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How to Make a Pizza With a Hydraulic Press

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[Article Summary]:Hydraulic presses are usually thought of as tools used for crushing materials, but those behind YouTube’s Hydraulic Press Channel set out to s……

Hydraulic presses are usually thought of as tools used for crushing materials, but those behind YouTube's Hydraulic Press Channel set out to see if one could also be used as an artistic medium.

Automatic dough presses save both time and effort when flattening pizza or tortilla crusts, saving both you time and effort in doing so. Plus, their interchangeable flat platens mean you can create pizzas of various sizes from personal to family sizes!

1. Make a template

Hydraulic presses exist solely to crush things. In this video from YouTube's Hydraulic Press Channel, they demonstrate just how destructive this tool can be by crushing pizza dough, tomato sauce and chunks of ham. While not exactly beautiful to watch, their destruction makes for quite an entertaining demonstration.

Start building your pizza hydraulic press by taking measurements of two 2" x 4" pieces of wood that make up hinges - these measurements should serve to mark out where they should be cut out on plywood. Use this information as guides when placing these 2" x 4" pieces into a vice and using a hammer to bend them; once bent, screw them together securely for complete hinges.

After your hinges are complete, it's time to tackle building the frame itself. I used welded steel found at a scrap yard for the base of my press. However, because this material can be heavier than you expect, using a strong engine hoist was necessary in moving it around my shop. You should also take this time to ensure that its foundation is square with other pieces; any necessary adjustments might involve measuring and welding as necessary.

Once complete, your frame should be sturdy enough to support its own weight while you weld any remaining seems. I used a forklift for this step; smaller presses can often be lifted by hand or engine hoist instead - the key here is making sure all seams are completely welded without weak points or holes.

Although you can make your own dough for use with a pizza hydraulic press, it may be easier and quicker to purchase pre-made refrigerated pizza dough from your grocery store. This allows the dough to relax for an easier stretch by hand; if the dough becomes stubborn during this process, lay it down and give it some time - 5-10 minutes should do just fine before continuing stretching.

2. Make a mold

Are You Ready to Create Your Own Pizza Dough Press? There is an incredibly straightforward process involved in creating your own dough press. First, obtain two equal lengths of 2"x4" wood and cut two equal pieces from it as hinges of your pizza press - these should fit with the mold size desired by using measurements for gap between. Next use caulking gun liquid nails all over pine squares leaving enough space between each block so pizzas can enter and exit easily.

Once you have your hinges installed, place them on each side of the pizza press using your measuring guide created earlier. Measure from one of the 2" x 4"s at its base up to its top edge on pine square before marking this measurement on both halves of pine square - once complete you can screw together and create the frame of your pizza press!

If you prefer something more automated than this DIY method, there are numerous pizza dough presses on the market that can increase efficiency of your restaurant. They come equipped with flat platens to facilitate creating personal and family sized pizzas quickly. Some models even feature heated upper platens which help produce crispier crusts than those pressed without heat.

Pizza dough presses are an ideal solution for high-volume operations looking to accelerate the assembly process of pizzas. Not only can these presses speed up assembly time and help improve consistency by cutting labor costs and creating more uniform crusts, they are also easy to operate and can easily be adjusted at the push of a button to accommodate different styles of pizza. To maximize results from a dough press it is best to choose a recipe with high hydration levels; this will prevent it from snapping back when pressed by the machine.

3. Build the press

Pizza dough presses are modern innovations that help businesses produce more pizzas faster. There are various models on the market, each equipped with its own features such as elevation adjustment or customization capabilities to produce New York or Chicago style pizza.

If your restaurant offers a range of pizza types, employing a pizza press can save time during rush hour and increase production while still producing top-quality food.

Hand-tossing pizza takes effort, which can tire employees out and lead to uneven crusts and other errors that leave customers disappointed. A pizza press can ensure each pie has an equal size and thickness so customers always receive what they expect.

While some restaurants opt for traditional pizza peels, others choose pizza dough presses as an efficient and quick method to increase production while maintaining consistency within their kitchens. These machines provide a fast way to increase efficiency while simultaneously improving production levels.

Utilizing a pizza dough press can also save money on labor and ingredients costs, while increasing productivity by producing up to 250 pies an hour.

To build a simple pizza press, you will need two 2" x 4"s and some liquid nails. First, lay one of the wood squares over a piece of plywood and apply liquid nails evenly across its surface. Next, clamp down another wooden square on top until secure before cutting away excess lumber with a saw before drilling holes at each end for hinges - measure their height from bottom to top as an aid when marking where to bend them!

The Estella DPC18NH manual clamshell pizza dough press is ideal for busy pizzerias and Italian restaurants, producing up to 250 pies an hour while being perfect for display kitchens so customers can watch as it all happens. Plus, with its digital counter and interchangeable mold capability, this dough press allows users to create personal as well as family-sized pizzas at the same time!

4. Bake the pizza

Pizza may seem complicated to make, but its simplicity belies all of its reputation. Still, using a hydraulic press requires skillful execution to achieve success - the Hydraulic Press Channel set out to prove just that by crushing pizza dough first before moving on to crushing tomato sauce cans and finally chunks of ham - an impressive display that resembled something off of Kanye West's album covers! Watch this video below and witness for yourself.

This recipe yields two 1-pound balls of pizza dough. To start the dough off right, heat some water in a medium bowl, add in some dry yeast, let sit for five minutes and watch as it begins to bubble and bloom, signalling its activity. Meanwhile, combine flour and salt separately; once ready, combine all these together with olive oil in another bowl before beating slowly with an electric mixer on low speed for about one minute before switching over to your dough hook for another seven to ten minutes of kneading time.

After being kneaded, dough should become sticky but tacky to the touch. If it seems too wet for your liking, add additional flour. Additionally, dough should be easy to handle; if it sticks to your hands too much or remains sticky when you transfer it onto a baking sheet and shape it further, further steps should be taken.

Prepare a rimmed baking sheet by lightly dusting it with semolina or flour for easier handling. When your dough is ready, lightly grease either your pizza paddle or baking sheet before transferring to it. Alternatively, cornmeal may be used instead of parchment.

When shaping the dough, make sure to press down gently for a thin crust. Also be careful when adding flour onto its surface as this will prevent bubbling.

Once finished, transfer the pizza to the oven and bake for 8-10 minutes before serving and enjoying! This project is perfect for anyone wanting to create homemade pizzas at home and an excellent way to impress friends - just make sure that there are enough toppings so they'll receive fair compensation for their efforts!

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