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Black Widow 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press

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[Article Summary]: The Black Widow 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press is an invaluable tool for both home mechanics and small repair shops, capable of easily bending or str……

who makes black widow hydraulic press

The Black Widow 20 Ton Hydraulic Shop Press is an invaluable tool for both home mechanics and small repair shops, capable of easily bending or straightening metal sheets, loosening seized components, replacing bearings, and featuring eight height adjustments spaced 4.75in apart.

This hydraulic jack press can handle heavy-duty work for years to come, thanks to its welded, rigid mainframe designed for maximum capacity.


This versatile hydraulic press makes an excellent addition to any home workshop or small repair shop, being easy to use without taking up too much space. Ideal for shaping metal and pressing wheel bearings, its 20-ton weight capacity enables even complex tasks to be accomplished successfully.

This manual utility hydraulic shop press from a renowned name in the industry features an easy, quick pump for quick, simple use. With a movable cylinder for accommodating different work projects and durable powder-coated steel construction that makes for long lasting use, this hand press makes an excellent addition to home or small repair shops alike.

The Black Widow hydraulic press is an economical yet reliable option, perfect for working on motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs in both home and professional garage environments. Featuring an adjustable H-frame that makes this unit suitable for both pros and enthusiasts alike. Plus its low pressure hydraulic system requires less oil pressure than similar models!


Hydraulic presses come in various models to meet different types of work needs. From metal bending and straightening, to replacing bearings. When selecting one for yourself it is crucial that it matches up perfectly with your specific requirements.

The BD-PRESS-20A is a heavy-duty 20 ton air shop press designed specifically to meet the needs of home mechanics and small repair shops. Equipped with both an air valve connection and manual hand pump as backups, its adjustable horizontal ram can extend from 2.75" to 10", giving users greater versatility when pressing. Furthermore, two heel blocks are included.

Black Widow can be seen from greater distances, providing first responders with safer response and traffic with clearer vision of emergency scenes. This high-performance light bar comes in various configurations and includes features like potted controller, waterproof wiring and options for 3 or 6 LED single color or 12 LED dual color front and rear warning/illumination modules.


The BD-PRESS-20B is an ideal choice for home mechanics and small repair shops, offering everything you need to bend, shape and straighten metal as well as loosen seized parts and replace bearings. With its powerful mechanism that can support up to 12 tons of force and two interchangeable noses designed specifically for each task - as well as its pressure gauge and manual hand pump - this machine makes light work of your work projects.

There are various types of hydraulic presses on the market, each offering different benefits. Some models specialize in bending and straightening metal while others can perform numerous machining tasks like punching and forming. All models offer increased speed and precision over mechanical presses; it is important to carefully consider your individual requirements when purchasing one of these models.

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Hydraulic presses are versatile machines used for various tasks, including metal bending. Their higher efficiency over their mechanical counterparts makes them the better option to get work done faster; however, not all hydraulic presses meet everyone's individual requirements and it's crucial that you choose one which meets them best.

JEGS offers an affordable yet powerful 20-ton shop press that is ideal for home mechanics and small repair shops alike. This durable piece of equipment features a powder-coated steel frame designed to withstand years of use, so home mechanics won't have to spend money renting one from another company.

Dake's H-frame hydraulic press is an exceptional combination of durability and power. Equipped with high-grade hydraulic piston and ram assemblies that can handle heavy objects easily, as well as an expanded stroke length from its large diameter hydraulic steel cylinder unit that requires less oil pressure for extended use, this model comes complete with LED warning lights for improved visibility on any site - these lights help first responders respond more safely while at the same time alerting traffic of an emergency scene from further distances.


This hydraulic press was built to deliver maximum power for performing various machining tasks. Featuring a durable H-frame, powerful hydraulic pistons with up to 12 tons of pressure support and an ergonomic hand pump for convenient use, as well as two interchangeable noses to accommodate different projects, this machine ensures maximum output power is utilized during any machining task.

Hydraulic presses are an invaluable asset to home mechanics and small repair shops, enabling users to bend or straighten metal, loosen seized parts, and install bearings quickly and effortlessly. There are various models on the market with different power capacities and frames tailored to specific requirements.

The Black Widow hydraulic shop press is an excellent solution for metal bending and straightening applications, including its rectangular frame with dual hydraulic cylinders requiring less oil pressure than competing models, making it safer and cost-efficient to use. LED warning lights can be added for extra visibility at emergency scenes as well as its potted controller and waterproof wiring system.


Hydraulic presses can be an excellent tool for metal bending and straightening, punching and forming as well as improving efficiency over mechanical presses. There are various models of hydraulic presses on the market - it is important to find one that best meets your needs.

The BD-PRESS-20E hydraulic shop press is an advanced machine tool, built to accommodate various machining applications. Featuring a rectangular frame with large diameter hydraulic steel cylinder unit that requires less oil pressure to support heavy loads, and with built-in safety light curtains and stroke limiters for additional peace of mind during use.

This hydraulic press is ideal for home mechanics and small repair shops alike, enabling users to bend or straighten metal quickly and easily, loosen seized parts quickly, replace bearings easily, and replace bearings in an efficient manner. It features a sturdy welded steel base and powerful bottle jack capable of withstanding up to 12 tons of force; plus it includes a pressure gauge and two interchangeable noses to suit various tasks - plus LED warning lights can help first responders recognize an emergency scene more clearly while helping traffic recognize it more clearly as well.


Hydraulic presses are invaluable tools for altering the shape of metal and other materials. Their ability to exert consistent pressure affords increased productivity and precision compared to mechanical presses, with many models available on the market offering distinct advantages and drawbacks; selecting an ideal hydraulic press depends upon a number of factors including tonnage capacity and frame construction quality.

The Black Widow hydraulic shop press is an invaluable and flexible tool capable of performing numerous tasks. Its heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame withstands heavy loads with ease while its 20-ton capacity enables users to bend metal, loosen seized parts quickly and replace bearings efficiently. Furthermore, this device features a programmable timer and LED warning lights which can be customized according to your individual requirements.

The BD-PRESS-20F hydraulic press is an impressive machine capable of handling high-grade piston and ram assemblies for superior performance. Featuring rectangular frames specifically designed to work with long pieces of metal and spring-return press beam design to support large loads, its innovative large diameter hydraulic steel cylinder unit requires less oil pressure for optimal service life and helps extend service life.


For metalworking projects that require powerful hydraulic presses, the BD-PRESS-20G is an excellent option. It can bend, shape and straighten metal, loosen seized parts and replace bearings without issue - it even connects seamlessly to an air compressor for even easier use! Suitable for home mechanics as well as small repair shops alike!

Hydraulic presses come in various sizes and powers to meet your specific needs. Some models are specifically tailored for bending metal into desired forms while others can handle more complex tasks such as metal forming. It's essential to determine your requirements prior to purchasing a hydraulic press so you know if it can meet them successfully.

This hydraulic shop press features a rectangular frame and can support heavy loads. The hydraulic cylinder uses large diameter hydraulic steel for longer lifespan and reduced oil pressure; with its 7-inch stroke length to prevent skiving, this machine can be used for punching, forming, straightening and other punching-based processes. In addition to that it comes equipped with its own pressure gauge as well as two heel blocks - perfect for punching out jobs!

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