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How Much Money Does the Hydraulic Press Channel Make on YouTube?

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[Article Summary]:Launched in October 2015, this channel features videos showing objects being crushed with hydraulic presses – popular among viewers due to the……

Launched in October 2015, this channel features videos showing objects being crushed with hydraulic presses - popular among viewers due to their insane spectacle.

These videos are an irresistibly appealing combination of hard metal brutalism and eccentric nerdiness, opening with black-and-white clips of press activity set against Ethan Meixsell's "Thor's Hammer."

YouTube Views

Although relatively new to YouTube, this channel has quickly become one of the most watched. With over 300 Million views and earning more than $63,000 a month in ad revenue.

Since October 2015, this Finnish channel has gained fame for using hydraulic presses to smash objects to pieces and has inspired an entire subculture of "Hydraulic Press Channel" imitators.

Lauri and Anni often star in these videos as they use their family shop's industrial-grade hydraulic press to demonstrate what happens when subjected to pressure - rubber band balls, paper clips and crayons among others are crushed under extreme stress. Also shown being crushed are an old clothing mannequin fondly known as Johnny; Lego cars; and Nintendo 64 controllers.

Lauri's videos often begin with a black-and-white shot of his hydraulic press and reads, "Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Channel." Lauri then uses his machine to crush an object; some popular videos include crushing an iPhone 7 and hockey puck.

Lauri recently shared his favorite item to destroy is steel pipes as they're less harmful than other objects. Furthermore, he discussed his learning of English through watching shows like Top Gear and Fallout on TV or movies.

Though Lauri has enjoyed enormous success with his channel, there can still be risks involved. When Lauri accidentally severed his arm while using a hydraulic press to fold paper multiple times more than seven times using his hydraulic press, viewers were outraged and several people even dialed 911 in response.

Lauri and Anni take great care to ensure the safety of their videos, typically operating hydraulic presses from behind thick safety glass and other barriers. In addition, they take great care not to violate any copyrighted material by labeling footage that doesn't belong to them and only showing images when it is safe.

YouTube Subscribers

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel featuring an unnamed man using his hydraulic press to crush objects with his hydraulic press. Founded and run by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta, who is well known for his sense of humor and creating entertaining content.

The channel has quickly become a viral success, drawing in millions of viewers and receiving many sponsorship deals. Not limited to crushing objects, Lauri's channel offers other content types as well such as cooking and prank videos; his wife Anni often provides commentary to make these even more entertaining.

Vuohensilta takes safety very seriously when operating his hydraulic press to crush potentially hazardous objects, always operating it behind thick glass barriers and employing plenty of protective gear - especially ball bearings which explode into fragments traveling at an incredible one kilometer per second speed! His most dangerous crushing has been done using ball bearings which explode into several smaller fragments that then fly at one kilometer per second when broken apart by its impact force.

Vuohensilta and his wife use various props in their videos, such as toys, food and even robots. Most videos begin with black-and-white shots of press activity with heavy metal music playing in the background before transitioning into narration of its goals for that video.

Though this channel has made significant strides since its debut, it still faces challenges. Most of its income derives from advertisements displayed before and during videos; however, many viewers avoid them altogether, leading to lower earnings from advertisements displayed.

Vuohensilta remains optimistic about his channel despite these challenges, having recently signed an agreement with a 3D printing company that will enable him to create more advanced safety equipment for his hydraulic press and expand it onto additional platforms such as Instagram.

Vuohensilta also plans on creating a separate channel that specializes in science and education, "The Lab." Filming of this series should commence shortly and its first episode should be made available soon.


This YouTube channel boasts a vast following and is sponsored by various businesses ranging from automotive manufacturers and power tool producers to metalwork shops that specialize in creating parts for cars and trucks. Furthermore, viewers can participate in a live stream where viewers can ask questions while also watching how hydraulic presses are put to use.

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finnish workshop Vuohensilta began The Hydraulic Press Channel in 2015 as an online video series showing him crushing various objects using his home workshop's 150-ton hydraulic press. His initial upload, "Can You Fold Paper Over 7 Times With Hydraulic Press?," quickly gained two million views within 24 hours and made its way onto Reddit's front page, quickly amassing over one million subscribers while receiving media attention worldwide.

Since its creation, this channel has grown into an expansive repository of videos on all manner of topics related to hydraulic presses and related machinery. While some videos showcase how the press works, others feature hilarious stunts such as shooting secondhand clothing mannequin Johnny with an air cannon. Vuohensilta often provides commentary in his distinctive Finnish accent; his wife Anni often giggles as her husband's handiwork is destroyed during demonstrations or tests.

Vuohensilta's most-watched video on the Hydraulic Press Channel features him crushing fruit with an enormous squid and has received over 11 million views, prompting other YouTube users to create many humorous parodies of it - it is no secret why such wanton destruction has gone viral!

Vuohensilta's videos have inspired others to launch YouTube channels dedicated to crushing items with homemade hydraulic presses, with viewers even asking him to crush lithium-ion batteries, but due to his concern that any explosions may damage his workshop he declined their requests.

TikTok has recognized the growing popularity of Hydraulic Press Channel and implemented ads in some countries for it, although whether these advertisements make the channel profitable is uncertain; nonetheless, they certainly bring in money. Furthermore, music marketers use it to help get new songs or artists viral on TikTok.


Hydraulic presses can be found in numerous industries and consumer product manufacturing settings, from industrial production to consumer goods production. These powerful and versatile presses can be used to press metals, plastics and other materials into solid forms for use. There are various models of hydraulic presses on the market from small lightweight units up to large heavyweight models which can be purchased individually or as kits at reduced prices compared to competing machine tools that perform similar functions.

Lauri and Anni of Finland run a popular YouTube account known as The Hydraulic Press Channel. Their videos involving crushing objects with their 150-ton hydraulic press such as bowling balls, candles and stacks of money have amassed millions of views and attracted many subscribers; additionally they generate advertising revenue through these videos.

Couple Kristi and Kevin also create other types of videos with their massive hydraulic press, including DIY projects and home improvement vlogs. Their channel is well known for its wry humor and deadpan comments - in an age when most vloggers try to impress viewers with fast edits or dramatic makeup applications, it stands out for being refreshingly unpretentious.

Though watching the channel's destruction of items can be entertaining, it's important to note that its creators take safety seriously. They use thick glass barriers when operating the press in order to ensure no injuries or property damage occur as a result of its operation, as well as working with trained assistants at all times to minimize accidents.

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