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How to Make a Pizza Hydraulic Press

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[Article Summary]:Handcrafting pizza by hand can be entertaining for customers, yet labor intensive for your team. A dough press can help increase productivity while ……

Handcrafting pizza by hand can be entertaining for customers, yet labor intensive for your team. A dough press can help increase productivity while decreasing labor costs - make the initial investment and see your productivity soar!

Needed: two 2"x 4"s, caulking gun, and liquid nails (see video for more). Watch below!

Getting Started

No matter whether you are a pizza maker or restaurant owner, having the appropriate equipment is vitally important for success in any business. Tools make a significant impactful difference to efficiency and food quality. One essential piece of pizza prep equipment is a pizza dough press which helps create uniform crust sizes while saving employees time by eliminating manual stretching of pizza dough. Furthermore, presses can be customized to meet individual needs and goals.

Beginning your own pizza dough press is an easy and affordable process. First, decide the size and shape of pizzas you would like to produce; standard 12" pizzas work great as an appetizer option or lunch special specials; smaller sizes might work better for appetizers and lunch specials. Also keep thickness in mind; some operators prefer thicker crust pizzas, while others might prefer thinner.

Once you've determined the size and thickness of your pizzas, you can purchase the materials necessary for building your pizza press. Most presses consist of two 2"x4" boards with hinges at their bases - to create the hinges, cut two boards to equal height before measuring their distance apart before using a vice and hammer to bend each end as needed.

Screwing each board's rounded end into its respective upright will secure them to your tabletop. Next, drill a hole through both uprights and handle for a 4-inch rod to be threaded through with washers added at either end to keep it secure. A 1-inch piece of wood should also be cut for use as your handle; you may require nuts on either side to secure its stability as necessary.

An investment in a pizza dough press can be invaluable for any pizzeria or restaurant, offering multiple advantages that reduce prep time every day for pizza dough preparation. This tool is particularly beneficial if your menu includes different styles of pizza; New York-style features a thin and crispy crust while Chicago style pizza boasts bold flavor combinations with soft crust.


Your pizza hydraulic press requires several key materials. First and foremost is a bottle jack; this device allows users to lower objects with great force; it is widely available at automotive stores. Furthermore, you'll require various pieces of equipment - dough presses and professional-grade cutters can often be found at foodservice supply stores as well as online.

A dough press is a piece of equipment used by restaurants and foodservice businesses to achieve uniform pizza crusts with consistency. Similar to panini presses, these devices employ circular metal plates which compress dough without cooking it; manual operation with pull-down levers is available as is automated operation - both have heated platens which help stretch dough further as well as accommodate multiple pizza sizes.

Based on the size and complexity of your establishment, you may require multiple pizza press machines. A small pizza shop might benefit from having a manual dough press that can be operated by one person; conversely, larger eateries or pizzerias might need an automated press with digital controls that adjust temperature, time, length of pressing cycle per individual crust.

Other items you'll require in order to produce pizzas include a prep counter that allows employees to prepare the pizza quickly and efficiently while holding various ingredients for topping. Furthermore, professional pizza cutters should be available that can provide slices that exactly meet your desired specifications without damaging dough, cheese, or toppings.

Finally, to keep employees safe you'll need heat-resistant gloves and chef aprons that protect them from burning while working with hot pizza ovens, peels, screens or screens that get very hot. Aprons also help prevent spilled sauce or foods causing permanent stains on clothing that could ruin the worker's appearance and ruin a worker's clothes or appearance.


Hand tossing pizza may provide your staff with an effective arm workout, but it may not be appropriate when dealing with large volumes of customers each hour. Consider using a dough press to flatten pizza into uniform crust sizes more efficiently - saving your staff time and increasing efficiency!

These machines feature circular metal plates with circular holes that compress balls of pizza dough without cracking it open or breaking it apart, whether using manual levers on top or automated ones that require less skilled labor to operate. The best presses also have heated platens to warm slightly before shaping to make shaping easier and faster.

The best pizza presses also allow you to regulate how thickly your dough is pressed, giving you more control over every pie you create and ensuring they all share similar sizes and consistency. This helps ensure even cooking on all sides for greater flavor and texture, and reduce waste caused by overdoughing or under-doughing. They're also an economical solution since wasteful overdoughing costs money!

If you're curious to gain more insight into these machines, there are numerous videos on YouTube which showcase them in action. One such channel is Hydraulic Press Channel where an operator uses his machine to crush various items such as pizzas, cans of tomato sauce and even large chunks of ham.

Are You Looking to Increase Restaurant Productivity With Pizza Dough Presses? A pizza dough press is an invaluable investment that can take your restaurant to new levels of productivity. Not only will it save both time and money by eliminating manual dough rolling tasks, but your staff will have more energy left for other tasks throughout their day. Furthermore, using one can reduce food costs as serving larger volumes is made simpler - meaning it quickly pays for itself compared to hiring additional employees to handle additional work!


Hand-tossing pizza can be exhausting for your staff, but with the appropriate commercial pizza dough press you can create delicious crusts quickly and consistently - not to mention saving money on labor costs by making life easier for staff in a busy kitchen. Pizza presses come in all styles and sizes - including circular metal plates that compress dough without breaking or cracking apart; manual versions that allow pull down levers; or automated options using heat.

The best pizza dough presses offer interchangeable molds so that you can press a variety of dough sizes easily. These features allow you to create various styles of pizza ranging from thin crust to hand-tossed with ease, as well as creating consistent-sized crusts so your customers know exactly what they're getting.

Restaurants offering an eclectic menu can benefit from having an automatic pizza dough press, which automates the process of shaping dough into pizzas. Furthermore, these machines reduce food prep time by shaping cold dough quickly into its proper form in seconds - also helping reduce food waste by decreasing excess dough left on plates.

Consider investing in a model that allows you to precisely control pressure and thickness of dough, in order to maintain consistency in its production. Such units can also help shape dough for other dishes like calzones and focaccia, making them an invaluable investment for restaurants offering various cuisines.

If you need to produce large volumes of pizzas quickly and without sticking, an automated option that uses heated plates could be ideal. These models can produce up to 250 pies an hour with just the press of a button - perfect for mass production!

Consider investing in a dual-heated automatic hydraulic pizza dough press that works without an air compressor and can shape dough within six seconds! These units are ideal for fast-paced establishments and can even be upgraded with interchangeable molds for customized results.

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