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How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make on YouTube?

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[Article Summary]:Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni began uploading videos of themselves crushing objects onto YouTube in 2015, quickly becoming popular after one video usin……

Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni began uploading videos of themselves crushing objects onto YouTube in 2015, quickly becoming popular after one video using a hydraulic press to see whether paper could be folded more than seven times went viral.

While these videos can be engaging, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what draws people in.

How much does the Hydraulic Press Channel make?

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel featuring videos of objects being crushed with hydraulic presses, created by Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland who founded it along with his wife Anni as one of his family factories in Finland. Over one million subscribers and international media attention have subscribed to their channel and enjoyed its humorous, original approach. Although many other YouTubers have created similar channels dedicated to crushing objects with hydraulic presses, The Hydraulic Press Channel stands out due to its humor and creativity.

The Hydraulic Press Channel features videos of objects being crushed under its hydraulic press, from small toys to large appliances. Most videos on the channel feature clips showing various items being crushed by it; there are also tutorials and bonus content. Each video begins with a brief introduction describing its content before featuring an action shot of the hydraulic press in action.

Vuohensilta brings his signature brand of humor to YouTube and has made the channel immensely successful. His dry, deadpan commentary recalling Captain Obvious adds an entertaining edge to each video uploaded. Furthermore, his thick Finnish accent provides much amusement among viewers.

Vloggers who rely on fast editing and dramatic make-up applications tend to make themselves appear pretentious, making the Hydraulic Press Channel stand out as refreshingly unpretentious. Vuohensilta's videos are humorous, engaging and entertaining - drawing in millions of viewers every month!

Vuohensilta and Anni take great care in operating their hydraulic press safely, operating it behind glass barriers to avoid injuries or accidents and taking precautions against fire or explosion damage. In addition to YouTube and their Facebook page, The Hydraulic Press Channel also operates as merchandise store selling T-shirts related to their channel.

Vuohensilta and Anne have inspired others to start YouTube channels of their own, such as Hydraulic Press Channel which features funny, entertaining parodies that appeal to a broad audience. Already the channel boasts over one million subscribers while drawing in advertisers as a potential source of income.

What is the net worth of the Hydraulic Press Channel?

As opposed to many YouTubers who focus on quick edits and dramatic make-up applications, Lauri Vuohensilta of the Hydraulic Press Channel remains true to what he knows best: crushing things with hydraulic presses since 2015! His videos are strangely captivating to watch; his wife often adds commentary while an object is destroyed! Plus there's Beyond the Press which features Vuohensilta and wife upload videos about life beyond crushing things with hydraulic presses!

Vuohensilta runs a family machining business and decided to launch the Hydraulic Press Channel as a means of marketing his work. Inspired by other destruction-themed channels on YouTube, he knew his own equipment could compete by shredding various objects into pieces - and now boasts over 2.2 million subscribers and 360 million views; Vuohensilta posts new videos every week on this channel!

Each video begins with black-and-white shots of a hydraulic press set against Ethan Meixsell's Thor's Hammer in the background. Following opening credits, Vuohensilta introduces himself and demonstrates how his hydraulic press works before crushing various objects like Lego toys, hockey pucks, Nokia 3310s and even human teeth with it - typically ending the videos with laughter from him or his wife.

A hydraulic press can exert up to 144 tonnes (142 long tons; 159 short tons) of force. A video uploaded in May 2021 shows this machine crushing objects made of wood, glass, steel and rubber duck. He later used this press to crush clay figures he had previously created himself.

Lawyer-Friendly Cameos: Some of the clay figures used in extra content segments are licensed characters from movies or TV shows; these videos are clearly marked in their descriptions with links back to their creators.

Anni Vuohensilta, who co-stars on the Hydraulic Press Channel alongside her former husband, is estimated to have an estimated net worth of $2 Million. As an entrepreneur and IPF powerlifter, her earnings primarily stem from working on this channel.

How much does the Hydraulic Press Channel make on YouTube?

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube features Lauri Vuohensilta, a Finnish man who enjoys crushing random objects with his hydraulic press. Established in 2015 and quickly becoming popular, most videos now receive over 10 million views, the channel reportedly generates an estimated monthly ad revenue of $63,000 and earns an estimated total annual earnings estimate of more than $920,000 in ad revenues.

Vuohensilta originally launched his channel as a means of amusing himself, but it has quickly evolved into a successful business venture. Today it boasts over 2.2 million subscribers and generated over 540 million views - Vuohensilta earns money through ads shown on his video platform depending on how long people watch his videos and the number of views.

Vuohensilta's channel has become one of the most viewed in its genre and has inspired other YouTubers to start similar channels dedicated to crushing items. While some take a more serious approach than Vuohensilta does, others focus more on entertainment value - his humorous take has helped gain him an extensive following.

Vuohensilta uses a 100-ton hydraulic press in his videos to crush various objects, from hockey pucks and Lego cars to an Xbox 360 console. His channel has also produced sponsored videos with 20th Century Fox to promote Logan.

Each video begins with a black-and-white shot of a hydraulic press with heavy metal music playing in the background, before Vuohensilta introduces himself and describes what will take place in it before cranking the hydraulic press and smashing whatever object has been selected for destruction.

Vuohensilta takes his job seriously and always wears a helmet when operating the press, in addition to taking other precautions like operating it from behind a thick glass barrier. While his videos may be entertaining, his commitment is evident.

As well as crushing videos, Vuohensilta also hosts an amusing series called Beyond the Press that features hilarious pranks. In one such video, he shoots secondhand clothing mannequin Johnny with an air cannon before crushing him with his hydraulic press.

How much does the Hydraulic Press Channel make on Facebook?

Hydraulic presses are machines used to shape objects with pressure from an accumulation of hydraulic fluid. While not typically found in households, Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta has made quite an impactful case for itself on YouTube with his Hydraulic Press Channel, featuring videos showing him crushing objects using hydraulic presses with often explosive or spectacular results.

Hydraulic Press Channel's immense success can be attributed to its use of humor and surprise to engage viewers, as well as Vuohensilta's captivating accent. Aside from its immense social media following, this channel has also generated significant income through advertisements displayed within videos posted to its platform.

Vuohensilta founded the Hydraulic Press Channel in 2015 with the intent of posting weekly videos demonstrating his family's 150-ton hydraulic press crushing items such as rubber ducks, Nokia 3310 phones, Lego toys and chocolate cakes. Some of his most viewed videos show ball bearings or Wolverine claws being crushed under its pressure.

Vuohensilta recently disclosed to the Wall Street Journal that he earned $650,000 last year through ad revenue on his videos. He revealed his favorite item for crushing: steel pipes which provide "more satisfaction", being less delicate.

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