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How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]:Lauri Vuohensilta began posting videos to YouTube in 2015 featuring him crushing various objects with a hydraulic press, garnering millions of views……

Lauri Vuohensilta began posting videos to YouTube in 2015 featuring him crushing various objects with a hydraulic press, garnering millions of views on each video posted to the channel.

Vuohensilta, who works in his family's shop, makes for easy viewing in these videos, often joined by his wife who provides commentary in each clip.

YouTube Views

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland has made his mark online by uploading videos showing everyday objects being crushed in his hydraulic press. His YouTube channel now boasts over one million subscribers and several sponsorship deals; originally it started out as a way to promote his family's machining business but quickly evolved into full-fledged endeavour.

Videos typically begin with black-and-white shots of a hydraulic press with heavy metal music playing in the background, then Vuohensilta announces what they plan on crushing for this video - often including frozen toys and jawbreakers as well as apples or watermelons.

Vuohensilta's videos are an entertaining blend of metal brutalism, industrial equipment and goofy nerdiness. His stark metal machinery juxtaposed against Vuohensilta's deadpan Captain Obvious commentary is always worth watching, and is an impressive demonstration of content marketing's power as an engaging storytelling technique. Vuohensilta uses simple production techniques to weave captivating narratives within his videos that capture viewers.

Vuohensilta stated on Reddit that he did not anticipate his channel would take off so quickly, although initially created it to promote his machining business; soon afterwards it has become an online hub for destruction videos, garnering media coverage around the globe and drawing sponsors.

Vuohensilta invested in new equipment to produce more videos per week and made changes to his website and social media channels to enhance engagement.

Vuohensilta stands out on YouTube with his creative and entertaining content, which has gained him an engaged following of viewers that follow and support his channel.

Vuohensilta and Anni also run another channel called Beyond the Press where they post videos unrelated to object crushing. Topics have included using other machines in their shop to destroy things, taking their dogs for walks outside their shop, prepping pressing videos for release and more; it has over 8 million views at present!

Ad Revenue

Hydraulic presses are powerful machines capable of crushing a wide range of objects. From metal, wood and plastic to glass, hydraulic presses have long been an indispensable tool in manufacturing environments worldwide. Thanks to their ease of operation and their ability to produce extreme levels of force, the Hydraulic Press Channel created by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta has amassed millions of views - prompting other channels with similar focus; but Vuohensilta's humorous take has made his channel especially popular among YouTube content creators.

Vuohensilta and his wife shot to prominence when their video of their hydraulic press crushing printer paper made the front page of Reddit in 2015. Since then, they've produced videos showing their machine crushing objects such as Lego toys, Nokia 3310s, hockey pucks and other materials; other videos demonstrate its operation; as well as providing answers to viewer inquiries in the comments section.

Although their videos may be entertaining, this couple takes their work seriously and always uses protective barriers when operating the press. Furthermore, they take measures to avoid damage to equipment which could prove hazardous. Furthermore, the couple has recently created a second YouTube channel called "Beyond the Press", where they post non-press related videos including outings, preparation work for pressing videos as well as real world work performed by their shop.

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Affiliate Earnings

The Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) is an incredibly satisfying and entertaining YouTube series featuring Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta using an industrial-strength hydraulic press to crush items. With millions of views and thousands of subscribers worldwide, The HPC has also gained attention from media outlets as well as several sponsors who sponsor it.

The HPC series first made headlines in October 2015 when Lauri and Anni decided to launch a YouTube channel dedicated to crushing objects. Their viral success skyrocketed when one video featuring Lauri using his hydraulic press to fold a sheet of paper seven times made the front page of Reddit - this caused even greater interest and popularity for their channel!

Each video by HPC begins by showing how a hydraulic press works while heavy metal music plays in the background, followed by Lauri explaining what its goal is before adding an object for crushing in it - this could include anything from rubber band balls and jawbreakers up to larger watermelons.

The HPC duo takes great care to ensure safety in all of their videos, operating hydraulic presses from behind thick safety glass or other barriers and outlining all safety precautions taken during operation of dangerous machines or the wearing of protective equipment. In addition to YouTube, this couple also maintains a separate video channel entitled "Beyond the Press," where they post videos about topics other than crushing objects with hydraulic presses.

VICE recently interviewed the Hydraulic Press Channel duo to discuss their favorite items to crush, their love of breaking things apart, and why the channel is such a success. They also talked about keeping their channel fresh by discussing its future; check out this full interview below!


Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta has become known online for using his four-tonne hydraulic press to crush everyday objects such as rubber band balls and jawbreakers with immense force. These videos have proven immensely popular with viewers who delight in watching Vuohensilta perform this industrial feat of destruction! His videos are particularly fascinating since these items such as rubber band balls and jawbreakers get crushed under his industrial machine! Vuohensilta owns his family machining business with an incredible four-tonne hydraulic press capable of exerting up to 144 tonnes of force!

Vuohensilta's Hydraulic Press Channel first went live in October 2015, quickly amassing millions of views since. The channel specializes in using hydraulic presses to crush items and assess their strength - popular videos include those showing golf balls being crushed along with books, rubber ducks, bearing balls, bowling ball pins, hockey pucks, Lego toys, Nokia 3310s with Barbie dolls attached, diamonds fruits and Australian memorabilia being crushed under hydraulic pressure by this powerful press.

Each video begins with black-and-white footage of the hydraulic press set to Ethan Meixsell's Thor's Hammer as its soundtrack, followed by Vuohensilta introducing himself and his channel before using the hydraulic press to dismantle objects or test tools' strength against its pressure; some explode under pressure while others remain intact.

This channel conducted experiments that tested the hydraulic press's capacity to compact loose ash into solid rock. A special guest appeared in this video to assist with this experiment. However, Vuohensilta made numerous errors throughout his video, such as mispronouncing the word "hydraulic" like it were a swearword or anatomical term and mispronouncing "pineapple" twice during different segments. This was done intentionally for comedy purposes, and has become an iconic trademark of the channel. He acknowledges his English pronunciation may be poor but doesn't mind, since it makes the channel more entertaining for viewers and ultimately generates additional advertising revenue - estimated earnings are between $35-39 Million annually in sponsorship revenues alone!

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