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How Much Money Does Lauri Vuohensilta Make With His Hydraulic Press Channel?

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[Article Summary]: Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland launched his Hydraulic Press Channel in 2015 and has seen it gain immense popularity ever since. The videos displayed……

how much money does the hydraulic press channel make

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland launched his Hydraulic Press Channel in 2015 and has seen it gain immense popularity ever since. The videos displayed on his channel show various objects being crushed using hydraulic presses - both humorous and satisfying to watch!

Hydraulic Press Channel's success can be attributed to its use of humor and surprise, combined with Vuohensilta's distinctive accent.

How much money does the Hydraulic Press Channel make?

The Hydraulic Press Channel is an extremely popular YouTube video series in which Finnish man Lauri Vuohensilta uses his 150-ton hydraulic press to crush random objects with his 150-ton hydraulic press, amassing over 2.3 million subscribers and garnering over 378 million views across its videos. Furthermore, The Hydraulic Press Channel recently expanded into Twitch where Lauri can demonstrate his hydraulic press in live action!

On the Hydraulic Press Channel, each video features Vuohensilta using his hydraulic press to test various objects. The first half of each video introduces what will be crushed while the second shows results. His dry humor and thick Finnish accent make his videos even more entertaining to watch!

Hydraulic Press Channel videos typically feature hydraulic presses crushing various objects ranging from toys and appliances, with black-and-white footage of the press in action set against a rock song playing in the background. After introduction, Vuohensilta announces what objects he plans on crushing for this video.

Vuohensilta's hydraulic press is a straightforward machine comprised of three primary parts: motor, pump and cylinder. When run, a motor spins a pump which pushes oil through to create force against whatever object needs crushing. Designed to crush objects up to five times larger than itself and can quickly destroy anything placed within its confines.

Hydraulic Press Channel's videos not only showcase crushing items, but they also explore scientific theories. One video explores whether or not duct tape can save an object from destruction by hydraulic presses; in fact, this video demonstrated that while duct tape might help an object withstand the force of hydraulic presses better, it cannot completely prevent destruction of an item by them.

The Hydraulic Press Channel has also tried out various techniques to add variety and excitement to their videos, such as testing how different threads of various bolts affect their strength; freezing frozen bolts in liquid nitrogen; testing helmet strength using their hydraulic press; and crushing diamonds.

How does the Hydraulic Press Channel make money?

The Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) is a popular YouTube series in which Finnish machinist Lauri Vuohensilta uses his 150-ton hydraulic press to crush various objects, first garnering notice when Vuohensilta crushed printer paper on Reddit and went viral, later amassing millions of subscribers and numerous sponsorship deals.

HPC videos are entertaining as well as educational. Their series has even inspired an entire new generation of hydraulic press enthusiasts; according to their channel's website, over 10 million people worldwide now own home hydraulic presses and enjoy watching them crush objects for entertainment purposes.

As with other popular YouTube channels, HPC series videos are monetized through ads that appear before, during, and after each video. These ads are tailored specifically to match both the content of each video as well as its audience's geographic location; for example if a video describes how to use a home hydraulic press then these ads would focus on hydraulic presses as well as home improvement tools.

As well as advertising, the HPC channel also offers merchandise in their shop such as T-shirts, hats and coffee mugs that is used to support video production. Proceeds from their sale go towards supporting new video creation.

Though HPC videos may be entertaining, they can also be upsetting or distressing for some viewers. The channel has received complaints from individuals who believe the videos caused physical or psychological trauma to them; yet the channel continues to draw a sizable following.

HPC is widely known for its mixture of humor and destruction. Videos often move quickly with upbeat rock songs as background. Vuohensilta and Anni's thick Finnish accents add even more comic relief, which have helped create an entire subculture around hydraulic press channel.

Though some viewers may find the videos disturbing, they have proven highly successful for HPC and have amassed an enormous following across all social media platforms and even have created their own subgenre of viral videos.

How does the Hydraulic Press Channel make money on YouTube?

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland first began pulverizing objects with his hydraulic press five years ago at his workshop, creating an innovative genre of "satisfying" YouTube videos and amassing millions of followers across multiple social media platforms. On a recent YouTube live call I joined, Lauri explained to me how both he and Anni enjoyed watching viewers react positively when watching these destruction videos; yet both find pleasure from doing it just for fun!

Many of the channel's most satisfying moments arise when viewers request additional pressure, which causes the machine to excel at its task. But not all clips are enjoyable; for example, one where he attempts to fold paper seven times or crush an apple may even be disquieting.

To keep all its viewers safe, the hydraulic press channel implements a stringent policy regarding what may be crushed. This includes items considered hazardous as well as copyrighted content like logos and brand names that might violate copyright law. Furthermore, there is a disclaimer on each video noting that viewers are ultimately responsible for their actions and that this channel in no way endorses such behaviors.

The channel's success can be attributed to how it appeals to people's curiosity. In many ways, its appeal mirrors that of popular viral infomercials such as Will It Blend? and commercials for the General Electric Blendtec Total Blender; each presents an unexpected question that prompts audiences to delve further and then provides surprising solutions which satisfy this animalistic curiosities.

However, unlike these examples, the hydraulic press channel doesn't feature any product placements or advertisements, making its content freely available for view. This enables it to attract an audience which won't be influenced by corporate marketing and may undermine authenticity in videos.

Hydraulic Press Channel has gained not only its cult following but also widespread media praise for its entertaining content and unique point of view. It was featured on Good Morning America and The Tonight Show; even appearing in a Lego Batman movie! People seeking quick DIY solutions for issues like clogged sinks or an infestation of ants often turn to this channel for help.

How does the Hydraulic Press Channel make money on Facebook?

The hydraulic press is an immensely powerful machine used to shape objects by applying massive amounts of pressure, but few households own one. One Finnish factory owner, Lauri Vuohensilta, however, has made himself famous with his YouTube channel which shows him crushing everyday objects with his 150-ton hydraulic press and has gone viral, drawing millions of viewers and earning him multiple sponsors.

The Hydraulic Press Channel features videos of Vuohensilta using his hydraulic press to crush objects like paper, apples and even an old telephone handset. Not only are these videos entertaining but educational as Vuohensilta explains each experiment's scientific principles as he performs them, and offers advice on how best to safely operate and avoid getting crushed by this machine.

Vuohensilta originally created his channel as an outlet to amuse himself, but it has quickly evolved into an impressive business. Now with over 2.2 million subscribers and over 540 million views generated through YouTube alone - as well as revenue earned via sponsorships and merchandise sales - Vuohensilta makes more than $70,000 every day from his channel!

Hydraulic Press Channel stands out among YouTube channels featuring people crushing things with hydraulic presses due to its humor and creativity. Alongside regular crushing videos, there is also an ongoing series called Beyond the Press which features hilarious pranks like when Vuohensilta shoots secondhand clothing mannequin Johnny with an air cannon before crushing him under hydraulic press.

Hydraulic Press Channel makes money not only through YouTube ads but also sponsored posts on Facebook. With more than 150,000 fans following it on this platform, the channel posts content relevant to its audience on a regular basis - often using Facebook Live as an event host or interview platform.

The Hydraulic Press Channel's immense success demonstrates there is a market for videos featuring people smashing or crushing things with hydraulic presses, and will likely only gain more followers as more discover it and want to see what else it can do.

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