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How to Make Hydraulic Press Pocket Super-Viral Videos

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[Article Summary]: There’s something mesmerizingly satisfying about watching things get crushed, hence the proliferation of hundreds (if not thousands) of YouT……

how to make hydraulic press pocket superviral videos

There's something mesmerizingly satisfying about watching things get crushed, hence the proliferation of hundreds (if not thousands) of YouTube channels dedicated to crushing things in hydraulic presses.

Lauri Vuohensilta has capitalized on this trend through his Hydraulic Press Channel. His videos feature him smashing various items - some eye-catching, while others less so - with hydraulic presses.

1. Know your limitations

Crushing things with a hydraulic press can be immensely satisfying and has led to hundreds, if not thousands, of Youtube channels dedicated solely to this topic. Crush culture has now gone global! Now with Hydraulic Press Pocket game coming onto the scene as one more source of entertainment; put yourself in the shoes of an underground YouTuber making money creating these videos!

As you begin, you'll begin with a low-quality camera and some basic objects to crush using your hydraulic press. As more objects are destroyed, more views and rewards you'll earn for doing so - eventually upgrading equipment and even creating special effects with help from real YouTubers!

This game is completely free-to-play but offers optional in-app purchases. However, be aware of some limitations regarding how many objects can be crushed at once; too much force at once may damage your hydraulic press; also lithium ion battery-containing objects can explode and burn down your workshop! For these reasons it is wiser to focus on simple non-hazardous objects for now.

2. Be prepared for the unexpected

Hydraulic Press Pocket allows you to crush everything from pens and toys to cars! Starting out as a small handheld camera and simple hydraulic press, as you gain views and subscribers you're able to upgrade it as your viewership increases so you can destroy more eye-catching objects! Perfect for entertaining yourself when bored or stressed out; plus you get imaginary hate comments about how weak it is! So download now and begin crushing!

3. Be creative

Just a few years ago, a YouTube channel called Hydraulic Press Channel started making waves on social media platforms like Reddit. Since then, its founder Lauri Vuohensilta has gained an enormously devoted fan base of over 36 million YouTube views for videos featuring wanton destruction with hydraulic presses - though Vuohensilta also answers viewer requests such as whether or not he would crush certain items such as Lithium-ion batteries with his press!

Hydraulic Press Pocket is an engaging mobile game for those who love watching things get crushed mesmerizingly, as you take on the role of an amateur YouTuber with little more than a webcam, piston-and-cylinder press, table made out of books and wooden frame and some videos to share. Over time you'll gain followers and earn or lose money depending on how well your videos perform; upgrade your hydraulic press so it can crush even eye-catching objects, providing an ideal way to kill some time when bored or stressed!

4. Invest in a good camera

Crushing objects with a hydraulic press is strangely satisfying and has inspired hundreds of YouTube videos about this simple yet mesmerizing activity. Hydraulic Press Pocket, an official tubeer simulator developed by Hydraulic Press Channel, takes this trend even further by enabling users to make their own mesmerizing videos using real hydraulic presses! Begin your journey as an obscure channel with only an obscure webcam and piston-and-cylinder equipment; gradually upgrade as time goes on in order to crush more eye-catching objects! Recruit viewers while managing comments so as to earn rewards!

Hydraulic Press Pocket Desktop will keep you entertained for hours! Download now to experience its magic - free play with optional in-app purchases available.

5. Make it look good

The hydraulic press is mesmerizing to watch. Something about seeing toy cars or Barbie dolls crushed under its 100-ton force seems oddly satisfying - something the Hydraulic Press Channel, a YouTube video outlet which has become an Internet phenomenon, specializes in. Led by Finland native Lauri Vuohensilta who specializes in crushing things for his living, Lauri Vuohensilta's career revolves around crushing things mercilessly.

Vuohensilta uses his hydraulic press about twice or three times each month and plans on turning it into a full-time business, opening his shop in Helsinki soon. He plans on expanding beyond cars and toys into electronics, furniture and more; his YouTube videos have attracted over 450,000 subscribers and 36 million views; yet Vuohensilta remains humble, down-to-earth and downright funny joking about himself while speaking to BGR interviews about it; no lithium-ion batteries have yet exploded; that would mean no batteries contain lithium-ion batteries can explode if crushed under too much pressure!

Link to this article: https://www.ihydraulicpress.com/nsn/3892.html

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