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Hydraulic Press Channel – How Much Money Does the Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland created The Hydraulic Press Channel and has since October 2015 been crushing things with his 150-Ton hydraulic press ……

how much money does the hydraulic press channel make

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland created The Hydraulic Press Channel and has since October 2015 been crushing things with his 150-Ton hydraulic press on YouTube, amassing millions of views and amassing an extensive following.

The two take their work seriously and operate the hydraulic press from behind thick glass or other barriers when performing potentially hazardous or explosive activities. They also host a separate channel called Beyond the Press where they upload videos unrelated to press-related content.

YouTube Views

Established in 2015, this channel has proven an incredible success since then. With millions of views already, and an entertaining video creator in Lauri Vuohensilta who uses his 150-ton hydraulic press to crush various objects for entertainment purposes.

Vuohensilta uses his hydraulic press to crush everything from Lego toys and Nokia 3310 phones with his YouTube channel demonstrating how to use and providing tips on using the machine correctly. Though his videos have proven extremely popular, YouTube has implemented certain restrictions in order to ensure maximum ad revenue loss protection - such as barring certain countries/regions from showing videos with ads due to privacy laws.

Hydraulic press channel not only makes money through YouTube ads but has also received sponsorships for their work. They have collaborated with several businesses to produce videos promoting their products in order to raise brand awareness and attract new customers; such companies include one that offers hydraulic press attachments as well as 3D printer manufacturers.

Vuohensilta has taken his brand onto Instagram, an increasingly popular social media platform. In an interview with VICE, he spoke of his favorite items to crush and how to keep his channel fresh; steel pipes proved particularly valuable as they shatter into small fragments while remaining relatively safe compared to more hazardous items such as bowling balls.

Vuohensilta and his wife have also created Beyond the Press, a separate YouTube channel that showcases their daily life and work at their shop. They take great care not to damage their hydraulic press when operating it from behind protective barriers, as well as videos about other machines in their shop destroying stuff, outings with family, preparation for pressing videos and footage of real work done as part of their shop business. Furthermore, this couple have even contributed their hydraulic press as an element in several mobile phone games!


The Hydraulic Press Channel has become one of the most beloved YouTube channels with over one million subscribers and numerous sponsorship deals. It stars Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta crushing objects using his industrial-strength hydraulic press in entertaining and educational videos that showcase his thick Finnish accent - providing both entertainment and education in equal measures! In addition to crushing videos, Lauri offers Beyond the Press series and has even opened an online store selling merchandise featuring his brand name.

Vuohensilta's Hydraulic Press Channel has amassed millions of views thanks to its simple format featuring industrial strength machines and entertaining commentary from Vuohensilta. Given that viewers love gratuitous destruction on the internet, this channel has quickly become incredibly popular - often including countdown videos leading up to when Vuohensilta will stop, which make these videos hard to stop watching!

Vuohensilta has been creating YouTube videos since 2015 and has an affinity for finding unique objects to crush, such as Lego toys, Nokia 3310s and hockey pucks. His most recent clip shows an already broken Nikon P300 compact camera being flattened by hydraulic press.

Hydraulic Press Channel's 150-ton press is regularly put through rigorous trials by pitting it against various hand and power tools. They've even performed tests to see how long metal objects last when exposed to its force.

These videos typically start off with a black-and-white shot of an active hydraulic press set to heavy metal music, followed by Vuohensilta introducing himself and detailing what he hopes to achieve with this video; sometimes Anni, his wife, joins him with her own deadpan Captain Obvious commentary.

TikTok has helped expand The Hydraulic Press Channel's reach. TikTok favors channels with more views, so having more viewers on TikTok may increase a channel's visibility across other platforms and help promote music or videos that have yet to go viral.


YouTube creators use this platform to monetize their videos and generate income through ads such as product placement or banner advertisements that appear during playback. The money earned can then be used for purchasing equipment or funding other aspects of production; sometimes these creators even garner sponsorships from companies wanting their association.

The Hydraulic Press Channel is an extremely popular YouTube channel featuring objects being crushed with hydraulic presses, attracting millions of views since its debut in 2015. Created by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife Anni, the channel includes anything from humorous pranks to food episodes - it has even been mentioned on national news outlets!

Lauri Vuohensilta, the host of this channel, demonstrates an affinity for heavy machinery and destruction with his industrial-sized hydraulic press. His videos showcase his fascination for this task - his wife often joins him in watching them and laughs along as Lauri shows his impressive skills with it!

Vuohensilta initially created his channel as a hobby, yet has seen tremendous success as it now draws millions of views and receives endorsement deals from both brands and individuals alike.

One key reason behind the channel's popularity is its innovative concept. Each video sees Vuohensilta find an object to put under his hydraulic press for destruction; often creating humorous spectacles of destruction. One of his most renowned videos shows him disproving a popular myth about paper folding by trying more than seven times; it eventually shattering after only seven attempts, prompting Vuohensilta to ask "what the hell happened!".

This channel has experienced rapid growth due to its massive success on Reddit and other social media platforms. Similar to Will It Blend? and Slow Mo Guys channels, but with an added Finnish flair.

Affiliate Marketing

The Hydraulic Press Channel, or HPC, is a YouTube channel featuring Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta crushing various objects with his industrial-strength hydraulic press. Although initially small in scope, Vuohensilta's videos quickly rose in popularity to earn him a YouTube Silver Play Button. His destruction videos include everything from frozen toys and jawbreakers, making for strangely captivating yet satisfying viewing sessions; Vuohensilta also often interacts with his wife as he commented jokingly on what was happening - both qualities which add depth.

This YouTube channel has amassed millions of views and become one of the most successful ever created. Additionally, they have received multiple ad and sponsorship opportunities - from brands such as Nike and BBC - as well as building up a large community of dedicated followers who regularly comment and share its videos with their friends.

What truly sets HPC apart from all the other destruction videos on YouTube and hydraulic press imitation channels that have followed in its footsteps, as well as those produced by imitation channels, is Vuohensilta and his wife's sense of humor. Their thick Finnish accents lend the videos a humorously deadpan Captain Obvious quality that usually ends with laughter from viewers.

HPC videos have been watched more than one million times each, gaining them an enormous following and even international media coverage. Vuohensilta told Vice that he never expected his channel to become as popular as it has and that he plans on using his new 1,000-ton hydraulic press on larger and more dangerous items in future projects.

For those unfamiliar with how a hydraulic press operates, this video provides a thorough explanation of its workings. The machine consists of three main parts: motor, pump and cylinder; wherein motor spins pump which in turn creates hydraulic pressure which then applies pressure to item being crushed. A hydraulic press also has the advantage of being quieter than similar machines while at the same time less costly to maintain over its lifespan than competing presses; providing less pollution overall and making work more comfortable for its operators as well.

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