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Hydraulic Press YouTube Channel

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[Article Summary]: The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel created and managed by Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland, who uploads videos showing him crushing obje……

how much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel created and managed by Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland, who uploads videos showing him crushing objects with his family's hydraulic press. Since starting up in October 2015, its videos have quickly gained widespread acclaim, including making Reddit's front page!

Lauri often delivers his commentary in his thick Finnish accent and his wife often laughs along.

How much does Lauri Vuohensilta make?

Lauri Vuohensilta, a factory owner who rose to online prominence through his Hydraulic Press Channel. This channel showcases videos showing objects being crushed with hydraulic presses. While these may appear mindless entertainment, these videos actually contain valuable educational value as they often explain their inner workings and provide details regarding safety precautions when operating such equipment.

The Hydraulic Press Channel boasts millions of subscribers and generates significant ad revenue. They've even produced a book entitled, "How to Crush Things With a Hydraulic Press" as well as merchandise lines like T-shirts and posters; their videos have also been featured by media outlets like the Wall Street Journal and Insider.

Vuohensilta initially began the Hydraulic Press Channel as a means to promote his family's machining business, but quickly found himself making it his full-time career and earning thousands per video through advertising revenue and merchandise sales.

He and his wife Anni collaborate to produce YouTube videos with an original style that blends humor with technical details. Many of their videos have achieved over 26 million views; their success prompted other similar channels like Beyond the Press.

Anni is well known for her work at the Hydraulic Press Channel, but also has an impressive background in powerlifting - she received recognition from Suomen voimanostoliitto (Finnish powerlifting federation). Additionally, Anni is a trainer for Tampere weightlifting club.

Though their divorce has yet to be finalised, Lauri and Anni appear to be on amicable terms. She recently posted an Instagram photo featuring herself riding a bicycle alongside Hanna Korpisaari who also works on their channel.

Before becoming well-known for her antics on Hydraulic Press Channel, Anni was part of IKEA Tampere's Business to Business sales department for over two years before making the decision to leave.

How much does Anni Vuohensilta make?

Anni Vuohensilta and Lauri are two Finnish YouTubers known for creating unique science experiments together on their channel called Hydraulic Press. Over millions of views have poured in for videos of Anni and Lauri crushing objects with hydraulic presses; their videos are entertaining yet bizarre and often test Internet legends about one of Finland's iconic products, the Nokia 3310 mobile phone.

Hydraulic Press channel videos show Lauri and Anni working together in their shop, which they run out of their home, to operate a small metal fabrication business. Their shop contains heavy machinery including a hydraulic press capable of holding 100 tons of pressure. Each video begins with black-and-white shots of the press set to the tune of Ethan Meixsell rock song playing in the background before Lauri introduces whatever object will be crushed next.

At least 10 different objects have been crushed so far, including a remote control, Lego car, hockey puck and Xbox 360 console. He welcomes suggestions from his viewers, and was even hired by the White House to destroy a cable box! These videos often go viral; their couple have amassed millions of subscribers on YouTube alone!

Vuohensiltas have established multiple successful YouTube channels beyond their hydraulic press channel, such as Beyond the Press which features them testing various foods and beverages. Their videos are both entertaining and educational; furthermore they've joined forces with other YouTubers to produce some truly spectacular projects!

As shown in a recent video from Beyond the Press hosts, they created the world's largest ice carousel. Although taking an impressive four months to build, the project required lasers, markers, chainsaws, stump grinders modified with giant sawblades on front ends - and several lasers! to mark out and cut out large circles before chainsawing cuts were needed to cut it into sections for chainsaw cutting.

Although their channel, Hydraulic Press, is currently on hiatus, the couple remains active across Instagram and Facebook - still creating fun and interesting content to bring to their followers - with some surprising surprises planned in the near future!

How much does the Hydraulic Press Channel make?

Since 2015, The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube series that showcases various objects being crushed with hydraulic presses. Since then it has gained immense popularity on the web due to its oddly satisfying videos, run by Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere Finland who initially launched this channel to market his family's machining business but quickly saw its potential go beyond marketing purposes.

Each video on the Hydraulic Press Channel begins with a black-and-white shot of an active hydraulic press and heavy metal music playing in the background, then Vuohensilta introduces and outlines what will take place, before cranking up his hydraulic press to crush whatever object is selected; some popular videos showcase ball bearings, Wolverine claws, Lego toys and chocolate cakes being crushed under pressure from this machine.

Hydraulic Press Channel videos are highly engaging. There's something fascinating and captivating about watching an indestructible object being crushed by such massive machinery, drawing you in. Additionally, Vuohensilta's dry sense of humor and distinctive Finnish accent has helped the channel flourish into success.

Vuohensilta takes great care when operating his powerful hydraulic press to crush objects, yet he takes safety very seriously. He always wears a helmet and takes other precautions to ensure his own wellbeing during use of the hydraulic press. Furthermore, he makes time to explain each video production process as well as any risks involved.

The Hydraulic Press Channel makes its money through advertisements that appear on video pages of its website and merchandise sales such as T-shirts and hats with its logo on them. It has over 7 million subscribers and 51 million views on YouTube; spin-off channels such as Flat Iron Channel and Squishy Toys Channel have even emerged due to this success. In addition to ads, Vuohensilta's wife Anni also creates weekly clay figures that serve as extra content on this channel.

How much does the Hydraulic Press Channel make per month?

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube is one of the more unexpected success stories on this platform, having been established in October 2015 by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta to demonstrate his family's massive hydraulic press. Each video features something as basic as paper or rubber duck sitting on an industrial pedestal while an object slowly and implacably descends from above like an unswerving metal hockey puck to crush them into pieces - with slow-mo replays typically including an explanation by someone with an audible Finnish accent providing further details.

Most videos uploaded to Vuohensilta's channel have been watched over one million times, while several have even exceeded 10 million views. Their success can likely be attributed to its unique combination of humor and surprise as well as Vuohensilta's thick accent; furthermore, its popularity prompted Vuohensilta to create another YouTube channel called Beyond the Press that features behind-the-scenes footage as well as videos too risky or odd for main channel.

Vuohensilta, an experienced machinist from Finland's Tampere workshop, began his YouTube channel as a way of entertaining himself while working on projects at his family workshop, but quickly went viral on Reddit after posting videos challenging popular belief that paper folds cannot go beyond seven times.

Now, each new upload of videos on this channel regularly generates over one million views. While many videos feature items like Lego toys, Nokia 3310 phones or chocolate cakes being crushed underfoot, other videos include more unusual attempts such as shattering ball bearings or Wolverine claws - with over 760,000 viewers per video!

Due to the channel's success, they decided to open another YouTube channel called Beyond the Press that features more experimental videos and behind-the-scenes footage from Hydraulic Press Channel. Alongside showing off their impressive workshop equipment, this channel also allows the couple to poke fun at popular culture and current events while making them funnier.

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