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How Much Money Does the Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland began using his hydraulic press to crush stuff with his YouTube channel some years ago and has become an int……

how much money does the hydraulic press channel make

Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland began using his hydraulic press to crush stuff with his YouTube channel some years ago and has become an international star ever since. Together with his wife Anni he runs this channel from their family's machining business located there.

Funny and addictive videos produced by them have amassed millions of subscribers and garnered lucrative sponsorship deals for their efforts.

How Much Money Does The Hydraulic Press Channel Make On YouTube?

Since 2012, The Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) has become one of the most watched channels on YouTube. Based out of Tampere in Finland, HPC features Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni pulverizing objects with their family's industrial 100-ton hydraulic press for an engaging viewing experience that has cemented HPC as one of the most watched channels online.

Established in October 2015, this channel began as an experiment in crushing rubber band balls and crayons with hydraulic presses, but quickly went viral after Vuohensilta and her partner attempted to disprove an age-old piece of folk wisdom through a video called "Can You Fold Paper More than Seven Times?."

This clip quickly garnered over 10 million views and garnered the couple both national and international media coverage. Furthermore, it set the stage for follow-up videos in which they crushed more items such as laptop computers, Nike Air Max 90 sneakers and even an inflatable whale!

What sets Hydraulic Press Channel apart from the many destruction-oriented YouTube channels (and those dedicated to other machines like sewing machines and frying pans) is its two hosts themselves; unlike many of these destruction channels, which often contain one-sided lectures with no interaction from their viewers, Hydraulic Press Channel maintains dialogue throughout each video.

Lauri is often heard making commentaries with a comically deadpan tone while Anni has her trademark playful laughter as they watch objects get crushed under a hydraulic press and explode under its force.

Hydraulic Press Channel stands out in terms of its commitment to safety; many videos feature it operating behind thick glass or other barriers. The pair put in great effort to ensure the wellbeing of viewers who view their videos, often receiving praise in comments sections of YouTube videos for this.

Beyond the Press is also a secondary channel showcasing more videos about their daily activities in their shop and life beyond it, including demonstrations of other tools in use at Beyond the Press as well as preparation for pressing new items for customers and actual work completed for customers.

How Much Money Does The Hydraulic Press Channel Make On Facebook?

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta of Finland began pulverizing objects with their family's hydraulic press five years ago, quickly creating their own genre of satisfying internet videos that have gained millions of views across multiple social platforms.

Last year, Vuohensilta reported to The Wall Street Journal that his YouTube ads generate around $650,000 annually. His videos can attract as many as 26 million views; examples include him folding paper seven times or crushing a Lamborghini with hydraulic press.

Recently, our channel has seen significant subscriber and view growth thanks to Reddit exposure. Now the Vuohensiltas are working hard on creating content that will delight their followers; during a video chat I asked about their favorite things to crush and why their videos resonate so widely with so many viewers.

How Much Money Does The Hydraulic Press Channel Make On Other Platforms?

The Hydraulic Press Channel has amassed more than 10 million followers across social media since Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta began crushing random objects using his 150-ton hydraulic press in October 2015. Although its popularity may fluctuate from time to time, I recently spoke with Lauri and his partner via video call and asked what's left on their list for crushing as well as why these seemingly silly videos make people happy.

Vuohensilta and Anni operate the Hydraulic Press Channel out of their small metal workshop in Finland, using hydraulic presses to crush various objects they find around their workshop or purchase at local hardware stores. Each video includes both educational and entertaining content - as well as challenges that require teamwork with some irreverent humor thrown in for good measure!

While other YouTubers focus on producing vlogs or tutorials, Vuohensiltas focus more on entertaining and interacting with their audiences. Their interactions are meant to appear as real as possible with no fancy editing or gimmickry involved; their hydraulic presses are usually run behind thick glass to ensure safety for viewers.

In addition to using the hydraulic press, this pair employed an air cannon and meat grinder in their video "Hydraulic Press Kitchen: Exploding Surstromming and Other Canned Foods." In it they attempted to cook pineapples, ham, tomatoes, corn, and other fruits in various techniques within the press - with over one million views on TikTok alone! This video proved immensely popular and amassed over one million views within 24 hours alone!

The Vuohensiltas take great care to avoid damaging anything of value; however, their attempts often backfire - such as one video where they attempt to shoot secondhand clothing mannequin named Johnny with their homemade air cannon but end up smashing it instead with a zucchini that bounces off his surface!

Hydraulic Press Channel's audience enjoys the unique sense of satisfaction gained from watching its videos due to both their humor and creators. Lauri, one of its creators, can often be heard mispronouncing words deliberately for laughs; his thick Finnish accent makes the videos all the funnier! In one Q&A video featured on their channel.

How Much Money Does The Hydraulic Press Channel Make On Amazon?

Hydraulic presses are formidable machines capable of crushing various objects with incredible force - from packing peanuts and motorcycle batteries to packs of beer or packing peanuts! However, recently they finally met their match when placed against an unstoppable force like neodymium magnets - as displayed by PressTube in this YouTube video.

The Hydraulic Press Channel features videos of Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta crushing various objects with his industrial-strength hydraulic press, making this channel an instant hit on YouTube with millions of followers worldwide. Recently, its popularity has expanded beyond YouTube into Facebook and Instagram platforms as well.

While most videos on the Hydraulic Press Channel feature objects being crushed, there is also other content. For instance, Lauri made history on YouTube when he attempted to fold paper seven times with his hydraulic press - this video amassed over 1.7 Million views alone!

Another viral video posted to the Hydraulic Press Channel features Lauri shooting a secondhand clothing mannequin named Johnny with an air cannon. This clip has received over two million views on YouTube. Furthermore, their side project "Beyond the Press" showcases videos that don't involve hydraulic presses as much.

Lauri and Anni have proven themselves professional through the popularity of their videos, taking great measures to ensure safety when operating hydraulic presses from behind thick glass barriers or other barriers. Furthermore, more risky demonstrations may include professional stuntman services.

Lauri and Anni recently took part in a Q&A video, in which they revealed some of their secrets for online success. For instance, they both have an aptitude for comedy that they enjoy sharing with viewers; also mentioned was they did poorly at school but learned English through watching TV shows and films instead; both hope to continue this success and see what else they can destroy with their hydraulic press!

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