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How to Make a Hydraulic Press for Jewelry Production

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[Article Summary]: Hydraulic presses can be an efficient tool for jewelry production, saving both time and tooling costs. In this course, we’ll explore various……

how to make a hydraulic press for jewelry

Hydraulic presses can be an efficient tool for jewelry production, saving both time and tooling costs. In this course, we'll explore various techniques utilizing hydraulic presses - from pancake dies to coining precious metals.

Masonite mold techniques used here can easily be modified for use on a small, C-frame hydraulic press. They're effective at pressing metals between 24 Ga and 16 Ga; those thinner tend to tear, crimp, or krinkle under pressure in these kinds of molds.


Working with metal or casting can make using a hydraulic press an invaluable asset in your workshop. With proper setup, this versatile tool allows for many difficult or impossible tasks that would otherwise be accomplished with standard clamps or C-clamps alone; such as holding materials in place for forming, piercing or riveting operations. You can easily build your own hydraulic press to meet specific needs with some planning ahead.

Hydraulic presses are powered by hydraulic fluid, most often oil, and consist of two interconnected cylinders with one being larger than the other - commonly referred to as Plungers and Rams respectively. When force is applied to either one, hydraulic fluid pushes back against it to create pressure that is used to crush items placed between these cylinders.

Size and pressure output depend on the type of hydraulic press chosen; handheld units and large industrial models offer different options. Some models offer automatic overload protection that opens a relief valve once pressure reaches its set limit; other presses come equipped with advanced controls like programmable logic controllers or computer interfaces that help improve performance while streamlining operations.

How to Frame a Hydraulic Press

Constructing your own hydraulic press can be accomplished easily in just a weekend with basic welding and metalworking skills. Begin by gathering scrap metal pieces like steel channel, U/IL tubing, etc, that fit the height of your hydraulic jack or ram for welding together into a frame; use bolts to connect each hole of the frame so as to attach the hydraulic jack or ram directly.

Once your frame is complete, install the hydraulic ram and jack into your press. Next, install a release valve with T-handle control of piston release as well as the jack handle to raise and lower platen as necessary.

Master metalsmith Richard Salley shares some of his top tips for using a hydraulic press to craft unique designs with unique and irresistible designs. You will learn how to roll-form metal, form symmetrical shapes, manipulate pressed metal into curves and points as well as use your hydraulic press for annealing and creating textures.

Hydraulic presses are excellent tools for working with soft metals such as silver, bronze, copper and brass. Unfortunately, hydraulic presses cannot be used with harder metals such as steel and titanium as their structure is fragile enough to crack under pressure. To work with hard metals such as these you will require dies made out of harder materials such as hard metal or epoxy-steel as well as cushions at the bottom to avoid scratching your platen during compression.

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