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How to Make Hydraulic Press Pocket Super-Viral Videos

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[Article Summary]: After his video went viral, Vuohensilta’s workshop quickly became a draw for visitors looking to experience the thrill of having objects cru……

how to make hydraulic press pocket superviral videos

After his video went viral, Vuohensilta's workshop quickly became a draw for visitors looking to experience the thrill of having objects crushed with hydraulic presses. Many viewers even requested him to crush lithium ion batteries - an action which he does not permit as they might explode and cause fire damage at his workshop.

Create a YouTube channel

Creating viral videos requires an understanding of how YouTube works. Establishing a YouTube channel means more than simply uploading and publishing videos - it also involves making sure they can easily be found by searchers. With billions of minutes uploaded annually to YouTube, making sure yours stands out is key; to do this successfully you must make your channel as professional as possible; here are a few tips to get you going!

At first, select a memorable name for your YouTube channel. Including your business or brand name can create instantaneous recognition by potential viewers. In addition, consider including a description on your channel page which provides useful details like website address, contact email and any additional information that helps viewers easily locate videos they're looking for.

Step two is creating a playlist for your videos. A playlist will organize them by topic and make it easier for viewers to locate. Doing this will keep viewers engaged for longer and make sharing content simpler across various social platforms; not to mention, having one will increase SEO rankings on Google!

Finally, closed captions may also be important when uploading videos for people with limited hearing or foreign accents. YouTube offers a tool that automatically generates these captions but you may require some adjustment of results before viewing your videos in full screen mode.

Crushing objects with a hydraulic press can be immensely satisfying, leading to an entire genre of YouTube videos dedicated to it. One such channel is Lauri Vuohensilta's Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube which has attracted over 450,000 subscribers and been watched over 36 million times - BGR recently spoke with Lauri about his success story and asked what accounts for such huge success.

Buy a hydraulic press

Utilizing a hydraulic press is an essential part of manufacturing and production, yet can be expensive to acquire. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly research all available options and find a manufacturer offering high quality products at fair prices. Furthermore, understanding its role will allow you to choose one best suited to your company in terms of strength, size, type and function.

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel created and run by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta who uses his 140-ton hydraulic press to crush various objects, with over 450,000 subscribers and 36 million views so far. His videos are well known for his quirky sense of humor and distinctive Finnish accent, offering both humorous and practical demonstrations of its capabilities.

Vuohensilta has created multiple hydraulic presses. He owns both small models that can crush toys and small items as well as larger presses with multiple pistons to handle cars or heavier items such as trucks. While smaller presses use single pistons for pressure generation, larger presses often contain multiple pistons capable of reaching up to 20,000 pounds of pressure generation and producing greater force on end stroke.

Vuohensilta uses his videos to demonstrate how to use a hydraulic press and show off his creations, discussing their design process and materials used. They serve as an excellent educational resource in physics classes.

Hydraulic presses can be invaluable tools in many settings, from shaping machine components to crushing waste and refuse. But for those without thousands of dollars to invest in commercially produced hydraulic presses, there is another solution: make it yourself. "Lil' Screwy," an ingenious DIY hydraulic press created using four 1-inch L7 rods threaded eight threads per inch as pistons running between two 1' steel plates for great power that is easily controlled with giant coupling nuts.

Make a video

Over the past couple years, it's become fashionable to film yourself crushing things with a hydraulic press. This oddly satisfying trend has given rise to several YouTube channels dedicated to this activity; most recently Hydraulic Press Pocket comes into play as an interactive simulator which lets users do just this.

In this game, you play as a YouTuber who makes money through creating hydraulic press videos and selling merchandise. At first, all you have is a pixelated webcam and a piston-and-cylinder hydraulic press with no upgrades; but as your popularity increases you'll gain more options to upgrade it and destroy more items!

Social media such as YouTube and Facebook provide great platforms for you to distribute your videos, but take care not to post anything which violates copyright law or is too violent for children as this may lead to the video being banned and you losing revenue stream. To mitigate these risks, always include a watermark in the video with blurring effects for any faces in it.

If you have a lot of views and subscribers, you could make money by creating collaboration videos with other players in-game. Such videos can be quite profitable, so take care when making them. In addition, limited-time events offer opportunities to earn extra cash.

Hydraulic Press Pocket also boasts plenty of humor and wit, with Lauri Vuohensilta often using his thick Finnish accent to amuse viewers by saying things such as pronouncing words such as "hydraulic press" as "hoodraulik press" and pronouncing words such as "hammer" as "vat da fak". His humorous antics have amused an enormous following of predominantly male viewers.

HappyMod offers this game for free download if you'd like to try your luck at it, compatible with most Android phones and tablets. To install, enable Unknown Sources first on your device before opening the Downloads app on your phone to locate and tap on its APK file.

Share your video

One of the easiest and fastest ways to attract viewers on YouTube is through sharing videos with others. Sharing can be accomplished in multiple ways: upload directly to YouTube or use a third-party service like WeTransfer; once uploaded, share its link on social media platforms or anywhere else as desired.

There's something mesmerizing about watching objects be crushed under the force of a 100-ton hydraulic press, and that's exactly what takes place on The Hydraulic Press Channel, an immensely popular YouTube video outlet led by Finnish native Lauri Vuohensilta from Finland. His videos have amassed a massive following across social media sites like Reddit and YouTube with over 36 million YouTube views of Vuohensilta crushing everything from toys and Barbie dolls to Lithium-ion batteries and lithium batteries!

Hydraulic Press Pocket mobile game gives you everything you need to produce stunning videos of destruction right in your own pocket! Starting out with just a handheld camera and simple hydraulic press, upgrade it as subscribers and views increase. Crush pens, toys and cars with this engaging mobile game; perfect when bored or feeling stressed out!

Once you've uploaded a video to YouTube, you can share it with friends and family. In addition, cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox give you access to unlimited storage capacity while making file management simple - you can create folders within Google Drive to organize videos by specific audiences for sharing purposes.

If you want to share a video with multiple individuals, select Change under Who can access this video in order to expand a list of viewing options (Fig. 1). Additionally, copy and paste its web address when sharing with individuals who don't yet have viewing privileges.

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