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Hydraulic Press Channel – What Happened to the Girl in the Hydraulic Press Channel?

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[Article Summary]:Millions have tuned in to watch Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta use his hydraulic press to smash objects since its debut on October 2015. S……

Millions have tuned in to watch Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta use his hydraulic press to smash objects since its debut on October 2015. Since its debut, his Hydraulic Press Channel has amassed millions of views since being unveiled.

Videos like these are straightforward. An object such as toothpaste tubes or Rubik's cubes sit under a press, before being crushed slowly while an audio track describes this process with an American accented voiceover.

What happened to the girl in the hydraulic press channel?

Since October of 2015, Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta has been posting videos to YouTube of everyday objects being crushed under his hydraulic press - creating one of the internet's strangest success stories with his Hydraulic Press Channel.

Vuohensilta's initial Reddit clip debunking the popular belief that folding paper more than seven times was seen by over two million viewers within days, leading to his channel's explosive growth.

Each video depicts one object placed upon a hydraulic press and slowly but implacably crushed -- sometimes all at once if an item resists being crushed by the machine. Popular clips include crushing old cameras, murdering gummy bears and, in a particularly meta video, flattening another hydraulic press!

Why is the girl in the hydraulic press channel?

If you love watching everyday objects collide, look no further than the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube. Created by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta in October 2015 and with over 1.7 million subscribers since, Vuohensilta began uploading videos using his hydraulic press to crush various items - from full tubes of toothpaste being crushed, murdering gummy bears and even breaking Lego bricks! Popular videos feature this channel include this, crushing full tubes of toothpaste and smashing Lego bricks!

What makes the Hydraulic Press Channel such a hit is its videos' dual functionality as both entertaining and educational resources. Each begins with a black-and-white shot of a hydraulic press in action while rock music plays in the background, then Vuohensilta introduces his object for destruction with brief descriptions about what capabilities this particular press offers.

Some videos about hydraulic presses focus solely on themselves while others utilize it as a platform to demonstrate life hacks or helpful tips. One video illustrates how to build an inexpensive DIY air cannon while another demonstrates how to clean a fish tank using an ingenious homemade vacuum cleaner.

However, these videos have caused controversy. In June 2016, one commenter claimed that one video "Hydraulic Press - Can you Fold Paper More than Seven Times with the Hydraulic Press?" contained copyrighted material; this led to legal ramifications between YouTube channel and Taiwan-based company who claimed ownership over it.

Vuohensilta continues to make videos and post social media updates about her cycling trips; additionally, she frequently interacts with viewers through Reddit. Despite all the controversy she is still active and makes new videos.

Vuohensilta discussed her plans for the Hydraulic Press Channel in a Q&A video uploaded in September. She mentioned taking a break to focus on her health while continuing to post content via her Instagram account.

Hydraulic Press Channel stands out among YouTube channels featuring hydraulic presses by offering life hacks and helpful tips, while at the same time entertaining viewers with deadpan commentary by Lauri and cackles from Anni, known for their thick Finnish accents and goofiness. As its success grew, more imitation channels sprung up, although still the original Hydraulic Press Channel remains most renowned - as well as original videos, its YouTube presence now includes podcasts and merchandise!

What happens to the girl in the hydraulic press channel?

Yoga, music and books may no longer seem effective ways of relieving stress; you may now turn to watching videos of hydraulic presses crushing random objects instead. One such channel called the Hydraulic Press Channel has been doing just this since October 2015 and currently boasts over 1.8 million subscribers.

The format is straightforward: objects - from rubber ducks and Rubik's cubes to Nokia cell phones -- sit on pedestals in industrial settings while what looks like a metal hockey puck descends implacably upon them until crushing either gradually, depending on whether they're soft, or all at once if resistant to force. You are then treated to slow-motion replay with an announcer narrating what's happening with an accented Finnish voiceover describing what's taking place.

The Hydraulic Press Channel was started by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta and quickly found success thanks to its engaging content, along with people's love of watching things get crushed. Over five years, however, it took to hit that 10 million-view milestone and in this time Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta have carved out their own slice of internet real estate. VICE caught up with Lauri and Anni for this week's installment of our weekly series to learn more about what else there was left to crush as well as how they've adjusted to fame since they've hit this particular milestone.

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