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Hydraulic Press Channel – How Much Money Does the Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: If you enjoy watching things get crushed, then look no further. Launched in October 2015 in Finland, this channel features Lauri Vuohensilta and A……

how much money does the hydraulic press channel make

If you enjoy watching things get crushed, then look no further. Launched in October 2015 in Finland, this channel features Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni with their 150-ton hydraulic press crushing various objects into submission.

They even experimented with wrapping bolts with duct tape to see if that could help protect them against the crushing force of the press. Watch the video to find out more.

1. Subscribers

The hydraulic press channel boasts over 3.6 million subscribers since its launch in 2015 and continues to experience steady growth since. Recently however, thanks to Reddit exposure, its subscriber count skyrocketed with Tubular showing an upsurge of 11% subscribers and 3498% increase in view counts within 30 days compared with before.

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland owns and runs this YouTube channel, featuring his 150-ton hydraulic press as a means to crush various objects ranging from rubber ducks and real human teeth to rubber ducks and other objects. Once in, these items remain there for brief amounts of time before being extracted and photographed before their results being posted online.

HPC utilizes more than just hydraulic presses to demonstrate destructive forces. They have used tools such as mechanical force to extract moisture from wood logs, as well as attempts at using their hydraulic press to bend metal sheets into bends.

One aspect that distinguishes the Hydraulic Press Channel from other channels focusing on destruction is its hosts: Lauri has an exaggerated Finnish accent and often provides deadpan commentary while his wife Anni cackles at each new destructive act heinously commits. These two appear to enjoy making videos together, and their audience has responded accordingly.

Many of the ideas submitted by viewers for destruction in the hydraulic press come directly from viewers themselves; ideas often coming in from all around the world. Recently, for instance, someone asked whether it would be possible to compress loose ash into rock-like substance with the hydraulic press; it turns out this is in fact possible and watching this unfold is quite satisfying!

This channel has also received requests to destroy certain things that don't fit their shop, like secondhand cash. To test whether their material could withstand pressure exerted by hydraulic presses, channel members wrapped stacks of bills and coins in duct tape before testing their resilience under hydraulic press pressure.


Few YouTube content channels have garnered as much fame and fame as the hydraulic press channel. Over the last year alone, Finnish video producer Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife Anni have amassed millions of views via videos showing them crushing objects with their massive hydraulic press - some have gone viral while others have received moderate views.

Format of Videos is simple: A flat object sits atop a hydraulic press, which slowly yet implacably crushes it either in slow-mo or all at once. While watching, Lauri and Anni provide commentary in Finnish about what happened afterward and also provide explanation.

Nearly every video starts off with black-and-white shots of a hydraulic press machine, set against an Ethan Meixsell rock song in the background and featuring a graphic reading "The Hydraulic Press Channel". After this introduction, Vuohensilta welcomes viewers to his channel and introduces one or more items he plans on crushing using his hydraulic press; these may range from everyday objects such as an iPhone or Lego car, to more unusual materials like Venezuelan bolivares or giant bottle caps.

Some videos take on more serious themes, like testing the strength of different metals; others simply provide entertainment value. When one viewer asked whether or not it would be possible to compress loose ash into rock with their hydraulic press, they graciously accommodated and the result is mesmerizingly beautiful!

At the core of these videos lies their appeal: tension between mechanical destruction and human connection. Vuohensilta and Anni clearly love what they're doing and feed off each other's enthusiasm, evidenced in the commentary which often contains jokes related to events seen in their videos.

In their video "Silicone Boobs in Vacuum Chamber and Hydraulic Press", Anni and her partner joke about using some of their YouTube revenue to purchase silicone boobs for Anni as this refers to men watching them crush female genitalia using hydraulic presses.

3. Revenue

The Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube features videos in which objects are crushed using an industrial-strength hydraulic press. Created by Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta in October 2015 and quickly becoming an online sensation due to its oddly satisfying videos of everyday objects being crushed under heavy machinery, Vuohensilta generates an estimated annual revenue of $650,000 from advertisements displayed on his videos that receive between 50K-26M views each.

Vuohensilta and Anni run their channel from their small metal workshop in Tampere, Finland. Although not professional videographers, they possess an incredible talent for turning any task into an entertaining video that captures thousands of viewers every day. Their videos include short clips lasting less than 10 seconds long as well as longer compilations lasting up to two minutes long - something only professional videographers could achieve with such ease!

Each video on his channel begins with black-and-white footage of a hydraulic press in action as rock song by Ethan Meixsell plays in the background, followed by Vuohensilta introducing whatever object he plans on crushing in his machine, or testing its strength by folding paper or breaking other items.

Hydraulic presses can exert up to 150 tons of force, meaning that they should have no problem crushing even tough items. But sometimes this machine overcompensates, necessitating manual adjustments. As evidenced in a recent video by the Hydraulic Press Channel trying to drive a nail through wood using their hydraulic press was too hard for its ram and platen to compress enough.

Hydraulic Press Channel has also tested how well duct tape stands up against the pressure of hydraulic presses by wrapping bolts with layers of the sticky silver material and testing how well they hold up under intense force from these machines. In another video, they explored this experimentation using layers of duct tape as protection from these machines.

4. Ads

The Hydraulic Press channel on YouTube is a video series dedicated to crushing things. Founded by Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife Anni of Tampere, Finland and running a small family-owned machining shop where their hydraulic press is one of many pieces of equipment used for crushing.

Vuohensilta began uploading videos for his hydraulic press channel since October 2015. These home garage-filmed videos feature him and his wife testing out various items including a blender using their hydraulic press. As soon as they became popular on Reddit and social media platforms they quickly went viral.

This channel currently boasts more than 1.7 million subscribers and over 218 million views, which have led to numerous similar channels being created - many with Vuohensilta sponsorship deals attached.

Attributes that contribute to the success of the hydraulic press channel include its entertaining videos. Vuohensilta's thick Finnish accent adds even further intrigue.

Another element that contributes to the popularity of hydraulic press channels is their sense of humor. While their main focus may be destruction, they also poke fun at popular culture and daily life; Vuohensilta has successfully included references from viral pranks (such as "Can You Fold Paper More Than 7 Times?") in his videos, which adds another element.

One of the most captivating elements of a hydraulic press channel is its use of technology. A GoPro camera records each video that is then edited and uploaded onto YouTube for editing and upload. Furthermore, special software automatically adjusts brightness settings on every video uploaded.

The hydraulic press channel also features additional content, such as a video that shows how a couple built their own hydraulic press, as well as a daily life vlog and separate channel where videos that don't pertain to hydraulic presses are posted.

The hydraulic press channel on YouTube stands as proof of its powerful video marketing potential. From just a handful of simple videos uploaded over time, they have earned millions in advertising revenue alone!

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