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Hydraulic Press Channel – How Much Does Lauri Vuohensilta Make on YouTube?

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[Article Summary]:The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube has become an internet phenomenon thanks to its simple concept – crushing stuff. The videos are engagin……

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube has become an internet phenomenon thanks to its simple concept - crushing stuff. The videos are engaging to watch, with charming host Lauri Vuohensilta providing entertaining commentary throughout each video.

He introduces each video's subject matter with his trademark Finnish accent before beginning to operate the hydraulic press.

How Much Money Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make Per 1000 Views?

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland has discovered a way to make money crushing things with hydraulic presses: his YouTube channel Hydraulic Press Channel launched in October 2015 and has already amassed more than 10 million views since. His videos depict him pressing various objects with the hydraulic press into submission: bowling ball and pin, mobile phone, rubber ducks, hockey puck, pineapple, Lego cars cable box or giant jawbreaker are just a few examples he's crushed using liquid nitrogen as part of the effect and offering commentary in Finnish for added effect; as part of this running commentary he often includes commentaries in Finnish accented language about what he's done to his viewers in real-time as his hands do his work - or so we think!

Vuohensilta runs a family machining business and has access to a large hydraulic press. After seeing other destruction-focused channels like Carsandwater, such as Slow Crush with his equipment he knew he could make something similar with it - with objects placed on pedestals in the press before being crushed either slowly if soft or abruptly when hard. His videos have since become strangely addicting videos watched by millions.

Vuohensilta's YouTube channel quickly took off after he uploaded a video challenging the belief that paper cannot be folded more than seven times using hydraulic presses. That video now has over 10 million views and was heavily promoted via Reddit and other social media sites; moreover, new videos continue to be uploaded weekly!

How Much Money Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make Per 1000 Subscribers?

One of the more unlikely success stories on YouTube is Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland and his Hydraulic Press Channel, where videos show him crushing various objects using his family workshop's hydraulic press.

Vuohensilta gives running commentary in his thick Finnish accent while pressing an object slowly or all at once if soft; his destruction of these objects is both satisfying and strangely compelling.

Vuohensilta's channel is an amalgamation of shiny metallic brutality and quirky nerdiness, run by Vuohensilta himself - a mechanical engineer by trade who operates his shop for video production near Tampere in Finland. Filled with heavy machinery like lathes, mills and welders - not forgetting an impressive 100 ton hydraulic press used to break apart objects by Vuohensilta himself!

Vuohensilta created his channel in October 2015 and his first video went viral thanks to its posting on Reddit. In it, Vuohensilta attempts to disprove a widely held belief that folding paper more than seven times is impossible, only for it shatter and crumble after seven attempts, prompting an incredulous Vuohensilta to exclaim "What the hell?!" at its failure.

Since that time, the channel has gained over 2.2 million subscribers and over 360 million views. Vuohensilta currently posts new videos every week and their popularity can be attributed to several factors: unexpected results, humor from Vuohensilta himself as well as his Finnish accent are just a few factors behind their appeal; nonetheless they remain highly watchable videos with incredible addictive properties that remain highly captivating despite either being genuine amusements or simply silly.

How Much Money Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make Per 1000 Views Per Day?

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube features videos showing various objects being crushed with hydraulic presses, run by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta and featuring him crushing objects for millions of views - his videos even being featured in a New York Times article! Since October 2015 and weekly updated, each video typically involves an object being put in the press followed by its description and process of crushing.

Vuohensilta runs his workshop in Tampere, Finland where these videos were shot. His shop features machinery and tools including a large hydraulic press capable of exerting up to 144 tonnes of force; early videos featured Vuohensilta crushing clocks, fruit and golf balls before moving on to more difficult objects like bear balls and Legos; objects were even submerged into liquid nitrogen for added effect.

Vuohensilta often makes comments and observations as objects are being destroyed with his hydraulic press, inviting viewers to suggest what should be crushed next. He has crushed objects sent in by viewers like cable boxes and remote controls - often to his amusement. Sometimes Vuohensilta will even burst out laughing while using it!

Vuohensilta's YouTube channel has quickly become an Internet phenomenon for its unique videos and unique commentary by Vuohensilta himself. His use of hydraulic presses to achieve unexpected results often proves popular; audiences love watching Vuohensilta at work!

Vuohensilta attributes the success of his YouTube channel to the excitement and humor surrounding watching objects explode in a hydraulic press, his unique Finnish accent and no plans to stop making videos in the near future. In particular, he anticipates getting access to a 1,000-ton press and considers it even more fun for smashing things!

How Much Money Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make Per Month?

No matter the object being crushed - from Venezuelan bolivares or Lego toys - watching things crunch can be oddly captivating. That's exactly what Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta of Hydraulic Press Channel do on YouTube; their channel has amassed over 51 million views since launching back in October 2015. While it might not rival BuzzFeed's watermelons stunts for visibility, its approach remains innovative.

Format of an industrial shatter test video: An object such as a book, rubber duck or bowling ball sits atop a small pedestal in an industrial setting before an object that resembles a hockey puck descended slowly (if it's soft) or all at once (if resistant) onto it and shattering it all at once - usually slow motion replayed and with man explaining in his thick Finnish accent explaining what just occurred.

Vuohensilta manages a family machining business with an industrial hydraulic press capable of pressing more than 10 tons. Inspired by channels like CarsandWater that feature content about melting and burning things, he decided to attempt creating similar material via Hydraulic Press Channel.

Vuohensilta's videos demonstrate his success since then; there are now over two dozen posted, with new ones regularly. He is still trying to pinpoint exactly why his videos appeal so widely, though analysis points towards humor, satisfying smash-and-grind results, and his unique accent as possible factors.

One element that has proven instrumental is his use of music. Placing a hit tune into his videos can make them trend on TikTok and reach new viewers outside his core demographic. Music marketers typically pay creators to promote songs they're pushing; however, Hydraulic Press Channel could potentially get paid by record labels to include songs in their clips.

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