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Hydraulic Press Channel – How Much Money Does Lauri Vuohensilta Make From YouTube?

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[Article Summary]:Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife quickly rose to fame after seeing their video of crushing printer paper with their hydraulic press make the front pag……

Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife quickly rose to fame after seeing their video of crushing printer paper with their hydraulic press make the front page of Reddit, leading them to start using their hydraulic press for YouTube videos since 2015. Since 2015, Lauri and his wife have been using their hydraulic press as part of a hilarious YouTube series called Hydraulic Press Channel.

Many of their videos show the hydraulic press crushing items such as Lego toys, Nokia 3310s, and hockey pucks - providing viewers with an entertaining viewing experience and unique charm due to thick Finnish accents.

YouTube Views

YouTube is an extremely popular video-hosting service that allows individuals to upload and share videos with the world, from short comedies to extreme stunts. Users of the platform can monetize these videos by placing ads before, during or after them; how much money one makes depends on several factors like its total views count and type/type/length of ads displayed - YouTubers typically earn between $2 - $7 per 1000 views that go viral after the platform takes their cut of revenues from ads displayed during them.

Since 2015 when Hydraulic Press channel first went online, its videos have enjoyed enormous popularity online. Their videos have been seen across various websites and content-aggregation channels like Reddit. As a result, its subscriber and view counts have seen exponential growth.

Hydraulic Press' videos feature Vuohensilta using an enormous hydraulic press to crush objects with great satisfaction and enjoyment, attracting viewers who find the videos satisfying and entertaining to watch. Due to its success, similar channels dedicated to crushing with hydraulic presses have since emerged online.

Many of Vuohensilta's videos on his channel show him testing various materials with his hydraulic press and often failing. But his failures are usually hilarious; for instance, one video features him trying to crush an adamantium bearing ball with the press while another attempts to crush Wolverine claws with it. Although some viewers might take these videos lightly, Vuohensilta and his wife take safety of their equipment very seriously and operate it through thick glass to ensure it runs without incident or damages caused by negligence or accidents.

As well as testing various materials, the channel also features food episodes. Lauri and her partner prepare and destroy various foods while providing deadpan commentary in her thick Finnish accent. Furthermore, there have been experiments with pranks such as shooting an air cannon into an affectionately named secondhand clothing mannequin nicknamed Johnny for amusement purposes.

Though some viewers may find the channel's videos offensive, they have nevertheless generated significant interest on social media platforms like Reddit and 9Gag where its videos have been widely shared - helping boost its subscriber and view counts as well as revenue streams.

Ad Revenue

Since YouTube first came into being, millions of individuals have utilized its platform to showcase their talents and make money through video content creation. While some use YouTube merely as entertainment, others monetize their videos through advertisements - either product placements or banner advertisements appear while playing their videos and generate revenue for those making them.

Hydraulic Press Channel, one of YouTube's most-viewed channels, earns its keep through advertising revenue. Hosted by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife Anni from their Helsinki home, their videos show them crushing various objects with their 150-ton hydraulic press - garnering over 107 million views and garnering many sponsorship deals along the way.

Though their videos may be entertaining to watch, this couple takes their work very seriously. They take care not to cause any damage to the hydraulic press - which can be extremely hazardous - and always operate it from behind protective barriers. In addition, the couple have created another channel called "Beyond the Press", where they post videos unrelated to pressing in their shop - such as outings, preparation work for pressing videos or footage of real world work done by their shop.


Hydraulic Press Channel is a popular YouTube video channel wherein a guy uses a hydraulic press to crush stuff, providing entertaining yet educational videos featuring Lauri Vuohensilta as the host and laughing out loud as necessary! Furthermore, these videos frequently explain the mechanics behind how these presses operate as well as interactive with its viewers and make this channel engaging for its target audience.

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland founded his YouTube channel "Hydraulic Press Channel" in 2015 as a promotional tool for his family's machining business, but after seeing how popular other destruction-focused YouTube channels like carsandwater (famous for burning things) had become, Vuohensilta decided to make hydraulic press channel his full time job.

Each video starts off with a black-and-white shot of Vuohensilta using his hydraulic press while heavy metal music plays in the background. He introduces himself and describes what his goals for making the video are before adding an item into the press for destruction - typically something small such as rubber band balls or jawbreakers but sometimes larger objects like watermelons may appear as well.

Vuohensilta is an experienced comedian, making each video truly entertaining to watch. Her humor mixes lightheartedness and absurdity with some slapstick. In late 2015, Reddit users went crazy over her video "Can You Fold Paper More than 7 Times?," where Vuohensilta tried disproving a widely held belief that paper cannot be folded more than seven times before shattering after just seven folds into pieces that crumbled in his hand and left him perplexed: she exclaimed "what the F-k?!" before finally giving up after seven folds had collapsed in her hand as perplexed viewers looked on bemusement.

Though its name may seem like an ironic jab, this channel takes great pains to ensure safety when operating their hydraulic presses from behind thick glass or other barriers, and often explain their various safety measures in videos which demonstrate dangerous situations or require them to wear protective equipment during machine operations.

Affiliate Revenue

Hydraulic Press Channel, launched by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta and available on YouTube since October 2015, has amassed millions of views thanks to its oddly satisfying videos. Since it debuted online it quickly garnered widespread popularity; quickly garnering internet fame due to its simple format using industrial-strength machines as well as Vuohensilta's entertaining commentary; it even attracted advertisers!

Vuohensilta, who runs a small metal workshop in Tampere, Finland, created the Hydraulic Press Channel upon discovering other YouTube channels dedicated to breaking things. His inaugural video "Can you fold paper more than seven times with hydraulic press?" made its way onto Reddit's front page and became viral - his channel now has over one million subscribers and draws worldwide attention.

Vuohensilta shows in his videos how he uses his hydraulic press to crush different types of objects with its powerful compression force. He begins by detailing its simple construction: motor driving pump forcing oil into cylinder then using pressure created from it to crush object being tested.

Most items used in hydraulic press testing are composed of plastic or aluminum. In one video, Vuohensilta successfully crushed two speakers using his hydraulic press; their explosion was quite impressive and Vuohensilta exclaimed with excitement, "That's awesome!"

VICE caught up with Vuohensilta to gain more insight into his shop, his favorite items to crush and how he and Anni manage to keep the videos fresh. Anni and Vuohensilta even use Instagram as an avenue to showcase what's next to be crushed using their powerful hydraulic press in the shop.

Vuohensilta revealed during his interview that one of his favorite objects to crush are steel pipes because they produce explosive force while remaining safe compared with objects like bowling balls. Furthermore, he mentioned how his learning English came mostly from watching television shows such as Top Gear and Fallout; these served as his source of motivation.

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