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Hydraulic Press Channel – How Much Does the Hydraulic Press You Tube Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland has made his mark online by shredding everyday objects with his hydraulic press, since their debut on YouTube. Since ……

how much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland has made his mark online by shredding everyday objects with his hydraulic press, since their debut on YouTube. Since 2015, his channel has amassed an enormous following.

His videos of using a hydraulic press to demolish rubber band balls and jawbreakers with equal ease have amassed more than 107 million views, garnering him the prestigious Silver YouTube Play Button status.

How Much Money Does The Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

The Hydraulic Press Channel is one of the most watched channels on YouTube. The videos featuring Lauri Vuohensilta crushing objects with his hydraulic press is strangely captivating to watch; Lauri's wife Anni often adds commentary while an object is being destroyed. Lauri and Anni also created Beyond the Press channel where they post videos about their lives and other projects.

The channel was established in October 2015 and quickly rose to fame due to a video featuring Vuohensilta using his hydraulic press to fold a piece of paper over seven times with ease, garnering over one million views worldwide and garnering international media coverage.

Vuohensilta and his wife make their living from ads running before and during videos as well as revenue generated when viewers subscribe to their channel - currently boasting over 1.2 million subs! Furthermore, this channel has earned several Silver Play Buttons from YouTube in recognition of this work - the first tier award offered for subscribership on this platform.

In order to earn a Silver Play Button, a channel must have at least 100,000 subscribers and continue its expansion in order to win additional awards, including the sought-after Gold Play Button. Vuohensilta's channel has grown consistently since it started, and appears on track to achieve over 10 million subscribers before 2022 to achieve such recognition and earn one of these coveted buttons.

While Vuohensilta's videos can be entertaining to watch, he and his wife take the safety of the equipment very seriously. When operating the hydraulic press from behind thick glass or other barriers, they take special care not to damage it through explosions or accidents.

The success of Vuohensilta's Hydraulic Press Channel has inspired other YouTubers to create similar channels dedicated to crushing various items with hydraulic presses. Some are focused on science or education while others cater more towards entertainment value - Vuohensilta's humorous take has made these videos enormously popular among viewers.

How Much Money Does The Hydraulic Press Channel Make On YouTube?

The Hydraulic Press Channel is an extremely popular YouTube channel featuring a man crushing objects with his hydraulic press. Since October 2015, over one million subscribers have subscribed to it and several sponsorship deals have been secured for it. Lauri Vuohensilta first created it as a way of promoting his manufacturing company in Finland; since then it has evolved into a full-time venture.

Hydraulic Press Channel videos typically begin with a black-and-white shot of the press in action with heavy metal music playing in the background, before Vuohensilta introduces and begins explaining his objectives for this particular video. He usually crushes things such as frozen toys or jawbreakers before moving on to crush food like watermelons or apples!

Vuohensilta's charming personality makes his channel irresistibly watchable. He often comments about how satisfying it is to destroy things, while Anni often laughs off their destruction with him. This makes the videos all the more captivating; once you start watching them you just can't stop!

As well as crushing videos, the channel offers a range of other content. They have an ongoing series called Beyond the Press where they post videos unrelated to press-related activities - this often features humorous pranks like shooting secondhand clothing mannequin Johnny with an air cannon! In addition to that they host food episodes where they prepare and destroy various foods using press, and Lauri's thick Finnish accent and deadpan Captain Obvious commentary can often be heard while Anni giggles often at her husband's destruction!

On average, videos uploaded to the Hydraulic Press Channel typically receive over two million views per episode and generate around $63,000 in monthly ad revenue, making this channel one of the top earners on YouTube for relatively new channels. Of course, how much a YouTuber earns depends upon factors such as device being used, viewer location and type and amount of ads displayed as well as how often viewers skip ads as well as quality of video itself.

How Much Money Does The Hydraulic Press Channel Make On Amazon?

At a time when many vloggers try to impress with fast edits and dramatic make-up applications, it's refreshing to come across a channel which sticks with what it knows best: hydraulic presses! Luckily for us Finns, the Hydraulic Press Channel features two Finnish men with hydraulic presses who know exactly how to use them! They have been crushing things since 2015 and have made quite the name for themselves in that time!

YouTube channel Lauri Vuohensilta runs his hydraulic press in his workshop, crushing a variety of objects ranging from hockey pucks and Nokia 3310s to rubber duckies and rubber duckies. He's become adept at finding interesting items to crush.

Vuohensilta's latest video takes destruction to an astonishing new level. Wrapping various items with duct tape, then placing them under pressure with his press, Vuohensilta shows astonishing results with fused together and exploding duct tape fusing together and disintegrating spectacularly under the force of press force.

As an added feature, he puts items into his press and then freezes them using liquid nitrogen before crushing them back out again - such as golf balls, hockey pucks and mobile phones - before witnessing what effect their change may cause. The results are always impressive and satisfying!

Hydraulic Press Channel's team of enthusiasts enjoy putting their 150-ton press to the test. In this video, they pit it against various hand and power tools to see just how much force can be applied before breaking them apart; some tools even explode under its pressure while others remain intact.

Hydraulic Press Channel was approached by a viewer who requested they test whether or not they could compress loose ash into solid rock using only their powerful hydraulic press. Their experiment proved this hypothesis to be correct - an impressive demonstration of hydraulic power as well as how different metals react against hydraulics.

How Much Money Does The Hydraulic Press Channel Make On Facebook?

A hydraulic press is an efficient machine used to crush or mold objects. While not commonly seen at home, millions of viewers tune into The Hydraulic Press Channel where Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta tests various objects against his hydraulic press; often with comical results!

Reddit's front page placement has provided an enormous boost for this channel's growth; as of this writing, over 4.79 million subscribers and 42.35 million videos have been watched on YouTube by subscribers and viewers alike.

As captivating as this channel's content may be, much of what makes it popular lies in how it's presented. Vuohensilta makes his experiments accessible for kids with his cheerful tone that almost recalls an PBS science show for children. Furthermore, he does an excellent job explaining each experiment's physics behind each test conducted and why they work.

He has built up a vast audience on YouTube, but this platform isn't the only place he shares his videos; his channel has also gone viral on Facebook with over 1 Million Followers since launch - showing just how popular its content has become!

There's no denying the Hydraulic Press Channel stands out among other things on the internet today, and watching what Vuohensilta does with her powerful machine every week only adds to its unique and captivating nature. Much of its success can be attributed to humor, surprise outcomes and Vuohensilta's Finnish accent as key factors of its appeal.

Although we are unaware of exactly how much money the Hydraulic Press Channel makes from social media, it can safely be said that they've done exceptionally well. We can only imagine what Vuohensilta will crush next!

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