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How to Make Dabs With a Hydraulic Press

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[Article Summary]: Rosin is a solventless cannabis extract made by mechanically extracting its cannabinoid and terpene rich resin from cannabis, hashish, or kief usi……

how to make dabs with hydraulic press

Rosin is a solventless cannabis extract made by mechanically extracting its cannabinoid and terpene rich resin from cannabis, hashish, or kief using heated plates. Rosin's use of no harmful or toxic chemicals allows it to be safer for lungs than traditional extracts.

Hydraulic and pneumatic presses rely on Pascal's Law to generate significant force, so knowing how to calculate platen pressure (also referred to as bag PSI) is vital for effective rosin extraction.


Rosin is a form of cannabis concentrate produced through heat and pressure application, unlike most other types of concentrate. Rosin stands out as being "solvent-free", using natural ingredients such as buds or hash for its composition instead. For this reason, it has also been known to be known as an alternative weed concentrate form.

Many home rosin makers employ hair straighteners as their preferred method for producing it at home, but that method can be risky and lack precise temperature control, not to mention producing only small amounts of rosin. A hydraulic rosin press can operate at lower temperatures while producing more in less time.

Start by turning on your rosin press and waiting until it reaches the proper temperature, before crumbling down your weed, hash or kief into smaller chunks (ideally no larger than 0.5 grams). Place this crumbled material between two heated plates of your rosin press ensuring a piece of parchment paper between them will help protect dabs as a safeguard.

As soon as your rosin is complete, allow it to sit for several minutes so the pressure can release before using a scraping tool to collect it. Once collected, apply or dab it onto weed or use with portable dabbing rig.

Rosin is an effective way of adding flavor and potency to cannabis buds, hash, shatter bases or shatter cocktails. But be wary not to overdo it, as too much pressure could ruin your dabs. To tell when you have applied too much pressure try looking out for signs such as bad texture or color changes; or when the rosin stains through parchment paper. Nevertheless, press again later for an improved dabber experience!


As part of the production process for many types of cannabis concentrate, many terpenes and flavonoids can be lost during extraction at higher temperatures. If done at lower temperatures however, all these substances will be retained, enabling you to craft truly exquisite dabbing experiences.

An ideal method for extracting your own rosin is using a hydraulic press, like those seen in Star Wars. These contraptions essentially crush starting material between two metal slabs to achieve high yield rosin production. There are various models available from the low-cost Dabpress Machine up to more expensive 20-ton models.

For optimal results, it is crucial that you know how much pressure to exert on weed or hash. This is an integral component of the entire process, since pressure levels will directly impact yield. Lower-pressure settings will produce greater yield but won't contain as much rosin; while high-pressure settings could overheat starting material and lead to its destruction.

Start with a low pressure setting and gradually increase it as needed to prevent overdoing it. Also be sure to remove all stems before starting pressing it!

Simple materials are all you need to create homemade dabs: a hydraulic press, parchment paper and dabber. Additionally, you may wish to purchase rosin bags as these help keep dabs clean during production.

Reminding yourself that the gauge on a hydraulic press doesn't accurately portray how much pressure you are applying is key to making sure you use your resources efficiently and safely. Calculating Platen PSI provides a more accurate indication of the amount of force being exerted against your material.

To determine how much pressure is being applied to your rosin, an easy and user-friendly solution is a bubble counter. Available online or from local dispensaries, these tools make measuring pressure easy - simply place your dabbing tool inside for optimal use!


Other than a hydraulic press, several materials are necessary for creating dab. You will require a bucket, bag of ice, and plenty of purified water in order to keep your dabbing mixture cool and uncontaminated by isopropyl alcohol used during this process. Furthermore, an airtight glass container with airtight lid may help ensure its integrity is preserved and prevent any accidental contamination during storage or transportation.

Rosin is a type of marijuana concentrate made without using chemicals, making it healthier than other varieties of cannabis concentrate. This makes rosin an excellent option for individuals who may be sensitive to chemicals used during extraction processes for other dabs and is also more cost-effective - perfect for budget-minded consumers!

To produce dabs, the most popular method involves butane gas extraction. This produces an extremely potency form of cannabis concentrate with numerous applications; yet is relatively safe; though some skill and knowledge is required in using it correctly. Therefore, most types of extract production should be left to experienced users only.

There are many varieties of dab, with the three most commonly utilized being budder, sugar wax and honeycomb dabs being popular choices. These pliable products can be directly smoked on a dab nail or added to joints and blunts for an increased high. Furthermore, vape pens allow users to experience smoother and cleaner smoke from these dab options.

Dabs are a potency form of marijuana that can be highly advantageous for medical patients. But excess use can become addictive and dangerous. If you or anyone close to you is struggling with dabbing addiction, seeking treatment from an Orange County substance abuse treatment center as soon as possible is paramount in order to overcome addiction and learn healthier coping mechanisms.


Equipment selection is crucial when extracting your own weed concentrate. While you could attempt to improvise using household, garden, or kitchen tools such as hair straighteners (we have shown how this can be accomplished), for best results it is always advisable to utilize professional solventless extraction equipment - this is where rosin presses come into play.

Rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate produced by pressing buds or hash at high temperatures without using chemical solvents like isopropyl alcohol, propane gas, dimethylether or butane to extract resin that can then be used with dab rigs as an alternative to wax and shatter which require chemical solvents for production.

Making rosin is relatively straightforward and only takes practice to perfect. First of all, you'll need a rosin press along with some high quality hash or weed for your experimentation. Once placed into the press, set the timer for approximately 60 to 120 seconds depending on temperature and freshness of weed used to press.

Once the press has completed its work, open up and remove your weed or hash from its parchment paper. As your rosin may have an adhesive consistency, carefully scrape it together using your dabber before collecting in a glass jar, silicone pot, or parchment paper container.

If you're in search of an easy to use and powerful rosin press, we highly suggest the Dulytek DHP7 7-Ton Hydraulic Heat Press Machine. With its ergonomic handle and sturdy pump jack design, this powerful press can exert seven tons of pressure yet remains easy to operate thanks to digital display with timer feature for finding optimal pressing temperature for materials.

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