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Hydraulic Press YouTube Channel

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[Article Summary]: The Hydraulic Press Channel features videos of items being crushed using hydraulic presses. Founded and run by Lauri Vuohensilta of a family-owned……

how much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make

The Hydraulic Press Channel features videos of items being crushed using hydraulic presses. Founded and run by Lauri Vuohensilta of a family-owned machining shop in Finland.

He launched his channel in October 2015 and quickly rose to popularity; one video featuring his test to determine whether or not paper could be folded more than seven times has amassed over 10 million views alone!

How much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make?

The YouTube Hydraulic Press Channel is one of the more intriguing success stories on YouTube. Launched by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta in 2015, this channel features him using his industrial-strength hydraulic press to crush frozen toys and jawbreakers with their industrial strength hydraulic press - creating videos which remain compelling despite viewers knowing in advance what will occur on-screen.

Vuohensilta's YouTube channel has amassed millions of subscribers and earned advertising revenue through views. According to The Wall Street Journal, he earned approximately $650,000 last year through YouTube ads alone as well as other sources like his family's machining business and karate school.

Vuohensilta was inspired to launch his channel after seeing similar destruction-focused YouTube channels like carsandwater that use fire to melt objects. He launched in October 2015, with its first video featuring him using hydraulic press folding paper over seven times for testing purposes - earning over two million views in just 24 hours and becoming viral!

Since then, the channel has expanded to showcase other items being crushed with the hydraulic press and has even gone viral on YouTube (such as when he crushed a Power Bank). Furthermore, they also run another channel where they post videos unrelated to crushing videos, such as preparation work or outings with their children.

As well as their videos of objects being crushed with the hydraulic press, the couple has produced videos specifically targeted toward women viewers. One such video entitled "Silicone Boobies in Vacuum Chamber and Under Hydraulic Press" has proven particularly popular; having been seen over 7 Million Times.

What sets The Hydraulic Press Channel apart from other YouTube destruction channels and the imitation channels that followed in its footsteps is its couple's personalities. Lauri uses an indecipherable Finnish accent and provides deadpan commentary during destruction while Anni giggles at him and objects being broken apart. He admits to learning English by watching television and video games while mispronouncing words for comedic effect; for instance referring to his hydraulic press as either "hoodraulik" or "hiddraulik."

How much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make per video?

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a highly successful YouTube video series featuring Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta using his hydraulic press to crush various objects. His videos have amassed millions of views thanks to both its metallic brutality and Vuohensilta's goofy nerdiness - each video's title sequence opens with black-and-white shots of his hydraulic press with rock music playing in the background, creating an air of brotastic adventure!

Vuohensilta utilizes his shop's hydraulic press to crush everything from bowling balls and soda cans to metal tools, using various machines such as power drills, saws, and welding torches as well. Due to the channel's success a spin-off series was created called Dirty Hand Tools where Vuohensilta takes his tools apart in an attempt at destruction.

Hydraulic Press Channel also publishes videos depicting daily life in a small workshop, featuring Vuohensilta and Anni discussing topics including their hobbies and the process of creating YouTube videos; they offer advice to other aspiring YouTubers as well.

These videos are often funny, with the couple laughing off both their failures and successes with humor. For example, when they attempted to fold a piece of paper seven times and failed, this video garnered over 2 Million views on Reddit, growing exponentially their channel's audience and viewership.

Even though the Hydraulic Press Channel has seen immense popularity, it's important to keep in mind that the internet can contain inaccurate and false information. While creating viral content may tempt you, chances of succeeding as an independent YouTube channel are slim - it would be best to stick with facts rather than creating misleading impressions of your work and spreading mistruths online.

Meatgrinder Channel is another widely watched YouTube channel that showcases a machinist and his wife performing various tasks in their workshop, earning over $20k through ads and merchandise sales. They also launched Beyond the Press channel where they post videos about daily life such as breaking stuff with other machines in their workshop and outings they take part in.

How much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make per subscriber?

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube features Lauri Vuohensilta using his family shop's hydraulic press to crush various objects. Started in October 2015, and drawing international attention since one of their videos went viral (titled "Can you fold paper more than seven times with a hydraulic press?," garnering over 10 million views), The channel now has over 8 million subscribers!

The channel's videos combine comedy, demonstration, and pure destruction into an irresistibly watchable mix. They often begin with black-and-white clips of Vuohensilta using his hydraulic press in action before introducing another object he plans on smashing with it. Multiple articles have lauded its addictive nature - several citing how compelling and addictive watching its videos can be - with Metsa Group providing sponsorship.

Vuohensilta was inspired to launch his channel after seeing other YouTube channels dedicated to destruction, specifically those using hydraulic presses for production purposes. His first videos quickly garnered millions of views.

Beyond their main channel, The Hydraulic Press Channel also hosts an extra channel called Beyond the Press where they share videos about anything other than using their hydraulic press - this includes prepping for pressing videos, outings and preparation work at their shop. They have a series of videos showing how other machines in their shop operate such as an air cannon and meat grinder.

Vuohensilta has experimented with different ways of making his videos more entertaining as his channel has expanded, such as using larger hydraulic presses or crushing various objects in them with his machine. On some videos he even uses hydraulic presses to create different forms of art using these machines.

Recent fans of Lauri have noticed that he has begun employing Hanna Korpisaari to assist him with crushing objects. Hanna Korpisaari is Lauri's close friend, helping to increase views on his YouTube channel.

How much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make per view?

Lauri Vuohensilta, the host of YouTube Hydraulic Press Channel, launched his channel in October 2015 and immediately found immense popularity. His videos feature him crushing various objects with hydraulic presses such as iPhone 7s, Lego cars, hockey pucks and even an Xbox One into pieces for entertainment - these videos provide great satisfaction while being highly enjoyable to watch - earning over 17 Million views to date!

Reddit has played a large part in propelling the Hydraulic Press Channel's growing success, seeing an exponential increase in both subscriber count and views since appearing on its front page. At present, there are over 5.4 million subscribers with 42 million total views!

Hydraulic Press Channel offers captivating and entertaining content that is both engaging and immersive. Thanks to its unique combination of heavy machinery and popular culture, the channel has developed a loyal following that continues to expand as they do their thing. Furthermore, the Hydraulic Press Channel is run by a married couple.

Hydraulic presses can be fascinating pieces of machinery, but what draws viewers in are Lauri and Anni as hosts. Their charming personalities draw people in like a magnet; you can feel their laughter vibrate throughout each video from Konepaja Vuohensilta shop where their videos were shot - with its lathes, mills, and cranes!

Every video begins with a black-and-white shot of the hydraulic press as Thor's Hammer by Ethan Meixsell plays in the background, before Vuohensilta introduces himself and begins crushing something; objects crushed include bear balls, bowling ball pins, bowling pins, T-shirts, rubber duckies, Nokia 3310 phones, Lego cars and hockey pucks - as well as more popular videos which have garnered over 26 million views such as one where Vuohensilta tested whether he could fold paper more than seven times with this method using only hydraulic pressure! Some videos with high viewing numbers received over 26 million views alone while Vuohensilta tested whether he could fold paper seven times using only hydraulic press!

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