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Hydraulic Press Channel

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[Article Summary]:The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube is one of YouTube’s more peculiar success stories, featuring Lauri Vuohensilta crushing stuff with his ……

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube is one of YouTube's more peculiar success stories, featuring Lauri Vuohensilta crushing stuff with his hydraulic press while commentating on it with amusing commentary.

Analysts attribute Vuohensilta's popularity to its destruction, humor and Finnish accent.

How Much Money Does The Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

Hydraulic presses use liquid instead of air to apply force, creating much higher maximum pressure than pneumatic systems of comparable size. This makes hydraulic presses an effective choice for pressing metals, compressing powdered materials into different forms, testing concrete strength, food processing (like turning sand into gravel), scrap baling ( where metal scrap is crushed into pieces for easier handling and transport), ceramic manufacturing and more.

The Hydraulic Press Channel is one of YouTube's most-subscribed-to channels with over 11 million subscribers and one of the highest earners, making over $1.5 million annually in advertising revenue alone.

The channel's videos are deceptively straightforward - an object, such as paper or rubber duck, sits atop a pedestal in an industrial setting before an implacable machine smashes it to bits accompanied by an authoritative male voice narrating what's happening with an accented Finnish tone.

Hydraulic Press Channel, with over 10 million views, attempted to disprove a popular belief that folding paper more than seven times was impossible, only for it to shatter under such enormous force and prompt a perplexed "what the hell?" from their host.

This channel conducts many food and drink experiments. They conducted one such test to see if using duct tape could make an ordinary plastic soda bottle stand up against their 150-ton press; unfortunately, results weren't quite what was hoped for but the guys have many ideas for future videos to try their hands at!

The Hydraulic Press Channel’s Revenue

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube features videos of people crushing objects with hydraulic presses. Since launching in October 2011, over 8 million subscribers have subscribed to it - the videos are often entertaining and amusing to watch! Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland runs his own family-owned machining shop using hydraulic presses as part of various processes.

He created the Hydraulic Press Channel in October 2015 and has posted multiple videos since. His first went viral after attempting to fold paper seven times with a hydraulic press before it unexpectedly exploded; these videos have since been watched millions of times and received various awards and nominations.

Hydraulic Press Channel's growing popularity has resulted in him being featured in various television shows and movies, and has earned them a reputation for being safe and fun to watch. Lauri and Anni work tirelessly to make sure the equipment used on their channel is safe for viewers to use; taking suggestions from viewers while conducting polls via social media to see which objects people want crushed next.

These videos aim to be as clean as possible; after every crushing they use various means to quickly clean the area before placing objects back into their hydraulic press for another round of crushing.

The Hydraulic Press Channel relies on sponsors and advertisements from multiple sources to boost its revenue, with advertising revenue steadily growing over time; reaching $650,000 last year thanks to Google AdSense alone.

Hydraulic Press Channel makes money through subscription fees and merchandise sales as well as its large following on social media.

To increase revenue in the Hydraulic Press market, companies must rely on innovation and strategic partnerships. They should invest in research and development for product innovations that will improve market conditions; as well as being able to recognize opportunities and challenges within this space to make informed business decisions.

The Hydraulic Press Channel’s Ad Revenue

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a popular YouTube channel where Lauri Vuohensilta of Finnish workshop runs it with his wife Anni. Since launching it in October 2015, its videos have received millions of views worldwide, garnering media coverage by outlets worldwide.

The channel generates its advertising revenue using YouTube's Ad Platform, with ads appearing at the beginning and end of every video and website page hosted by them. Ad revenue has skyrocketed over recent years; currently estimated to exceed $600,000.

While most of their videos focus on crushing objects, they also offer other content besides that. For instance, the couple frequently hosts Q&A segments where they answer viewer inquiries - these videos have amassed over one million views and even garnered the interest of numerous media outlets.

Vuohensilta's most-watched upload is his collaboration with 20th Century Fox to promote Logan, wherein he attempts to crush an adamantium bearing ball and Wolverine's claws, garnering over 23 million views on YouTube alone. Other popular videos feature him crushing Lego cars and iPhone 7 phones as well.

As the channel has gained in popularity, so has its advertising revenue. Last year alone, advertisements brought in over $650,000 - an impressive increase compared to what had been earned the year prior. Vuohensilta plans on continuing to expand the channel in future years.

Hydraulic Press Channel stands out from other channels dedicated to destruction with its humor. The couple's thick Finnish accents add extra entertainment value and they often give an amusing commentary about their destruction adventures.

Not only is their channel known for comedy, but Anni and Jon are well-known for using ad revenue to purchase and destroy copyrighted items - as a gesture to their audience members who support them - showing appreciation. One video even saw them use this money to purchase silicone breast augmentation for Anni!

The Hydraulic Press Channel’s Subscribers

The Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) is a YouTube channel dedicated to publishing videos showing various objects being crushed with hydraulic presses. Since launching in October 2015, this YouTube channel has quickly become an instant hit, amassing millions of subscribers and garnering media attention around the world - as well as sponsor deals.

Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland owns and runs his workshop alongside Anni from their family's machining shop. They both started this channel to have fun and see what could be crushed with their hydraulic press; their results have been both entertaining and mind-boggling!

What distinguishes HPC from other destruction YouTube channels is Lauri and Anni's engaging commentary throughout each video, drawing in viewers while keeping them coming back for more. Lauri's thick Finnish accent adds charm, while they play off each other well together.

Apart from providing humorous commentary, the couple also delivers educational videos. They often discuss safety measures and demonstrate how to operate a hydraulic press safely. Furthermore, the pair have discussed topics like proper waste disposal of hazardous materials and CO2's influence on global warming.

Due to their success, Hydraulic Press Channel has attracted numerous imitators. Yet the original channel remains one of the most beloved.

Many of HPC's videos have garnered millions of views; their most-watched video to date has amassed over 26 million. It features a test to see how often someone can fold paper with a hydraulic press - this video has over 26 million views!

Since 2016, HPC has expanded its content by featuring various types of machines and objects. This expansion has helped keep HPC relevant in an ever-competitive digital landscape.

Though the HPC continues to expand, its fame and fortune will likely not match those of other destructive YouTube stars like Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast). According to Forbes Magazine's 2021 ranking of YouTube stars by income, Mr. Beast was reported as earning $54 Million that year and therefore becoming the highest-paying YouTuber ever.

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