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Why Does Everyone Dislike Hydraulic Press Videos?

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Lauri Vuohensilta, a factory owner from Finland, launched his hydraulic press channel in 2015. Since then, viewers have devoured videos showing everyday objects being crushed to pieces under pressure from his hydraulic press.

It’s a waste of time

Have you seen videos showing someone crushing something with a hydraulic press? The sight is instantly satisfying. But this machinery offers more than first meets the eye; hydraulic presses play an essential role in many factories and manufacturing plants worldwide, used for binding items together, bending metal parts, holding materials while being worked upon, crushing items for recycling purposes or recycling specialty waste.

Hydraulic press videos have quickly become a favorite on YouTube and other social media platforms, often featuring household objects being crushed under a press machine and viewers finding it strangely compelling to watch them shatter into pieces. Many times these videos come accompanied by music to add another layer of enjoyment as we witness objects being crushed to dust - also making hydraulic press videos an excellent way to draw traffic and attention towards your website or business!

Hydraulic presses are large industrial machines that use liquid as the force source to generate pressure on a work surface. Their pistons move in circular motion, with any force exerted on one piston being transferred onto another before eventually pushing down onto the workpiece to apply pressure - repeating until your desired pressure level has been achieved. A hydraulic press can generate extremely high levels of pressure in small spaces making it an excellent solution for various applications.

Hydraulic presses can be dangerous to operate if they are not maintained properly, so workers should receive training on their use as well as know the warning signs that may indicate problems with the machine. In case they detect an issue they should be able to stop it immediately and supervisors must make sure all workers receive sufficient training before using a hydraulic press.

Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni are husband and wife team who run a workshop in Finland that features a hydraulic press. Five years ago they created their YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers to showcase what their hydraulic press could do, such as crushing random items like crepe cakes, plush toys of Gudetama cartoon character from Japan, or Thanos Lego figurine from Marvel's latest blockbuster movie (Avengers: Infinity War). Recently their videos went viral after crushing crepe cakes, plush toys of Gudetama from Japan plush toys of Gudetama from Gudetama cartoon character by crushing items such as crepe cakes, plush plush toys of Gudetama cartoon character from Japan plush toys of Thanos character from Thanos Lego figurine - these days we see three or four short videos every week with new content (stashin't this weekend's release!) from movie villain Thanos from Marvel 'Avengers: Infinity War' movie release this weekend).

It’s a waste of money

Hydraulic presses are one of the most versatile machines used in industry today, used for everything from forming metals for cars and appliances to crushing military shells and compressing particulate matter to make ceramics. Thanks to being highly versatile, repeatable, accurate and cost-efficient compared with comparable mechanical presses - not forgetting less maintenance requirements overall - hydraulic presses serve an array of industrial uses.

People find these videos compelling due to the inherent satisfaction they bring when witnessing something get destroyed, whether it's toys, appliances or fruit - such as pads of sticky notes cracking like bricks and metal kitchen utensils transforming into modern art - being put under pressure and being put through their paces by YouTubers. Such videos often go viral on social media and may bring in revenue for YouTubers.

Jimmy Donaldson, known by his moniker Mr. Beast on YouTube, has amassed millions through his demolition-themed channel on YouTube. Last year alone he earned $650,000 from advertising revenue alone; more recently he posted a video smashed a cherry red Lamborghini under a 150-ton hydraulic press which received over 26 million views!

Critics claim that YouTube videos, while popular, may be detrimental to viewers' mental health. Viewers could experience anxiety and depression by experiencing negative emotions triggered by them; furthermore they could lead to substance abuse as well as being dangerous for narrators who feel pressure to produce new videos so as to maintain their audience.

These videos often include music that increases tension and emotion during each scene, while the tone of narrator may differ depending on what's happening - for instance when someone's being destroyed the narrator might sound excited and happy, while when saving someone it might sound more nervous and tensioned.

The hydraulic press is a machine that utilizes pistons to generate high amounts of force. Based on Pascal's Law, which states that all directions exert equal amounts of pressure when closed systems exist, hydraulic presses can generate significant force, making them highly powerful and effective tools.

It’s a waste of space

Hydraulic presses are an enthralling sight to behold in industrial settings, yet are highly entertaining as entertainment. These large metal boxes with pistons that exert up to 140 tons of pressure provide the means for hydraulic presses to bind items together quickly and effortlessly, bend metal parts straighter quickly, hold materials while being worked upon, or store materials securely during processing - making them highly sought after tools.

Lauri Vuohensilta of YouTuber fame has found an inventive use for this tool - crushing things! His Hydraulic Press Channel began back in October 2015 and quickly became a hit, providing both entertainment and satisfaction when watching the videos he creates alongside wife Anni. They have had great fun producing these entertaining yet satisfying videos which viewers find both amusing and satisfying to watch!

Vuohensilta's videos begin with black-and-white shots of his hydraulic press in action, followed by Ethan Meixsell's rock song. Vuohensilta then introduces objects that will be put through his press - with his most watched clip being an attempt at folding paper seven times which has garnered over two million views on YouTube! His success as an influencer was somewhat unexpected as he expected that viewers might take longer to engage.

He often uses other equipment in addition to his hydraulic press during these videos, including a power drill, metal cutting saw and chopping board. Depending on what item needs breaking down faster he may add liquid nitrogen or use his press for food such as apples; however he prefers harder objects like clay figures and Lego toys for best results.

Many people enjoy watching these videos as a great way to relieve their stress and anxiety, and also learn something educational from it - for instance, explaining how the amount of pressure exerted by a hydraulic press depends on object size and shape; helping viewers understand more fully its various effects on society as a whole.

It’s a waste of breath

The hydraulic press is an impressive machine capable of exerting massive forces. Weighing 4 tonnes (8,800 lb), this press can compress objects by up to 144 tons (142 long tons; 159 short tons). Operated using two hydraulic pumps - one main pump which maxes out at 100 tonnes of force, and a smaller one which completes compression force - its main purpose is crushing plastic objects such as toys or food items while its secondary pump has also been employed to destroy various weapons and vehicles.

The Hydraulic Press Channel is a YouTube channel featuring videos of objects being crushed using hydraulic presses. Created by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta and founded in March 2016, its popularity increased drastically after one video showing him unsuccessfully trying to fold paper over seven times with the press garnered over 2 million views on Reddit in March 2016. Now with over 1.8 million subscribers and each video receiving at least one million views, the channel continues its runaway success!

Vuohensilta admits he wasn't expecting his channel to become so successful, yet is enjoying its journey nonetheless. He credits excitement over unexpected results as well as humor as keys to its success.

Vuohensilta has used his hydraulic press to demolish various objects on his channel, including a Rubik's cube, bowling ball and pin, Nokia 3310 cell phone and even attempted crushing a diamond but failed.

Vuohensilta enjoys crushing steel pipes as they provide both visual satisfaction and minimal risk to himself or those nearby. He enjoys exploring variations on pressure such as testing how much water can be squeezed out of a bottle by pressing harder with different amounts of force; and even built a device to simulate two miles-under-the-ocean pressure, an impressive demonstration of physics at work.

Vuohensilta and his wife make these videos even more amusing by reacting with goofy or quirky humor to Vuohensilta's hydraulic press crushing of metal objects, typically ending in laughter at its conclusion.

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