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How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: Hydraulic Press Channel, one of YouTube’s simplest viral channels ever, features Lauri Vuohensilta crushing objects into bits with his hydra……

how much does hydraulic press channel make

Hydraulic Press Channel, one of YouTube's simplest viral channels ever, features Lauri Vuohensilta crushing objects into bits with his hydraulic press in addictive videos that make for compelling viewing.

These videos were shot in Finland at Vuohensilta and Anni's small metal workshop where Vuohensilta works as a machinist - his hydraulic press is part of his equipment.

YouTube Views

The Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) is a YouTube channel featuring videos of items being crushed by hydraulic presses. Established by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife Anni in October 2015, Vuohensilta owns his hydraulic press at his family's workshop in Tampere, Finland and made an initial pledge of uploading one new video each week until becoming dormant; then on 31 October 2015 posted one featuring him unsuccessfully trying to fold paper seven times with his hydraulic press which went viral making HPC subscribers and views soar.

Vuohensilta's success as a YouTuber rests on an easy, straightforward concept: find something interesting and then smash it with the hydraulic press. Each video begins with black-and-white shots of the press accompanied by rock song by Ethan Meixsell playing in the background before Vuohensilta introduces his chosen object for crushing in his hydraulic press - golf balls, books, rubber ducks, Lego toys, bear balls, bowling balls and pins have all been crushed so far.

Vuohensilta uses his thick Finnish accent to comment as he crushes objects, cackling at every destruction while his wife cackles along, giving the channel its goofy charm that stands out among all other channels dedicated to destruction and hydraulic press imitations.

The Hydraulic Press Channel currently boasts over 2.3 million subscribers and over 3.3 billion views as of this writing, earning an estimated monthly revenue of approximately $800,000. YouTube Ads recently introduced by YouTube allows publishers to place advertisements on videos that earn money when viewers click them - unlike traditional ads which may be intrusive; unlike them these YouTube Ads ads can be tailored directly to fit with content of videos viewed - becoming an incredible game-changer for many YouTubers; however it will take time before audiences adjust.

Google Ads

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Lauri Vuohensilta created Hydraulic Press Channel as a fun way to play around with his 100-ton hydraulic press at his family's machining business in Finland. Each video involves placing objects such as toy cars or rubber ducks onto the platen of the press, slowly being crushed with slow-motion replay and an announcer speaking in thick Finnish accent describing what's going on during each crushing attempt.

Hydraulic Press Channel enjoys an enormous following, yet its founder remains unclear on how much he earns from his videos. While there may be sponsors involved and partnerships established with hydraulic press manufacturers for use in his videos, no specific figures have been given regarding how much is earned through advertisements on YouTube and other platforms such as Facebook.

As well as paying Google ads, YouTubers also generate revenue from viewers through viewer fees or compensation based on clicks and actions taken within videos; some even receive commission payments based on how many sales leads or sales generated via ads.

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Five years ago, Finnish couple Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta began using a hydraulic press in their family factory to crush items with satisfying results online, giving rise to an entirely new genre of "satisfying" internet videos that quickly amassed over 10 million subscribers across major social media platforms - though they're far from finished yet!

Lauri and Anni's channel has become an internet phenomenon, drawing millions of viewers who watch them break everything from frozen toys to jawbreakers with ease. Their videos are strangely captivating--one of those rare instances when knowing exactly what will happen makes you watch without wanting to stop!

The Vuohensilta family own a machining business, using equipment like the hydraulic press to destroy objects. Capable of exerting up to 144 tonnes of force, they've used it on golf balls, books, rubber ducks, Nokia 3310s, Lego toys and even diamonds! Steel pipes remain their go-to choice since this method provides safe yet efficient results.

The Vuohensiltas' equipment includes more than just a press; in order to create their videos they utilize various pieces such as a forge and torch as well as having access to a large workshop where all their gear can be stored safely while they prepare their next video project.

Concerning clean up after each video shoot, the couple typically vacuums, sweeps and wipes down the area in order to make sure no trace is left behind. In addition, they keep an appropriate container dedicated solely for collecting metal scraps after use.

Vuohensiltas' video production also strives for authenticity; they never use professional sets and prefer using their own tools when possible for maximum realism. Their followers love watching how real machines function alongside seeing who are behind the camera - something Vuohensiltas take great pride in doing!

The Vuohensiltas have also established another YouTube channel called Beyond the Press where they post non-press videos such as daily vlogs of their lives, destruction of objects with machines other than presses, preparation work for press videos and footage of their actual shop.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest and most profitable ways for hydraulic press channel owners to monetize their channel is through affiliate marketing. This involves promoting products or services to an audience for a commission per sale - making affiliate marketing an excellent way to expand audience reach while expanding business faster; additionally it's an effective strategy if still building audience reach. You can choose to pay your affiliates either a flat rate or percentage of each sale - many affiliates find working with percentage easier.

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta of Finland are behind the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube, which shows their hydraulic press crushing various objects. They launched it after discovering other destruction-focused channels like carsandwater that specialized in melting or burning things; their video of Lauri attempting to fold a piece of paper seven times was posted online and went viral, prompting millions to subscribe.

Since its creation, this channel has amassed more than 10 million subscribers across major platforms and become one of the leading examples of "satisfying" internet videos. I had an opportunity to speak with the Vuohensilta family about their hydraulic press - why it appeals so widely - as well as future plans.

As well as YouTube views, the couple make money through sponsorships and advertising revenue. Ads appear before and during videos featuring product placement from brands relevant to their content; additionally they receive money from Google for drawing clicks through to their website.

The Hydraulic Press Channel features educational and silly content, but what really sets it apart is its couple's humor. Lauri has an exasperated Finnish accent and delivers his comments with an arrogant Captain Obvious tone; Anni on the other hand can't contain herself when her husband gets involved with destructive antics and cackles loudly while calling him out on them.

Recently, Lauri and Ashley hired a new girl to help them crush stuff, and viewers have noticed her in extra content videos. Her unique accent has fans laughing; for instance, she pronounces pineapples "ananas." In a Q&A video with Lauri, Lauri revealed he learned English through watching television shows like Top Gear and Fallout as well as video games such as Fortnite.

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