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Hydraulic Press Pocket – How to Make Hydraulic Press Pocket Super-Viral Videos

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[Article Summary]: Crushing things is immensely satisfying to watch, which explains the popularity of numerous YouTube channels devoted to hydraulic press crushing o……

how to make hydraulic press pocket superviral videos

Crushing things is immensely satisfying to watch, which explains the popularity of numerous YouTube channels devoted to hydraulic press crushing of items with hydraulic presses. One such channel managed by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta has attracted over 36 million views as people watch his channel of wanton destruction!

How to make a Hydraulic Press Pocket video

Crushing objects with a hydraulic press is mesmerizing to watch, which explains its immense popularity on YouTube. Since 2015 when Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni Vuohensilta launched The Hydraulic Press Channel with videos featuring wanton destruction by using hydraulic presses on everything from pens to soda cans - their videos attract over 36 million subscribers who marvel at its spectacle of wanton destruction with deadpan comments about each video from both of them.

Although YouTube videos may be immensely popular, making a living as a YouTube star is far from easy. YouTubers frequently struggle with monetization issues, managing comments, and drawing in viewers to make their lives worthwhile; and spending their free time making lists, answering viewer inquiries, or reposting other videos in order to increase views is only compounding their struggles.

Linnama Entertainment's Hydraulic Press Pocket puts players into this exciting virtual reality world of YouTube video creation and promotion, starting with a subpar hydraulic press and obscure webcam. They must work tirelessly to produce captivating videos while increasing views and subscribers for their channel, moderating mean comments posted online, as well as working on other YouTube-related tasks such as promoting videos with partners.

Android device users can access this game for free; however, in-app purchases may be available to purchase items and equipment. Ads appear onscreen but these can be removed with a paid subscription plan.

Hydraulic Press Pocket's gameplay can be enjoyable at first, but by the end can become monotonous and grindy. There may also be glitches and objects can appear incorrectly sized sometimes; nonetheless, this game provides a humorous take on YouTubers like Hydraulic Press Channel as well as similar YouTubers who specialize in wanton destruction; although not for everyone; definitely worth giving a shot for fans of their channel and similar ones, and serves as a refreshing break from more serious and stressful titles out there.


Attraction to hydraulic presses has long been recognized, inspiring thousands of YouTube videos about it. Lauri Vuohensilta from Finland founded and runs one such channel dedicated to this phenomenon - Hydraulic Press Channel has amassed millions of views since debuting their content!

Hydraulic Press Channel offers more than just crushing videos; there is also DIY projects, cooking and home repairs covered. Most videos on these topics tend to be short; often just seconds long! They often feature cheerful music or catchy commentary that targets an audience who enjoy watching other people doing silly things.

Though they lack professional production quality, Lauri's videos remain immensely popular on YouTube and have amassed millions of views and thousands of subscribers. His channel also serves as a major source of income for him and Anni; together they even started another channel dedicated to subjects other than their hydraulic press.

"Crushing a Nokia 3310 with the hydraulic press" has amassed over 10 million views and is widely considered an iconic example of Hydraulic Press genre. Other videos popular among viewers include "How to crush a bottle cap" and "Crushing a Lego head with hydraulic press".

Pascal's Law is often utilized in Hydraulic Press videos. According to this law, any force exerted upon fluid is multiplied by the ratio between press area and fluid pressure for maximum results - often creating quite substantial forces that are exerted upon fluid.

If you want to create a hydraulic press pocket video, the necessary equipment must be in place. A good starting point would be a small, budget-minded hydraulic press - you can find these online for less than $100. In addition, you will require a camera and microphone in order to record video for later upload. Finally, having access to fast internet service will allow your video to go online as quickly as possible.


Watching things get crushed under a hydraulic press can be both riveting and satisfying, which explains why YouTube channel "The Hydraulic Press Channel" has amassed over 3 million subscribers in its short time on the platform.

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finnish workshop Lauri Vuohensilta is behind this video phenomenon. He uses his workshop's hydraulic press to crush various objects before uploading the results to YouTube. Each video begins with black-and-white footage of Vuohensilta operating his press along with rock songs playing in the background before Vuohensilta describes what kind of object will be crushed with his hydraulic press.

Some of his more interesting experiments have involved Johnny, a secondhand clothing mannequin from Goodwill, zucchinis and mini motors. While these videos may appear dangerous, Vuohensilta goes out of his way to ensure safety by operating his press from behind thick glass and other barriers; he only refuses to crush objects that contain lithium-ion batteries as this poses the potential risk of explosion and the destruction of his workshop.

Vuohensilta stands out from other hydraulic press YouTube channels by using his shop's hydraulic press on more everyday items he's found lying around, rather than more exotic or rare ones. He notes, though, that he plans on upgrading to a bigger hydraulic press in order to crush more items with one press run.

One of the key components to creating a highly viral Hydraulic Press Pocket video is having all the appropriate equipment. This includes having access to an appropriate type of hydraulic press as well as camera for recording its process, plus knowing its controls so as to use it appropriately.

While many may be tempted to create a Hydraulic Press Pocket video solely for financial gain, it would be wiser to do it simply for the love of it. This is especially important when creating truly awesome videos; high-quality equipment creates incredible videos and will ensure more views and likes.


Hydraulic Press Pocket is an engaging game that lets players create and watch videos of items being crushed using a hydraulic press. Inspired by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta's highly popular YouTube channel titled The Big Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Press Pocket allows players to recreate this experience.

Vuohensilta appears unaffected by this activity despite its mesmerizing appeal; his home machinist's workshop features multiple large machines capable of producing two tonnes of force. Before making his videos, Vuohensilta conducts extensive research, such as looking for objects resistant to this sort of crushing and considering their weight before creating videos featuring these activities.

These videos usually begin with a black-and-white shot of a hydraulic press in operation while Thor's Hammer plays in the background, followed by Vuohensilta providing voiceover commentary explaining how his machine works, before proceeding to crush various objects such as golf balls, books, rubber ducks, bearing balls, bowling ball pins and pins, hockey pucks, Lego toys, Nokia 3310s, Barbie Dolls, diamonds or several other kinds of objects.

Crushed objects often prove surprising resilient, as evidenced by one video in which a Nokia 3310 phone is repeatedly crushed without its lithium-ion batteries exploding as a result of this crushing. This phenomenon has inspired numerous online memes about why the phone did not explode upon being crushed repeatedly.

On occasion, Anni and Jason post videos that feature more comedic elements than serious destruction demonstration. For instance, in one such clip entitled "Wife vs. Air Cannon," in which they use a homemade air cannon to shoot at secondhand clothing mannequin nicknamed Johnny affectionately known as Johnny; Anni uses earnings from YouTube channel earnings to purchase new silicone breast implants before having them crushed by hydraulic press.

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