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Hydraulic Press Channel – How Much Does the Hydraulic Press You Tube Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]:Lauri Vuohensilta of The Hydraulic Press Channel, with over 3.7 million subscribers, uses his family shop’s hydraulic press to destroy objects……

Lauri Vuohensilta of The Hydraulic Press Channel, with over 3.7 million subscribers, uses his family shop's hydraulic press to destroy objects like sponges, crayons and even Wolverine claws - his videos are highly addictive!

Fans enjoy watching Vuohensilta and Anni's Finnish accents while witnessing their machines be destroyed, providing endless entertainment.

How much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make?

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel featuring videos of objects being crushed using hydraulic presses, created in 2015 by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta and featuring advertisements placed on its videos. Since then, millions have been made from ads posted to these videos; Vuohensilta also uses his channel to market his business, which sells hydraulic presses and other industrial equipment.

Vuohensilta's videos typically gain over one million views within days of being uploaded, with his most-watched video (in which he attempts to fold paper over seven times) receiving over 26 million views alone. Other popular clips feature him crushing rubber band balls or an Xbox 360 console.

Vuohensilta's success on YouTube has resulted in partnerships with companies, including 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot, as well as sponsorship from companies manufacturing safety products. His channel's popularity also inspired other YouTubers to start channels dedicated to breaking objects down, some earning millions in ad revenues as a result of ads running against these videos.

How much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make in a month?

Lauri Vuohensilta's YouTube channel Hydraulic Press Channel has become an internet phenomenon since he started uploading videos using his hydraulic press to crush everything from Lego cars and iPhones to hockey pucks - with commentary throughout as he pulverizes, crushes, or squashes them for his daily machinist job as a 29-year-old machinist in Finland. His videos can also be seen pulverizing objects that people encounter regularly such as LEGO blocks.

Vuohensilta's most-watched upload, garnering 23 million views, was produced in collaboration with 20th Century Fox to promote Logan. Here he crushed an adamantium bearing ball and Wolverine's claws; most videos feature smaller items to crush just for fun! His channel now boasts over 1.7 million subscribers and 218 million views due to this simple concept: find something interesting, then crush it.

Vuohensilta launched his channel in October 2015 and his videos quickly went viral, thanks to unexpected results, his sense of humor, and his distinct Finnish accent. Over time he has amassed a large following and regularly receives requests to crush something specific.

However, his channel also contains more structured videos. One series features Vuohensilta using his Hydraulic Press to fold paper multiple times with this press; these have garnered millions of views; one such video ("Can you fold paper more than 7 times?") has even amassed 10 million hits!

The hydraulic press is an extraordinary piece of machinery, capable of serving multiple purposes. With its immense crushing power and ability to test material strength, its wide variety of uses makes for fascinating videos to watch - be it metal testing or simply showing off its strength! Videos such as these provide students with valuable knowledge about different machines used for different tasks and their uses in everyday life.

How much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make in a year?

Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland has amassed an immense online following thanks to his Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube. Here he uses his family's hydraulic press to crush rubber bands and crayons as well as remote controls, human teeth and other items in front of a live audience. While Vuohensilta doesn't make much money off these videos he enjoys doing them for fans who appreciate what's being crushed!

The Hydraulic Press Channel boasts over 1.7 million subscribers and over 218 million views to date, with success built upon one simple concept: find an object and crush it! Vuohensilta and Anni run their channel out of their small town home in Finland where they also run their family's machine shop; in addition, Beyond the Press provides non-crushing videos from YouTube.

Hydraulic Press Channel's videos often showcase Lauri and Anni crushing things with their family's hydraulic press, developing an excellent relationship with viewers who often leave comments expressing excitement over each new video they watch. Furthermore, Lauri and Anni display an engaging personality while making clear that they don't intend any harm with their videos.

While most videos on the Hydraulic Press Channel focus on crushing objects, there's also extra content. For instance, one video features the couple testing out a homemade air cannon while in another they test out a meat grinder. Furthermore, they have created an exclusive section where they make clay figures - this channel not only has an audience in Finland but has earned international fame!

Since its creators have not disclosed their earnings, it's difficult to ascertain how much money Hydraulic Press Channel makes; however, YouTubers typically make around $11,000 annually on average, meaning the channel could potentially rake in as much as $150,000 annually from advertising revenue alone! Furthermore, donations from fans provide another source of revenue.

How much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make in 5 years?

Hydraulic presses offer many applications; you can fold paper, crush bowling balls and even crack car windshields! People have experimented with hydraulic presses with varied results due to individual skills and equipment differences; those who understand how best to utilize their hydraulic press will find they experience optimal success.

Hydraulic Press Channel has quickly become one of the most watched channels online, as viewers watch people crush various objects using hydraulic presses. Now boasting over 2 million subscribers and 360 million views combined, each week they release new videos which help grow viewership resulting in the channel making significant amounts of money for itself.

Lauri Vuohensilta, an Finnish workshop owner, created The Hydraulic Press Channel in October 2015 as a YouTube channel dedicated to showing various items being crushed with a 140-ton hydraulic press. After posting his test to Reddit about whether he could fold paper more than seven times with his hydraulic press - this video went viral, garnering two million views in less than 24 hours! - the channel gained immense popularity.

Due to its success, Vuohensilta decided to create a YouTube channel dedicated to their hydraulic press. Since then, their channel has gained over 4.5 million subscribers and earned more than 26 million views - leading directly to them creating their own line of safety equipment for sale through this online medium.

According to reports, Vuohensilta's net worth is estimated at roughly $2 Million. She earns the majority of her income through working at Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube; additionally she has made appearances in television shows and magazines as a result of this income source.

Vuohensilta's success on YouTube has inspired many others to pursue an online content career. She boasts an impressive education background; earning a bachelor's degree in social science from University of Tampere in Finland. Furthermore, she loves crushing things and working with heavy equipment.

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