of your hydraulic press' use, it's advisable to wear protective eyewear and work in an airy area with ample ventilation. Furthermore, heating parchment paper before pressing is recommended so it breaks down under pressure more effectively and ensures you obtain cleaner extracts with more consistency.

Rosin is a form of cannabis concentrate produced by heating weed or hash to high temperatures, then compressing it under extreme pressure to create an extremely potent concentrate that can be dabbed on. Unlike other cannabis extracts like shatter, wax, and CO2, no chemical solvents are involved in its creation - making rosin both safer and more natural for consumption.

Even though you could make your own rosin with a hair straightener at home, a professional rosin press is much simpler and more effective in terms of efficiency. This machine exerts several tons of force while featuring heated aluminium plates designed specifically for extracting cannabinoid compounds from cannabis plants. Furthermore, its adjustable temperature, time, and pressure settings make it suitable for any cannabis enthusiast.

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