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How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]:Lauri Vuohensilta made waves online when his green hydraulic press video went viral in October 2015; since then it has earned millions of views and ……

Lauri Vuohensilta made waves online when his green hydraulic press video went viral in October 2015; since then it has earned millions of views and been supported by sponsors.

But why do these videos fulfill our human need for destruction? I contacted the Finnish couple to gain more insight.

How much does Hydraulic Press Channel make?

Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC), operated by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta and launched on YouTube in October 2015, showcases videos showing items being crushed using hydraulic presses. Vuohensilta had previously watched other destruction-focused channels like carsandwater before starting his own. HPC gained prominence when one video featuring paper folding challenge reached Reddit's front page within 24 hours and garnered two million views within that day alone!

Since the success of this video, HPC has garnered increasing media coverage and witnessed remarkable growth over time - amassing over 10 million subscribers and becoming one of the most satisfying channels online.

Vuohensilta insists that his success as an online content producer stems not from being politically incorrect or offensive, but from people's excitement in watching something be destroyed and finding them unexpected. He attributes his channel's popularity to his accent, jokes and viewers connecting with Anni who appears in many videos providing commentary about destruction.

Our most-watched videos on the channel have received over one million views each, and the average viewer spends three minutes watching each clip. These videos showcase objects ranging from rubber band balls and jawbreakers being destroyed using hydraulic presses - each being crushed via placing it beneath one and placing under pressure; most clips also include black-and-white shots of hydraulic presses in action as they operate, along with rock songs by Ethan Meixsell in the background, as well as voiceover introductions about which item being crushed!

The HPC team takes great pains to ensure their viewers' safety; they only use their hydraulic press when absolutely necessary and for more dangerous or explosive demonstrations they use a glass barrier and spotter for added protection. They have also created another channel called Beyond the Press where they display other equipment used in their shop, prepare for videos to come, or occasionally create videos about subjects other than just crushing stuff with hydraulic presses.

How much does Hydraulic Press Channel sell?

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The Hydraulic Press Channel, hosted by Lauri Vuohensilta and featuring his distinctive Finnish accent as he crushes various objects to pieces, has amassed over 2.2 million subscribers since its debut on YouTube in 2015. Lauri's unique content and charming Finnish accent are what made the channel an instant success, garnering 360 million views since 2015.

Lauri's channel provides its viewers with many educational and entertaining videos about hydraulics. He also uses his giant hydraulic press to destroy stuff with entertaining videos like these - all satisfying viewers in one way or another! According to Lauri himself, there's still an audience for silly YouTube videos that provide satisfying entertainment - this channel's success proving it! Furthermore, Lauri found "there was a big demand for destruction-focused videos and his channel is meeting this need."

How much does Hydraulic Press Channel make from ads?

Since launching on YouTube in October 2015, the Hydraulic Press Channel has earned more than $55 million through advertisements. Based out of Tampere, Finland and featuring Lauri Vuohensilta as its star performer, this channel specializes in crushing objects using hydraulic presses - fulfilling human desires to destroy.

Vuohensilta works at a family-owned machining shop where his hydraulic press is regularly put to use to crush golf balls, books, rubber ducks and remote controls that viewers send him - videos are frequently humorous yet educational at the same time.

Vuohensilta uses more than just hydraulic presses when producing his videos; he often employs other machines and methods - even liquid nitrogen to crush objects - for maximum impact. These videos typically receive over one million views within days of being uploaded.

Vuohensilta's channel's success can be attributed to three elements: his sense of humor, interest in destroying things, and watching something get crushed under a hydraulic press. Furthermore, his great Finnish accent makes for easy understanding when explaining its use in English.

Hydraulic Press Channel may be a YouTube sensation, but its success does not go uncontested. Other similar channels have arisen such as The Backyard Scientist and Will It Blend?, competing for attention of similar audiences. Furthermore, popular viral content like balloon and squirt gun videos only intensify this competition further.

The Hydraulic Press Channel boasts an ever-increasing subscriber base of over two million. Daily viewership averages over 200,000 and this translates into significant advertising revenue for them. They're popular among educational content consumers too - as of December 2017 alone they amassed 360 million views on YouTube alone and earned over $55 Million through ads! Hopefully these figures continue to rise in the coming years!

How much does Hydraulic Press Channel make from sponsorships?

Lauri Vuohensilta in Tampere, Finland has attracted millions of viewers as he uses a 150-ton hydraulic press at his family factory to shred objects under its influence. YouTube may only be five years old, yet it has already established itself as a prominent source of "satisfying" internet videos with over 10 million followers on major social media platforms. Vuohensilta and Anni's videos often depict an object--anything from a rubber duck to a bowling ball--sitting on a pedestal in an industrial environment, before suddenly something like an implacable hockey puck descended from above and crushed it implacably and slowly. Each video typically ends with slow-motion replay, as well as narration in thick Finnish accent.

Analysts agree that Hydraulic Press Channel's appeal lies in the contrast between its harsh metal brutality and Vuohensilta's playful nerdiness, according to Vuohensilta's try at disproving folk wisdom that says it's impossible to fold paper more than seven times; his attempt shattered after only seven folds before collapsing under Vuohensilta's hand after sevenfolding, garnering two million views within 24 hours and sending Hydraulic Press Channel spiraling upward.

Since then, Vuohensilta's videos have received massive views: on average each upload garners over one million views in just days! Some videos, like his attempt to crush an adamantium bearing ball or Wolverine's claws produced in collaboration with 20th Century Fox are especially well received.

Other videos feature more self-deprecating elements. Vuohensilta and Anni use an air cannon to shoot Johnny, their secondhand clothing mannequin nicknamed, with homemade air guns to show how the coronavirus has prevented them from producing as many videos but that they've used this downtime to repair machinery instead.

Vuohensilta finds crushing steel pipes to be immensely satisfying; watching their impactful breaks provides him with immense satisfaction. But he also enjoys crushing other items, like rubber ducks or ping pong balls because these soft materials are easier on his hands. He and Anni are currently working on an exciting new project using liquid nitrogen for more frosty destructions!

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