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How Much Money Does the Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni first posted videos online showing them crushing objects with their factory’s 150-ton hydraulic press in 2015. So……

how much money does the hydraulic press channel make

Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni first posted videos online showing them crushing objects with their factory's 150-ton hydraulic press in 2015. Soon thereafter, one video showing them testing whether paper could be folded more than seven times hit Reddit's front page and went viral.

But how much money does this YouTube sensation make?

YouTube Ad Revenue

Lauri Vuohensilta, a factory owner from Finland, launched his YouTube channel in 2015 in order to showcase his 150-ton hydraulic press. Since then, his videos have become immensely popular on YouTube with millions of subscribers and numerous sponsorship deals being secured as a result of them.

This channel's success can be attributed to its combination of metallic brutality and Vuohensilta's quirky nerdiness. Each video starts out with black-and-white clips of Vuohensilta fiddling with metal machinery while heavy metal music plays in the background, giving viewers a sense of what may unfold soon - something truly destructive, spectacularly destructive.

Vuohensilta makes his videos much more than mere spectacle; they're highly satisfying to watch. By offering details about each object before crushing it and how he acquired them, he creates an emotional bond between viewer and object and makes its destruction all the more poignant.

Vuohensilta's dry humor and thick Finnish accent are an added draw. His commentaries recall Captain Obvious from "Disney Channel", adding an air of humor and keeping viewers hooked until their next video clip comes on the screen.

While many vloggers rely on rapid editing and dramatic effects to draw audiences in, Vuohensilta prefers keeping his videos unassuming and straightforward. He often details how each piece of equipment he used in the video came about - something viewers find riveting as they learn how to build or repair similar items themselves.

YouTube Ad Revenue can be an essential source of income for YouTube creators, yet viewers must actually click on ads for it to work; this can be difficult as most viewers will either ignore them altogether or only view them briefly before moving on with watching their video of choice.

Ad revenue may not be as substantial for hydraulic press videos compared to other forms of YouTube content; however, there are other means of making money through YouTube content such as affiliate marketing and merchandise sales that could lead to greater earnings potential than ads alone.

YouTube Subscribers

The Hydraulic Press Channel has become one of YouTube's go-to channels for "destruction-themed videos." Essentially it features Finnish machinist Lauri Vuohensilta crushing things beneath his 150-ton hydraulic press and noting how impressively things break. His wife Anni often joins him for these videos, creating an enjoyable and addictive viewing experience; their YouTube channel has amassed over 450,000 subscribers and their videos have been watched over 36 million times!

This channel, launched in 2015 and widely popularised through Reddit, has also attracted revenue through Instagram and Facebook - although how much that couple makes from those platforms remains unknown at present. Their following continues to expand exponentially.

While the Hydraulic Press Channel's primary objective is crushing objects with hydraulic presses, there are also videos that don't involve this destruction process. Their second series, Beyond the Press, showcases Vuohensiltas performing other work in their shop - such as pranking people and giving cooking demonstrations without using hydraulic presses at all!

Vuohensilta brings humor and charm to his videos that makes them easy and enjoyable to watch. Together with his wife, they form an effective team which works well together; thus leading to their YouTube success. Furthermore, both have extensive experience working with machinery as well as having an impeccable safety record when operating hydraulic presses.

Vuohensilta's YouTube channel serves as an inspiring example of how even small niche channels can gain wide-spread popularity by creating something entertaining and satisfying to watch, an insight that small businesses can draw from. While viral videos rely heavily on luck rather than any guarantee for success; that may hold true for Hydraulic Press Channel as well. Nonetheless, their subscribers continue to increase while more people discover its satisfaction-inducing videos.

Facebook Ad Revenue

Facebook may come as a shock to some, but their business model is actually heavily focused on ads. While artificial intelligence and virtual reality products might garner the most headlines, their most lucrative innovation remains their ability to connect marketers quickly with an unprecedented scale and targeting.

That is why Facebook has invested so heavily in artificial intelligence products; most of their revenue still comes from advertising; an area in which hydraulic press channel has made an fortune from.

The Hydraulic Press Channel is run by a father-and-son duo from Finland who upload videos showing themselves crushing things such as an Xbox 360 and Lego cars using a hydraulic press. They launched the channel in October 2015, and shortly after went viral after posting a video showing them crushing seven-fold folded paper with the hydraulic press - both entertaining and informative! These videos not only demonstrate just how powerful a hydraulic press can be but also show its amazing force!

Although most videos are uploaded to YouTube, some are also shared via Facebook to broaden their reach and make them more easily accessible to a global audience. The duo frequently posts videos that highlight specific objects or brands - for instance one where they attempt to crush Lego bricks using their hydraulic press; or test thread strength of steel bolts.

Hydraulic Press Channel makes additional money by selling merchandise through their website. They sell T-shirts, hats and other memorabilia designed to promote their YouTube videos as well as a book with some of their favorite moments from those videos.

It's not hard to see why the hydraulic press channel has become such a hit. The duo's charm shines through in each video they release, destroying various objects with their hydraulic press is truly astounding, making their videos not only funny but incredibly addictive too!

Other Revenue

The hydraulic press is a versatile machine capable of crushing various objects. This includes metals, wood, plastics and even humans! In laboratories it is used to test quality of metals and materials. As its name implies, this simple yet powerful machine consists of three primary parts - motor, pump and cylinder. Using its motor to spin its pump forces oil into its cylinder which then acts against object being crushed resulting in pressure being applied which in turn leads to its eventual destruction.

Lauri Vuohensilta, a factory owner from Finland, started the Hydraulic Press Channel in 2015. His videos showcase him using a hydraulic press to crush various objects quickly became popular with millions of views on many videos being generated through YouTube ads alone! Furthermore, Vuohensilta and his wife Anni earned additional income through merchandise and activities related to this channel that generated additional income streams for them both.

Vuohensilta's success can be attributed to his use of humor and surprise to engage viewers, coupled with his captivating accent. Beyond crushing videos, he also offers Beyond the Press which features amusing pranks such as shooting secondhand clothing mannequins with air cannons before crushing them with hydraulic presses.

Vuohensilta stands out from other vloggers by creating videos that are humorous and captivating, drawing millions of viewers every month. His channel offers toys, t-shirts and other merchandise. Vuohensilta and Anni take extra precaution to operate their hydraulic press safely behind glass barriers with fire or explosion-prevention measures in place to ensure proper use.

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