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How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]:One can find it strangely captivating to watch objects get crushed with a hydraulic press, as witnessed on YouTube channel of Lauri Vuohensilta usin……

One can find it strangely captivating to watch objects get crushed with a hydraulic press, as witnessed on YouTube channel of Lauri Vuohensilta using his 150-ton press on various objects.

Since 2011, Vuohensilta's YouTube channel has amassed more than 3.79 million subscribers and features not only videos of stuff being crushed but also real work completed at his shop.

How much money does Hydraulic Press Channel make?

Hydraulic Press Channel offers plenty of YouTube videos featuring wanton destruction, so if you like violent and comic videos then this channel should appeal to you. Created and run by Lauri Vuohensilta who uses the industrial press in his family shop's shop to crush various objects - the results often hilarious - the channel boasts over 3 million subscribers and videos have been watched more than 30 million times!

Vuohensilta initially created his channel as an outlet to show off his family's hydraulic press, but quickly discovered it could provide much more entertainment. Soon enough, he started posting videos of the press crushing various objects - quickly going viral in no time at all! One particularly entertaining video showed Vuohensilta disproving folk wisdom about folding paper seven times maximum and it crumbled under pressure of his hydraulic press, leaving Vuohensilta asking himself, "What the f--?" Vuohensilta left wondering "What the f--?!"

Since then, he's crushed everything from Lego toys and Nokia 3310 phones to baseball gloves using his press. Additionally, videos have also featured comparisons between other hand and power tools and liquid nitrogen to see who comes out on top.

Most videos feature a simple setup: an object like paper or rubber duck sits atop a pedestal in an industrial setting before what resembles a metal hockey puck descends upon it and slowly and mercilessly crushes it to pieces - usually captured through slow-motion footage, with Vuohensilta providing narration in his thick Finnish accent.

Videos featuring hydraulic presses pitting them against other machines, like The Hydraulic Press Channel's wood-chopping machine, have become increasingly entertaining. Recently, they took up the challenge to see if they could get one of their 150-ton hydraulic presses to explode a hammer under its force; although that didn't work, but they did discover that using duct tape can help protect objects against the forces exerted by hydraulic presses.

Vuohensilta's videos have proven popular on other YouTube channels and he's made some guest appearances himself. Many people have approached him about crushing their items at his shop but Vuohensilta is wary about doing this as some items contain lithium-ion batteries which could explode, possibly sparking fires.

How much money does Hydraulic Press Channel make per month?

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta started crushing random objects under a 150-ton hydraulic press at their family's metal workshop in Finland five years ago, creating their own niche of satisfying internet videos that has garnered them over 10 million followers across major social media platforms. I recently spoke with Lauri and Anni to learn why so many people find their channel compelling, how their hydraulic press excels at crushing objects, and how satisfying their human need for destruction has become for them.

The Hydraulic Press Channel features clips showing objects being crushed with a hydraulic press at a family workshop in Tampere, Finland. These videos are both amusing and satisfying to watch, earning immense popularity and drawing in mainstream media outlets. These entertaining yet educational clips help viewers understand how much force is necessary to crush an object while providing stress relief for viewers.

Since 2015, this channel has seen tremendous success and amassed over two million daily views. Many analysts attribute its growth and viewership numbers to its sense of humor, excitement over seeing what will be crushed, and distinctive Finnish accent.

Beyond their main Hydraulic Press Channel, this couple also have a secondary channel called Beyond the Press that features other types of demonstrations using workshop equipment. Videos include attempts at folding paper seven times or shooting secondhand clothing mannequin Johnny with an air cannon from an air rifle cannon; or using liquid nitrogen for more explosive effects.

The Vuohensiltas take great pains in all their videos to ensure viewers' safety, typically operating their hydraulic presses from behind thick glass and other barriers. Furthermore, when performing more explosive or dangerous demonstrations they take additional measures like using harnesses and protective gear as additional safety precautions - sometimes filming themselves prepping for dangerous videos so viewers get an inside view into how they plan to demolish objects with their hydraulic press.

How much money does Hydraulic Press Channel make per year?

The Hydraulic Press Channel is an immensely popular YouTube channel showcasing factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta crushing various objects with his hydraulic press. Over 2.2 million subscribers and 360 million views have accumulated, and new videos are uploaded every week with approximately 200,000 viewers per day - creating an estimated annual advertising revenue of over $800,000.

Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland created this channel in October 2015 after becoming inspired by other YouTube channels that feature destructive demonstrations. Since then he has also produced Beyond the Press which boasted 325,000 subscribers within its first year alone!

Vuohensilta's viral videos feature him smashing items like an iPhone 7, Lego cars, hockey pucks and Xbox 360s with his trademark Finnish accent - something which he often employs when recording his videos. Steel pipes seem particularly satisfying to him because they provide satisfying viewing but don't pose as great a danger as other forms of destruction such as bowling balls.

Vuohensilta recently introduced Hanna Korpisaari into his videos; this new love interest is his longtime girlfriend and they've worked closely on his YouTube channel together over five years - famed for their chemistry on camera!

As well as their YouTube success, the pair also run a popular podcast called "Hydraulic Press Radio" available both on iTunes and Google Play. Each episode of Hydraulic Press Radio includes audio-visuals combined with text to offer insight into various objects used daily as well as relaxing with friends while learning something new! Fans have taken notice, with popularity continuing to increase for this show.

How much money does Hydraulic Press Channel make in total?

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland launched his Hydraulic Press Channel in 2015 and quickly gained immense popularity for his series of videos featuring him crushing various objects using his 150-ton hydraulic press. These clips provide both comic relief and satisfying viewing, helping his channel amass millions of subscribers while garnering sponsorship deals.

Vuohensilta and his wife Anni operate the Hydraulic Press Channel from their workshop in Tampere, Western Finland. Since October 2015 they have been making videos featuring hydraulic presses crushing printer paper with hydraulic presses that go viral after being posted to Reddit. Their first attempt to disprove common belief that folding paper more than seven times was impossible resulted in it collapsing into an explosion upon reaching fold seven; garnering millions of views and earning the couple sponsorship opportunities from brands.

Vuohensiltas have made headlines for their hydraulic press videos, yet have also released videos not related to it. These include videos featuring them experimenting with their oven or showing their culinary prowess; other videos explore science with tests of different materials being tested by them.

One of the most watched videos on Hydraulic Press Channel features their 150-ton press pitted against various hand and power tools like drill bits, hammers, wrenches and even tape measures - with astounding results showing even seemingly benign elements like steel bolt threads can be crushed by this powerful machine.

The Hydraulic Press Channel has worked tirelessly to produce videos that are both entertaining and informative, while never compromising safety for a good video. Their latest clip shows them trying to use an industrial-strength hydraulic press to light a fire using logs soaked by rain; but is the press capable of getting this job done?

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