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How Much Money Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]:Launched in October 2015, this channel features videos of objects being crushed with hydraulic presses. Hosted by Lauri Vuohensilta from his family ……

Launched in October 2015, this channel features videos of objects being crushed with hydraulic presses. Hosted by Lauri Vuohensilta from his family workshop in Tampere, Finland.

Videos showing hydraulic presses being used to crush objects usually begin with black-and-white footage of the press and an upbeat rock song, before an announcer introduces the object being crushed.

1. Subscribers

Hydraulic presses are machines that utilize pump pressure to generate pressure against objects, often used in various industries and for many different tasks such as crushing cars or large objects or bending metal or other materials. Hydraulic presses are an invaluable asset to anyone working with metal or other similar materials.

Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) on YouTube boasts over 2.2 million subscribers and 360 million views, having been created in 2015 by Lauri Vuohensilta, an owner of a Finnish workshop. He created it as an outlet to share videos showing items being crushed using his 150-ton hydraulic press; since then it has gained worldwide acclaim attracting millions of views per month.

Content on this channel is both entertaining and educational, starting off with black-and-white shots of hydraulic presses with heavy metal music in the background, then moving on to introduce items for crushing while explaining how a hydraulic press works.

After placing the item into the hydraulic press, he squeezes every last drop out of it - using his signature technique so the audience knows exactly what to expect each time - while his wife Anni adds commentary throughout. Watching these items being crushed until destruction makes for great entertainment and Anni makes her presence known by giving commentary alongside him!

This couple has great fun creating their videos, while taking safety measures seriously. When using a hydraulic press demonstration they often operate it from behind thick safety glass barriers or other barriers for added protection, as well as using plenty of duct tape to repair any damages that arise during their demonstrations.

Hydraulic Press Channel videos have proven incredibly popular with audiences from all around the world, garnering over 23 million views in just under three years - an amazing feat for such a new YouTube channel! Additionally, numerous videos are uploaded multiple times each day which ensures high viewership figures for this particular channel.


Hydraulic Press Channel, created in October 2015 and managed by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta, has garnered over 11 million views since being uploaded. Lauri was taken aback at how rapidly its popularity had grown since being uploaded.

He had created the YouTube channel as an outlet to showcase videos involving him using an industrial-strength hydraulic press to crush and compress objects, unaware that they would become so popular; nonetheless, he knew if he kept uploading new content regularly people would keep coming back for more.

Vuohensilta's channel saw rapid growth after sharing on Reddit a video featuring him unsuccessfully trying to disprove an old piece of folk wisdom - that it's impossible to fold paper more than seven times with a hydraulic press - that quickly gained over two million views within 24 hours.

After his initial surge of fame, Vuohensilta continued publishing videos each week that involved him using his hydraulic press to crush everything from paper to an inflatable whale, often producing hilarious yet unexpected results that viewers seemed drawn to and found quite captivating. His channel's strangely engaging content quickly garnered its share of fans and viewers have grown attached.

Although he lacks formal engineering training, Vuohensilta demonstrates skillful operation of his hydraulic press. Furthermore, he takes extreme caution in any potentially risky situations and always takes great pains to ensure his equipment is cleaned before using it; no injuries were suffered as part of this process.

TikTok creators often focus on dancing or meme-making to get songs trending on the platform, yet rarely is an ordinary person capable of having such an impactful message to share on TikTok. That is why Hydraulic Press Channel stands out from its counterparts as an enjoyable change from regular content.

The Hydraulic Press Channel is an excellent example of how even low-budget YouTube channels can draw large audiences when implemented correctly and supported with an effective content strategy. If you want to learn how to build your channel into a success, join our six week program today and take advantage of expert tips!

3. Revenue

Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel dedicated to crushing objects with an industrial-strength hydraulic press. Since being founded by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta in October 2015, the channel has seen immense popularity; videos uploaded are beloved for their "funny and grotesque" results as well as watching things get crushed! Vuohensilta attributes its success to his unique Finnish accent and sense of humor - factors he attributes his success with.

Vuohensilta uses his hydraulic press to demonstrate its power by crushing various items. Each video begins with black-and-white footage of his machine in action, followed by rock music and an introduction from Vuohensilta who then introduces himself and begins testing different objects before beginning crushing them with his hydraulic press.

Notable tests performed include watches, alarm clocks and Lego toys; more unusual objects include Nokia 3310 phones, ink cartridges from squid ink pens and speakers - in one video called "Hydraulic Press kitchen: Fruit salad", he even crushed an entire pineapple! He did it simply for laughs!

Vuohensilta not only creates comedic videos, but he also educates his viewers on how to operate a hydraulic press. In his video, he demonstrates that his hydraulic press consists of three main parts: motor, pump and cylinder - with oil driven from pump into cylinder by motor's power, then applied as pressure against object being tested; more force applied means greater destruction.

Vuohensilta has conducted multiple experiments using his hydraulic press to cut different materials, such as steel bolts. In one video he wrapped several objects with thick layers of duct tape in order to see whether or not they could withstand the pressure from his hydraulic press; certain objects (e.g. a stack of bills) managed this, while others (such as piles of coins) couldn't.

4. Advertisements

Since October 2015, Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta have been crushing things using a hydraulic press in their family workshop at home in Finland. Since then, their YouTube channel has become an unexpected hit - amassing over 10 million views across platforms! Their videos show them using the hydraulic press to pulverize all sorts of objects under its pressure, while it has led them into signing contracts for sponsored content such as product placements or other forms of advertising.

While The Hydraulic Press Channel doesn't publicly disclose their advertising revenue, fans have speculated that they reportedly bring in over $10 Million annually from YouTube alone. Furthermore, some other platforms, including TikTok where they have an ever-increasing following have also earned money for them.

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland launched this channel in 2015 after watching popular destruction-focused YouTube channels such as carsandwater which shows a man playing with fire and melting objects. They own and use a hydraulic press in their shop for various tasks including resizing metal parts. Lauri and Anni found inspiration for starting their channel after viewing similar YouTube channels such as carsandwater where someone plays with fire while melting different items.

While they take great care to not destroy anything of value in their videos, they sometimes crush items that don't hold much worth. For instance, once they pushed a car tire under a hydraulic press to show what would happen if it were subject to immense amounts of pressure - this video quickly went viral, receiving over two million views within 24 hours!

They usually choose objects that are both fun and safe to smash up, such as a rubber duck or clay figure of a dinosaur. Furthermore, they use the hydraulic press to crush more serious items, like bowling balls with pins or hockey pucks; some items even place in liquid nitrogen have been broken apart through this method!

The Vuohensiltas have great fun creating their videos, while keeping their content family-friendly. No mention is made of the value or name of any objects they destroy in their videos; nor any mention of specific products in them; while they make every attempt not to infringe upon any trademarks or intellectual property rights belonging to others.

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