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How to Make a Hydraulic Hash Press

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[Article Summary]: Hydraulic hash presses are an efficient and simple way to produce high-grade rosin. Easy to operate, they can withstand considerable pressure with……

how to make a hydraulic hash press

Hydraulic hash presses are an efficient and simple way to produce high-grade rosin. Easy to operate, they can withstand considerable pressure without becoming bogged down, making them suitable for those with limited space or who require quick results.

To build your own hydraulic hash press, a few essential components will be required, including a hydraulic jack, heated aluminium plates and clamps.

Hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jacks are an invaluable tool for lifting heavy objects, with capacities ranging up to 1000 pounds or more and easy maintenance requirements. When operating one, however, safety must always come first: always wear protective gear like hard hat and gloves when operating the equipment and keep hydraulic fluid away from children and pets as this fluid often contains hydrocarbons which may be toxic when inhaled.

Hydraulic jacks are comprised of concentric cylinders interconnected by piston rods. Each of the cylinders can exert different amounts of pressure, and can be controlled independently via their individual handles on the pump mechanism. When handled, opening or closing them opens or closes a valve that transfers fluid from one outer cylinder into one inner cylinder; causing ramrod shell to rise and creating enough pressure to lift loads.

One of the most frequently made mistakes when using a hydraulic jack is incorrect positioning under their vehicle, which can cause it to malfunction or even break. Users should ensure car supports are positioned under it in order to keep it stable; in addition, consult their manual of their specific jack for instructions on how best to utilize its features.

Make your own hydraulic jack using simple tools! Not only is the DIY option cheaper, but you can experiment with various sizes until you discover how much your jack can lift. To start, gather two empty syringes, a plunger and container for collecting hydraulic fluid. Attach the plunger to one syringe while inserting tubing into another. Using the plunger force the hydraulic fluid from that second syringe through to tubing into container using plunger force.

Once all steps have been completed, your pollen will be ready for use. Smoke it or grind it up for hash; or press into pucks or coins for combination of different blends, hiding and storage purposes and other uses.

Heat plates

Rosin presses are powerful extraction tools that use heat and pressure to produce premium cannabis concentrates quickly and easily, making them an excellent choice for home laboratories. There are two types of rosin presses: manual (operated using hand crank) and pneumatic (using compressed air for pressurizing purposes). Both offer exceptional precision; however manual rosin presses tend to be the more cost-effective choice.

To build your own rosin press, you will require a metal frame and heat plates. The frame must be sturdy and stable while the heat plates should be constructed of durable material that won't warp or melt under pressure from a hydraulic jack weighing between 2-8 tons; alternatively if budget constraints limit you further, consider building one yourself using an old bookbinding press or mechanical device instead.

Assembling the frame is the first step in making a rosin press. Once completed, cut and drill holes for your hydraulic jack and heat plates before attaching them securely to the frame. After testing your press you may start refining it further!

Once your rosin press is assembled, preheating its heat plates is the first step in pressing your cannabis. Place it between the plates and apply pressure with the jack. Once this process has taken place, you can remove the plates to collect your rosin.

If you want a high-quality DIY rosin press, consider purchasing a 6-ton hydraulic jack. This should provide enough force to press quality bubble hash and canna-buttons (buttons made with ground up bud mixed with hash or hash-oil). Furthermore, ensure it can withstand your desired amount of pressure without becoming dangerous; an ineffective or malfunctioning hydraulic jack could damage your press, so choose an established brand who offers warranties on their products for your own protection.


If you are new to solventless extracts or interested in concentrates, chances are you have heard of rosin - an easy and highly potent way of producing top-grade cannabis extracts. Although producing quality rosin may seem intimidating at first, with practice it becomes simpler. Knowing how to prepare materials correctly as well as set up your machine properly are both keys for successful rosin making.

To produce rosin, you will first require high quality weed and hash. Specifically, its texture should have an air-dried or sandy powder texture; you can achieve this using freeze drying, microplaning or air drying. Once your material is ready, pressing will commence; remembering to press for the appropriate time period so terpenes don't evaporate in your press process - 170-190 Fahrenheit for hash/kief pressing temperatures while 215-230 for flower pressing is the ideal range.

After pressing your weed, the pollen press can help you create two items. One is pressed hash coins or pucks - small circles of hash that you can use to mix different blends and store. While it takes some work to do it right in your own home, simply wear the hash inside of a shoe with hard sole and wear your weight on it to press it into a coin or puck that will allow you to carry with you wherever life may take you.

Once your temperature and timing have been properly established, you can start applying full pressure to the rosin bag. Be careful to increase it gradually as sudden increases could cause it to burst open unexpectedly and spill unfiltered rosin onto your work area.

When selecting a rosin press that meets your specific needs, aircraft aluminum presses tend to offer better heat retention than others and produce more consistent results than others. Also consider finding one with an oil lubricating system which prevents friction between plates and the box section and reduces any friction that might otherwise arise between plates and box section.


Box hydraulic hash presses are an economical, straightforward solution to hash making. Constructing one can be completed within hours using materials found around the house - no welding or drilling necessary! - and only takes a few hours. Their main components include a sturdy anodized aluminum box with ample ventilation holes; an attached ram cylinder; and an easily controlled hand operated hydraulics pump (with long shaft and handle for control purposes).

Hash rosin can be pressed in various ways, with each method producing different results. Some may take more time than others but all will produce high-quality hash rosin. A hash press, available from most dispensaries, provides the safest way of pressing hash rosin without risking heat exposure or potential accidents during pressing process.

An alternative method involves using either a homemade or store-bought hash press that uses a rod inserted in a cylindrical vessel to compress cannabis. The rod could be made of metal or any hard, flat material; resin should then be wrapped in cellophane or parchment paper before positioning in the cylinder; hit it twice with a hammer to set in place and three more times to press firmly into place.

Manual rosin presses provide another alternative that doesn't rely on compressed air to generate pressure, often utilized by hash makers who prefer manually cranking their press to control how much pressure is applied. Furthermore, such presses tend to be more cost-effective than pneumatic ones.

Hash presses are essential tools for crafting solventless extracts suitable for dabbable concentrates, edibles and tinctures. With precise variable control that enables multiple textures and flavors - such as shatter, badder sauce or diamonds - to be created. Due to this precise variable control they offer many applications from edibles through to tinctures as well. But it is important to keep in mind there will be an initial learning curve; don't get disheartened if the desired texture doesn't present itself first time - stick with it and take notes as this may help later!

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