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What Happens When You Put Adamantium in a Hydraulic Press?

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[Article Summary]:Marvel fans are familiar with Wolverine’s claws being coated in indestructible metal alloy adamantium – but is this really the strongest……

Marvel fans are familiar with Wolverine's claws being coated in indestructible metal alloy adamantium - but is this really the strongest material out there?

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finnish workshop Lauri Vuohensilta investigates what's behind his own hydraulic press in a video uploaded by YouTube's Hydraulic Press Channel.

He attempts to crush a ball of adamantium in his hydraulic press; and the results may prove surprising.


Adamantium is what really gives Wolverine his strength; both in the movie universe and Marvel Comics it seems almost indestructible. A recent video released to promote Logan shows exactly how strong Adamantium really is; its claws even withstanding an hydraulic press test!

Lauri Vuohensilta of Hydraulic Press Channel puts "Adamantium" claws beneath a hydraulic press to demonstrate their awesome cutting power despite being made out of an imaginary alloy. Their results were impressive!

The Hydraulic Press Channel is an iconic YouTube channel known for putting various objects under a hydraulic press to test their strength. They've crushed everything from watermelons and cameras to toilets - so it should come as no surprise that adamantium claws don't go down easily either, with multiple attempts from the hydraulic press only breaking eventually upon their third attempt.

Adamantium may be fictional metal, but there are real-world alloys that rival its strength. Titanium for instance is four times as strong as steel and can even bend a plane without breaking. Carbonadium is another strong material though not as durable. True Adamantium was used extensively throughout the X-Men movies - from Wolverine's claws and skeleton to Moira Kinross' katana swords to Hammerhead's cybernetic skeleton and shields at Von Doom Industries space station - used by various mutants as well.

Hugh Jackman will play Logan in James Mangold's forthcoming film Logan. It will hit theaters March 3, 2017 and you can view its trailer below to get an idea of its contents starring Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keen, Richard E Grant Boyd Holbrook Doris Morgado Stephen Merchant Elizabeth Rodriguez Patrick Stewart marking it's final appearance as one of Hugh's X-Men characters!


Hugh Jackman has had much success playing Wolverine, crushing back squats, skull crushers and heavy leg presses throughout his time on screen. But there has always been one uncrushable thing - Adamantium coating his skeleton and claws - which remains indestructible. Now thanks to YouTube Hydraulic Press Channel we can see just how strong that indestructible metal truly is!

The channel's narrator begins testing the strength of adamantium by placing a ball into a hydraulic press. At first, nothing happens but as soon as pressure increases it begins slamming down onto the steel baseplate of the machine - even though thousands of pounds per square inch of leverage press against it it cannot break free!

Adamantium is an extremely strong and hard metal that makes an ideal material for creating rocket motors and nuclear reactors. Additionally, this indestructible metal has exceptional density properties as well as resistance to high temperatures; once heated it may temporarily soften but will quickly solidify back to its natural state once cool down - thus giving rise to its nickname as an indestructible metal.

Although this isn't actual adamantium (we're still waiting on someone to create real one), this experiment illustrates just how strong adamantium can be when compared with anything else on Earth. Furthermore, this serves as a reminder that any time an object coated with it exists within reality it shouldn't be tried to be crushed against any force whatsoever in order to break free.

This video is part of Logan, Hugh Jackman's final appearance as Wolverine in cinematic form, directed by James Mangold and set on the Mexican border where Wolverine cares for an elderly Professor X. Set to release March 3, take a look at its trailer below!


Wolverine's adamantium claws are among the most powerful weapons in Marvel lore, but can they withstand being put through a hydraulic press? A new video by YouTube's Hydraulic Press Channel attempts to answer that question with Lauri Vuohensilta using one pair of claws placed into his press and seeing what results there were from doing so. And those results were truly impressive!

At 150 bars of pressure, the claws can withstand 150 bars; when increased to 300 bars, however, their claws succumb to immense forces and cut through the steel base of the machine, cutting off its bottom plate in the process. While this evidence demonstrates that Adamantium claws can handle tremendous force levels without succumbing to them themselves, this doesn't answer whether they could cut through an Abrams tank.

Even if adamantium claws could penetrate an Abrams tank, they'd still require fast movements for combat effectiveness. One weapon which might make sense in such circumstances would be something like a bullet from a railgun; even then it wouldn't be easy.

Only Thanos was ever capable of breaking apart adamantium; post-crisis Superman should only be able to bend and not break its strength.

Adamantium is an iron-based alloy with nearly indestructible properties. However, when filed down into an ultrasharp edge it can cut through almost anything, disrupting other metals in its path when sharpened to razor's edge - making it the ideal material for cutting edges on military-grade weapons and armor.

Adamantium can withstand tremendous amounts of strain, which explains its use as Omega Red's armour blades. Plus, this metal can even bind itself to human flesh for near indestructibility!

William Stryker revealed in X2: X-Men United that adamantium only became indestructible once it cooled; nonetheless, this material is incredibly durable, and Weapon X could have found ways to create it inexpensively and quickly with flexible materials like carbonadium or even steel.

Hydraulic Press

Marvel's Wolverine is almost indestructible thanks to his Adamantium skeleton and claws, which fuse with his bones and claws to render him virtually impervious against bullets or blades. To demonstrate its strength, YouTube's Hydraulic Press Channel has joined forces with 20th Century Fox in trying to crush some adamantium using hydraulic presses.

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finnish workshop fame has amassed quite the following on YouTube for his videos showing objects being crushed with his 140-ton hydraulic press, from commonly encountered items like watermelons, cameras and toilets to more exotic creations like clay sabertooth tigers and Barbie dolls. Vuohensilta's demonstrations are both methodical and entertaining - his demonstrations never fail to deliver results that leave audiences mesmerized!

But the narrator may have outdone himself in his latest experiment, published with 20th Century Fox: placing a small ball-shaped piece of adamantium under a hydraulic press's jaws at 150 bars of pressure; when pressure increases up to 300 bars, it begins sinking through into its steel base and begin breaking away.

As the narrator attempts to lift up the press, it becomes apparent that adamantium will resist being crushed with this method, breaking free of its grip at the base of the press and eventually shattering into claw-shaped structures that thrust underneath it with astonishing force. He is left bewitched at their strength.

While this video serves as a great promotional tool for Logan, its entertainment also lies within watching everyday and exotic objects be destroyed and watching its animated narrator reacting accordingly.

Logan will feature Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for nine times, making this film his last as the iconic mutant. Set for release on March 3rd 2017 (for more info visit here), take a look at Logan's official site here.

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