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Where to Buy Hydraulic Press Plates

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[Article Summary]:If your shop press is showing signs of wear and tear, it could be time for new plates. Instead of risking injury by opting for less durable options ……

If your shop press is showing signs of wear and tear, it could be time for new plates. Instead of risking injury by opting for less durable options such as plastic press plates, invest instead in solid steel plates capable of withstanding high pressure hydraulic presses; solid steel presses offer many sizes to meet different requirements.

Khaos Motorsports

Khaos Motorsports specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of high-performance automotive parts made in America. Their products are intended to improve both vehicle performance and aesthetics; engine parts and accessories from this manufacturer can be found suitable for various models including Dodge Charger and Challenger vehicles. Their website also provides tools and guides that help select suitable products for each car owner.

The 10-Ton Hydraulic Benchtop Shop Press from our company delivers big performance in a compact package, making it suitable for use in any home workshop. Ideal for straightening, bending and pressing off parts and bearings quickly and accurately; its double speed pump speeds set-up and press times while its liquid filled pressure gauge provides accurate readings; all this comes together with durable powder coated finish which meets ASME PASE 2014 standards.

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JEGS offers an assortment of hydraulic shop presses in different sizes, such as 6-ton, 10-ton, 12-ton and 20-ton models. These press are suitable for removing and installing bushings, bearings, u-joints, pulleys and gears; made from heavy-duty steel construction to withstand significant amounts of pressure while each press comes complete with press plates specifically tailored to its respective machine size.

These replacement press plates will help restore full functionality to your JEGS 81518 6-ton shop press, which may have become bent or damaged over time. As direct replacements they're intended to get you back to work quickly; each pair comes in either hard or soft-faced versions for fast installation and purchase.

Many customers gave JEGS rave reviews for its inventory, competitive pricing and customer service. Furthermore, customers appreciated that the company often offers discounts on certain products to make buying high-quality parts and accessories more cost-effective. Furthermore, many appreciated its quick shipping times and hassle-free returns policy.

JEGS is an esteemed online retailer known for offering an impressive selection of automotive parts and accessories at unbeatable prices, with exceptional customer service to boot. However, before purchasing products from any retailer it is important to do your due diligence on them first by reading reviews on trusted review platforms like Trustpilot or checking their website for more information about its background and experience.


Luis Urrea, best-known for acclaimed novels like The Devil's Highway and Good Night Irene, brings readers back to World War II's Western Front with this expansive new book. Drawing upon his mother's journals and scrapbooks as well as any scarce details that remain about Clubmobile corps, Urrea creates an epic female-centric story in the style of Herman Wouk's The Winds of War; complete with heart-stopping battle scenes, Dickensian twists of Fate, heroic acts of bravery as well as barbarity.

Urrea's protagonist is Irene Woodward, an outgoing New Yorker who flees her predatory stepfather and violent fiance to join the American Red Cross. Traveling alongside George S. Patton's 3rd Army across France and Germany, she witnesses both battle of Bulge and liberation of Buchenwald before her spirit disintegrates when an American U-boat sinks a transport ship with dead soldiers still aboard, quickly diminishing her morale esprit de corps.

As she travels through a land of sand and cacti, the wounded and dying become harder for her to ignore. Ultimately, they find help through Teresita who had an impressive track record as a healer in the desert. But as time progresses, their groans become harder to ignore.

Urrea's use of language, particularly his tendency towards overwrought imagery, makes it easy for readers to lose track of the story's progression. Although Irene or Dorothy often take over narration duties themselves, Urrea uses an omniscient voice which creates an artificial third-person straitjacket which makes seemingly minor details feel significant.

As part of his interview on FRESH AIR, we asked the author of a novel to describe their experience following Juan's death and whether it impacted their work. They replied that by reading his mother's journals and scrapbooks they were able to fill any gaps in her memory of this period in her life.


Dake is a compact hydraulic shop press with plenty of power in a small size, perfect for straightening and bending metal, pressing bearings into or out, force on or off brake calipers and more. Plus it features an easy liquid-filled pressure gauge to reduce setup and press time! All while meeting ASME PASE 2014 standards.

Hydraulic shop presses are versatile machines that can be operated manually (using a hand pump), pneumatically with air driven hydraulic pumps, or electrically using an electric motor. Their main use is raising and lowering their ram to press objects such as bearings (if it has double action capabilities), straightening, bending or punching holes; they may even be used specifically to force on or off forklift tires. Hydraulic presses come in various sizes with the most popular being H-frame style presses as well as some C-frame styles.

The Dake Bible is one of the oldest study bibles on the market, offering more information than most contemporary study bibles such as notes, lists, charts and concordances. Available both hardcover and softcover with protective slipcase.

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