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How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: Five years ago, Lauri Vuohensilta started uploading videos of himself using his family’s hydraulic press to YouTube for upload. Since then, ……

how much does hydraulic press channel make

Five years ago, Lauri Vuohensilta started uploading videos of himself using his family's hydraulic press to YouTube for upload. Since then, his channel has become an online phenomenon.

Vuohensilta was motivated to begin his channel after witnessing other destruction-oriented channels like carsandwater that specialize in videos of melting objects. He attributes his channel's success to unexpected results, his accent and silly jokes.

1. Subscribers

Hydraulic Press Channel, one of YouTube's most watched channels worldwide, does exactly as its name suggests: it features videos in which a man uses hydraulic presses to crush stuff such as rubber ducks or jawbreakers with precise force, producing hilarious results every time. Furthermore, Lauri Vuohensilta, his husband and creator of this video series has an amusing sense of humor which further adds charm.

Vuohensilta works in a family-owned factory in Tampere, Finland and uses the hydraulic press to demonstrate what can happen when subjected to enormous pressure. His videos typically begin with black-and-white shots of the hydraulic press with Ethan Meixsell's "Thor's Hammer" playing in the background and voiceover narration from Vuohensilta explaining the basics of his machine before proceeding to describe an object he plans on breaking apart before slowly and implacably lowering plunger until destruction occurs.

Vuohensilta created his initial video as an experiment showcasing what happens to paper when put under a hydraulic press, which quickly went viral and inspired more videos showing off all that it can do.

Most videos follow a similar formula, though some are more experimental than others. For instance, Vuohensilta attempts to fold a sheet of paper seven times with his hydraulic press; in another video he shoots secondhand clothing mannequins using homemade air cannons. Even without narrative or scripted stories to support them, most have proven very popular among viewers.

What sets HPC apart from other destruction channels and the many hydraulic press imitators who have followed in its wake is Vuohensilta's persona and sense of humor. His thick Finnish accent lends the channel its signature quirky vibe while making his explanations seem almost lifeless; plus he and his wife regularly interact with each other and the audience!


Hydraulic Press Channel also makes considerable revenue through YouTube ads displayed within their videos, an increasingly common practice among YouTubers and helps them make even more as their audience expands.

Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni launched The Hydraulic Press channel in 2015. Within months, one video showing them crushing paper seven times went viral on social media and quickly become one of their most-watched videos.

Each video on this channel features clips of various objects being crushed using a 150-ton hydraulic press, including rubber duckies, Nokia 3310 phones, Lego toys and even chocolate cakes. These videos have become immensely popular and earned the channel attention from mainstream media outlets alike.

Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube is not only entertaining and educational. The channel informs its viewers about which materials can be crushed with hydraulic presses, as well as showing them how to safely operate one.

The hydraulic press channel serves as a great example of how anyone can create a successful online business by producing engaging, informative content that appeals to both entertainment and education. Due to the channel's success, similar channels focusing on DIY projects and makeup tutorials have since sprung up as a result of its success.

Though many enjoy watching the hydraulic press channel, some may find its content offensive or upsetting - this has led to many lawsuits and complaints against it as well as criticism over lack of sensitivity towards people with disabilities.

Since March 2021, the hydraulic press channel on YouTube has garnered over 51 million views - making it one of the five most-watched channels. Estimates place its earnings from YouTube at approximately $1 million while co-star Anni Vuohensilta has amassed an estimated net worth estimated to exceed $2 million due to her earnings working on this channel and being an entrepreneur and IPF powerlifter herself.

3. Revenue

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel featuring videos of a Finnish factory owner crushing objects with his hydraulic press. The channel gained immense popularity after an attempt at folding paper seven times with his hydraulic press went viral on Reddit; since then it has amassed millions of subscribers and generates advertising revenue through YouTube ad sales as well as merchandise sales.

Lauri Vuohensilta runs a family-run workshop in Finland using a hydraulic press to shape metal and plastic parts. He and his wife Anni began uploading videos to YouTube showcasing this method of shaping in 2015, earning immense success and media coverage internationally.

Even though Vuohensilta and his wife operate the machine behind glass barriers to safeguard against fire or explosion damage and avoid engaging in any reckless pranks that might result in injury or even death.

While many other TikTok creators use their accounts to promote specific products or services, Vuohensilta and his wife use the Hydraulic Press Channel purely as entertainment. They post about daily life as well as clips from shop activities as well as humorous destruction videos on this channel. They even have another channel called Beyond the Press which features non-crushing content.

TikTok videos featuring them destroying various items with other machines and playing pranks on each other are extremely popular on TikTok, including their videos about the hydraulic press. In one such clip, they use an air cannon to shoot down secondhand clothing mannequin Johnny before crushing him under their hydraulic press. They also make videos entitled "What's In the Box?," where they open different packages to reveal their contents.

As opposed to YouTubers who rely on rapid editing and dramatic make-up applications to capture viewers' attention, Hydraulic Press Channel stands out with their unassuming approach and unique blend of humor and creativity. Their videos have amassed millions of views since launching last November.

4. Profit

Five years ago, this couple started using their hydraulic press at their family workshop to pulverize objects - garnering millions of subscribers on multiple platforms as they did so. Their latest video featuring money being crushed into nothingness by their machine has received over one million views alone on TikTok!

In addition to making money through ads on YouTube, the Vuohensiltas also generate extra income through sponsorships. They have developed strong relationships with brands they think would appeal to their audience, earning trust and professionalism with them over time. They use YouTube as a platform to share details about themselves and their business (machining and car repair services, among other services).

The Vuohensiltas' chemistry and charisma are integral parts of their videos' success. Not only is Lauri's distinctive Finnish accent a draw for viewers, but their genuine and careful operation of a hydraulic press helps ensure audience satisfaction - they take precautions by wearing harnesses and concealing behind thick glass barriers when operating it.

Uncertain of their earnings isn't known, though their ad revenue likely represents significant earnings for Vuohensiltas. YouTube ads rates depend on how often viewers click ads in videos and for how long. Utilizing multiple videos as sources of advertising revenue helps creators maximize earnings.

While the hydraulic press YouTube channel may not have as many subscribers or views, its creators still make significant profits through advertising revenue alone; some creators can even earn up to $650,000 annually from this source alone! But some YouTubers who specialize exclusively in smashing things with hydraulic presses such as Jimmy Donaldson's channel is estimated by Forbes as having earned $54 Million alone!

Even though the hydraulic press channel isn't an official TikTok partner, its videos are often utilized in music campaigns on TikTok. Music marketers pay creators to make dances or memes that promote an artist or song's visibility on TikTok; such campaigns typically last only several weeks at most.

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