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How Much Money Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel featuring various objects being crushed with hydraulic presses. Established by Finnish workshop o……

how much money does hydraulic press channel make

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel featuring various objects being crushed with hydraulic presses. Established by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta in October 2015, the channel now has over 260,000 subscribers worldwide.

"Can You Fold Paper More than Seven Times?" was uploaded to YouTube and quickly went viral, garnering two million views in one day alone.


Hydraulic Press Channel, with millions of viewers around the world, draws millions to check in for more thrilling video of Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere Finland crushing some heavy object or another. Not only are his videos highly satisfying and immensely entertaining but they provide insight into what it takes to go viral.

Vuohensilta, who works in his father's machining shop, has always had an interest in heavy machinery and had long dreamt of owning one for some time now. So he created his YouTube channel as an outlet to test out this equipment and show it to friends and family; many were encouraged by this demonstration to upload videos of it breaking.

He uploaded his first viral video, "Can you fold paper more than 7 times with hydraulic press?" in October 2015 and it quickly amassed more than 2 million views within one day - catapulting him and his channel into prominence.

Since then, his popularity has skyrocketed. A typical video on his channel now receives over 5 million views; moreover, there are currently over 1.4 million subscribers to it.

Vuohensilta's content typically involves crushing things under a hydraulic press, but recently he has also utilized it for other experiments using its power. For instance, he used it to melt objects, explode objects inside liquid nitrogen tanks, crush fruit and even pop balloons!

Numerous videos by Vuohensilta have received high ratings on YouTube and earned him critical acclaim, thanks to his sense of humor and surprise results that keep audiences coming back for more. His use of large, dangerous machines as well as his distinctive Finnish accent are other attractions for viewers.

His YouTube success has also allowed him to garner support from sponsors, earning over $54 million from ad revenue alone in 2021 and second only to Jimmy Donaldson who offers similar content but has far fewer subscribers.

Vuohensilta's most-watched videos include, "Silicone Boobies in a Vacuum Chamber and Under Hydraulic Press" and "Crushing Deep Frozen Stuff with Hydraulic Press." Although he and Anni take care to protect both themselves and their expensive machining equipment from damage, they still find ways to cause Johnny, their secondhand mannequin used as an acting double for many of their videos, discomfort.

2. Subscribers

Over the past seven months, Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta has delighted YouTube audiences with videos showing ordinary objects being put through an enormous hydraulic press and eventually destroyed. Since launching The Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) back in October 2015, more than one million subscribers have signed on; and Vuohensilta plans on continuing his feats of destruction!

HPC doesn't take itself too seriously: Vuohensilta simply places items in his family shop's hydraulic press and uses its enormous pressure to crush them, often shattering them under immense pressure. A faceless man with a thick Finnish accent often gives commentary as the item being crushed is crushed before showing the final footage to camera.

The channel's most watched video to date disproved a popular myth: folding paper more than seven times would break under pressure and result in its shattering. This upload garnered over 10 million views mostly via Reddit and remains its most-watched upload to date.

Each video opens with black-and-white shots of a hydraulic press set against Thor's Hammer by Ethan Meixsell playing in the background, followed by black-and-white shots of its hydraulic press, with Thor's Hammer playing as background music, followed by voiceover saying: "Welcome to the Hydraulic Press Channel". Next, Anni or Lauri (sometimes both!) introduce an object they plan on crushing with their press: these could include golf balls, rubber ducks, bearing balls, bowling ball pins Lego toys Nokia 3310s diamonds etc - in some videos the couple also incorporate liquid nitrogen as part of their experiment!

Some videos on the channel may be more dangerous than others, but the couple takes precautions to protect themselves and anyone around them when operating the hydraulic press. They typically operate it behind thick safety glass with other barriers installed as safety features; additionally, they use Beyond the Press channel exclusively for videos not related to crushing things with their hydraulic press.

YouTube hosts over 20 channels that demonstrate how fragile objects such as bicycles, cars and bowling balls can collapse under extreme pressure. Some channels boast millions of subscribers; others may have smaller subscriber bases but remain highly entertaining.

3. Ad Revenue

Hydraulic Press Channel was established by Lauri Vuohensilta, a factory owner from Tampere in Finland. This YouTube channel showcases videos showing objects being crushed using hydraulic presses; the first video was uploaded in October 2015 and quickly gained online fame and an enthusiastic following on YouTube. Many videos uploaded onto Hydraulic Press Channel feature humorous content with Vuohensilta adding his distinctive Finnish accent for added entertainment value.

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Lauri uses Extra Content segments to demonstrate how he and his wife, Anni, utilize a hydraulic press in their workshop on other items; examples include creating pineapple-shaped molds for fruit salad or turning old books into paperweights. Videos show them laughing as they smash and destroy objects with it; many objects that Lauri refers to as "strange looking things."

Lauri and Anni are a couple who run a shop that repairs farm equipment and machines tools. Operating such an operation requires coordination among workers, customers, machinery, and supplies - however their success on YouTube has given them both steady income as well as freedom to pursue activities they enjoy doing together.

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4. Sponsorships

Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube series hosted by Lauri Vuohensilta, the owner of a Finnish workshop, and his wife. Lauri uses their family hydraulic press to crush all kinds of objects such as Lego toys, rubber ducks and clay figures created by his wife as extra content. Vuohensilta also owns another larger press which he sometimes employs for larger items like mannequins, bike tires and bottles of wine!

Hydraulic Press Channel's first viral video was in response to an age-old urban legend that claimed paper couldn't be folded more than seven times. A faceless narrator placed paper into the press, applied 300 bars of pressure, and successfully broke it all apart; since then it has amassed over five million views!

Since that video, the channel has expanded with videos of more and more items being crushed under pressure by press. Along with household goods, household tires, wine bottles and even mannequins have all been experimented on by this couple - though one second-hand lawnmower did break when put under pressure!

These videos are captivating to watch and generate numerous comments from viewers intrigued by the physics involved in destruction. Since it has become so popular, Vuohensilta can now earn money through sponsorships - one company has even given him a 3D printer!

Vuohensilta is both an accomplished craftsman and performer. Additionally, he understands the value of growing his channel through subscription revenue and advertising income, with plans to do just that in the near future - eyeing off larger 1,000-ton presses through sponsorship deals while exploring more risky stunts that require skill and safety considerations. Vuohensilta already has ideas for new videos but welcomes suggestions from his fans as well.

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