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Hydraulic Press Channel – How Much Money Does the Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: YouTube channel dedicated to crushing things with hydraulic presses has gained millions of views since being created by Finnish factory owner Laur……

how much money does the hydraulic press channel make

YouTube channel dedicated to crushing things with hydraulic presses has gained millions of views since being created by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife Anni.

Vuohensilta owns and runs his family-owned machining business, and the videos serve to promote it. Vuohensilta acknowledges that his accent and humor play an integral part in making these successful videos.

How Much Money Does the Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

Few YouTube channels have enjoyed as much success as the Hydraulic Press Channel. Created by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta, the channel has garnered millions of views and much praise for its uncompromising approach to destruction. Vuohensilta loves using his 150-ton hydraulic press to crush objects for viewers' entertainment.

Hydraulic Press Channel not only crushes everyday items, but they also conduct various material experiments. For instance, they once performed an experiment whereby freezing different types of nuts in liquid nitrogen could affect their strength; as expected, small nuts proved stronger while large ones crumbled under pressure of the hydraulic press. The results of such a test were stunning: one small nut proved itself stronger while its larger counterpart crumbled under its impact of hydraulic pressure.

This channel also conducted tests to examine the tensile strength of various metals by wrapping them with layers of duct tape before subjecting them to press pressure. Notably, duct tape did a better job at keeping metal pieces together than just plain aluminum foil did; additionally, they included the resultant pieces into an intriguing video which shows how thread count can impact strength.

Hydraulic Press Channel stands out in an age of fast editing and dramatic make-up applications by being refreshingly unpretentious and non-deceptive vloggers, offering videos that are engaging, entertaining, and oddly addictive. While its hard to pinpoint what exactly draws people in, perhaps Vuohensilta's honesty and transparency play an integral role.

Hydraulic presses are indispensable tools in various industries. From automotive parts production and furniture creation, to powder compacting and concrete compression testing. Hydraulic systems offer several advantages over pneumatic ones in terms of transmitting power efficiently while operating at higher pressures with fewer moving parts that make maintenance simpler - thus making a hydraulic press an invaluable asset for companies working with metals or similar robust materials.


Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland created and runs The Hydraulic Press Channel as an online outlet dedicated to crushing objects with hydraulic presses. Launched on YouTube in 2015, its viewership and sponsors has since skyrocketed into millions.

Hydraulic Press Channel stands out among other channels dedicated to destruction by its humor and creativity. Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland runs his family workshop using a hydraulic press to crush various objects with great success on this channel.

Each video begins with a black-and-white shot of a hydraulic press set to an upbeat rock song, followed by Vuohensilta introducing his object (or objects) for crushing while commentating in Finnish with his thick accent. These videos often include multiple objects being crushed - some even quite large such as an iPhone 7 phone, Lego car and hockey puck! Some of his most popular videos have included crushing an iPhone 7, Lego car or hockey puck!

Vuohensilta insists that his channel does not aim to disturb viewers with graphic imagery and sound; in fact, both him and his wife enjoy creating these videos for viewers to watch for enjoyment. Vuohensilta believes its popularity stems from both watching an object explode as well as surprise from what the press can accomplish.

The popularity of this channel has also helped drive sales of hydraulic presses, now available in various sizes and finishes. Beyond the Press is also part of their website where they post videos unrelated to using their hydraulic press such as their daily lives or breaking objects with other machinery in their shop, or working at their real job as family-owned businesses.

Vuohensilta attributes the success of his channel to its unique content and sense of humor, noting how other similar channels such as Carsandwater have also seen great success with viewers, such as its focus on burning and melting cars. Furthermore, much of their success comes from creating tension between metallic brutality of machines with goofy hosts offering advice.


Lauri and Anni have amassed millions of viewers by simply showing off their hydraulic press and crushing objects with it - they even take care to operate behind protective glass and take precautions against fire or explosion damage, all with humorous results that draw millions each month.

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta launched the Hydraulic Press Channel in October 2015, quickly becoming popular after one video featuring a brass cylinder went viral. Since then, Lauri and Anni have used their hydraulic press to dismantle various items and objects in captivating yet entertaining videos that they post online.

This couple from Tampere, Finland work out of a family machining business that employs their hydraulic press. Over time they've found various objects for testing in their press ranging from toys and cars to appliances; their videos typically include both object being tested as well as short explanations and shots of their press itself.

Vuohensilta says he was motivated to launch his channel after seeing other destruction-focused YouTube channels such as carsandwater's videos showing people burning or melting different objects. Additionally, working at a shop equipped with hydraulic presses gave him confidence that this equipment would come in handy when creating his channel.

Hydraulic Press Channel stands out from similar channels that focus on destruction with their signature sense of humor, Vuohensilta's dry deadpan comments reminiscent of Captain Obvious provide comedic relief and keep viewers laughing throughout each video. Furthermore, their thick Finnish accent adds another level of amusement for viewers.

Though some might view their channel as exploitative, Vuohensilta clarifies that their goal is simply "having fun and sharing it with people on YouTube." He further explained that since they don't make money off these videos themselves, there's no pressure to incorporate ads into its frame as part of content creation.


Instead of being known for their controversial videos on YouTube, Lauri Vuohensilta and his Finnish partner have built up an audience through straightforward content on their hydraulic press channel since October 2015 by showing videos featuring him using his family's 150-ton hydraulic press at their workshop in Tampere to crush objects into powder. Since then, their channel has amassed over 2.2 million subscribers and 356 million views!

Vuohensilta makes his money through advertisements on his channel and from each view of each video, in addition to certain ads being monetized on it. Additionally, merchandise featuring his logo such as T-shirts and hats have also been sold through this outlet. Thanks to its success, he's even been able to experiment with equipment in new ways; for instance recently tossing a cherry red Lamborghini into press which garnered over 26 million views!

Even though its theme may seem basic, the hydraulic press channel has managed to become one of the most watched channels on YouTube. Perhaps due to its familiarity, or because its content is simply captivating - like watching an intense version of an Internet watermelons stunt!

Vuohensilta, a family man who runs his own machining business, created the hydraulic press channel as a promotional strategy to showcase his work and gain exposure for it. Inspired by other channels dedicated to breaking things apart, his channel quickly became popular and even generated some viral videos!

Jimmy Donaldson, widely known as Mr. Beast on YouTube, made $54 Million just last year by creating destruction videos - many of them featuring animals being destroyed or disassembled in videos - making him the most-watched YouTuber of all time and the top earner globally.

Critics have taken issue with some videos featuring children; others find them too violent or unrealistic; as a result, the channel has begun releasing more educational and science-related videos to appease its critics.

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