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How to Make Hydraulic Press Pocket Super-Viral Videos

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[Article Summary]: Crushing things is always captivating to watch, which explains why so many YouTube channels specialize in crushing objects with hydraulic presses.……

how to make hydraulic press pocket superviral videos

Crushing things is always captivating to watch, which explains why so many YouTube channels specialize in crushing objects with hydraulic presses. One channel run by Finnish workshop owner Lauri Vuohensilta amassed more than 36 million views for videos featuring wanton destruction!

Hydraulic Press Pocket has become one of the most beloved casual games. To play it on Windows PC using Bluestacks is also possible.

Start with a good camera

Watching toy cars and Barbie dolls get crushed under the 100-ton force of a hydraulic press is strangely mesmerizing; this phenomenon has given rise to thousands of YouTube videos dedicated to it, but one channel that stands out among this crush-culture crowd is Lauri Vuohensilta's Hydraulic Press Channel from Finland; his videos have amassed over 36 million views yet he remains humble despite this success.

Vuohensilta specializes in testing different items to see how they fare against his unyielding hydraulic press, while answering viewer inquiries and taking requests to put specific objects through testing. While there have been requests to crush specific objects like lithium ion batteries or even destroy specific items (like those brought for destruction), Vuohensilta declines due to possible damages to his hydraulic press or even potential explosions caused by such action.

Though there are numerous YouTube channels dedicated to crushing things, what separates the Hydraulic Press Channel is its dynamic duo of Lauri and Anni - with their thick Finnish accents and hilarious Captain Obvious commentary - making each video truly enjoyable to watch. They even created their own separate YouTube channel called Beyond the Press where they post content that doesn't involve using their hydraulic press!

Couple's purpose in using hydraulic press to test new objects is also social commentary. They have conducted tests comparing whether an older Canon camera or lens is better at withstanding the intense forces of hydraulic press - making for fascinating and somewhat satisfying viewing, yet saddening viewing as expensive pieces of technology become crushed underfoot.

Hydraulic Press Pocket offers an attractive alternative for those seeking to forgo the expense of buying new cameras: starting out with basic objects and low-quality camera, then upgrading as you gain more views and rewards to create stunning destruction videos! The free-to-play Hydraulic Press Pocket allows you to play Hydraulic Press without breaking the bank!

Pick the right objects

Crushing objects is immensely satisfying, which has given rise to hundreds (if not thousands) of YouTube channels dedicated to this act of destruction with 100-ton hydraulic presses. One popular example is Hydraulic Press Channel from Finland specializing in crushing everything from toy cars and Barbie dolls to bowling balls and car batteries with 100-ton hydraulic presses. Lauri Vuohensilta works at his family's machine shop using this hydraulic press for multiple projects as well as answering viewer requests and demonstrating other pieces of equipment in his shop but this press remains his mainstay of destruction!

Vuohensilta and Anni create their videos in their shop's garage where he has set up his camera and table of various objects to be destroyed. Both are clearly having great fun doing it and its results have proven enormously popular: these videos have amassed millions of views while drawing media coverage across numerous publications; in turn, YouTube itself has become an impressive moneymaking venture.

This app is completely free to play, with optional in-app purchases available as an add-on feature. Perfect for passing time when bored or stressed out - and featuring real voice acting from actual Hydraulic Press Channel cast members!

Start by picking an object and beginning filming. The more captivating your object is, the more views and rewards you'll earn in return. As you accumulate these views and rewards, your hydraulic press can improve to crush more items; additionally, stickers may also be available to add some flair to your videos.

Hydraulic Press Pocket may not capture the thrills and glory of becoming a YouTube sensation, but it does give players a glimpse into life as a professional YouTube creator. From starting with an inexperienced channel with a broken crusher that requires constant repairs to moderating mean comments - Hydraulic Press Pocket doesn't shy away from depicting its darker sides of creating YouTube videos.

Crush them quickly

Watching things get crushed can be immensely satisfying, leading to hundreds of YouTube videos showing people crushing various objects with hydraulic presses. Finland native Lauri Vuohensilta makes his living by crushing toys and cars for viewers to watch him crush in his hydraulic press.

Hydraulic Press Pocket is a mobile game that places you into the role of an amateur YouTuber making money off this captivating trend. As an amateur YouTuber, you start out with only basic equipment, but as views and rewards from videos increase you're able to upgrade it as your popularity rises. Watching your creations become dismantled is both entertaining and stressful: You must monitor how much force is applied so as not to break anything other than your hydraulic press!

Game is an entertaining way to pass time when bored or feeling stressed, as achievements will increase your viewer count and bring rewards - which you can then use to upgrade your hydraulic press and crush more eye-catching objects! However, too much force could damage it and potentially explode lithium ion batteries - don't overdo it though; too much force may damage both components!

Hydraulic Press Pocket is an addictive mobile game reminiscent of classic YouTube videos, with basic graphics but an engaging hydraulic press design adding much to gameplay. There are various objects to destroy for added fun; plus it's free with optional in-app purchases available if desired! Unfortunately there may be limits as to how many items can be destroyed per video, but overall this remains an excellent way to pass time during free moments of free time!

Make it look good

There's something strangely satisfying about watching toys or stacks of books get crunched by a hydraulic press, creating hundreds or even thousands of YouTube channels dedicated solely to this phenomenon. Now this mesmerizing trend has made its way onto mobile platforms with Hydraulic Press Pocket: an official YouTube simulator which gives players the thrill of crushing items while earning money and attracting viewers!

At first, this addictive and engaging title begins as a small handheld camera equipped with some basic objects for you to destroy. As you accrue views and rewards, your equipment can be upgraded so you can crush larger and better items. Furthermore, comments must be managed while new viewers must be recruited so as to maintain your channel; ultimately your goal should be to create more videos which reach as many people as possible!

With more than two hundred unique items to find and crush, and live voice acting from the Hydraulic Press Channel, this pocket tuber simulation is sure to keep you entertained when bored or stressed! Throw your own objects under the press to see if they get crushed! Plus with upgrades available for your hydraulic press as well as collaboration opportunities with other YouTubers you could even become viral in this exciting game!

Hydraulic Press Pocket is an accessible mobile title packed with realistic visuals and sound effects, from HD graphics to sound effects, making this game truly enjoyable for eyes and ears alike. Learning the controls is easy, making gameplay highly addicting - plus there's no need to spend real money to advance in it - you can do that through in-app purchases instead!

No doubt about it; this exciting and engaging game will keep you entertained for hours upon end. And for added excitement, check out the mod apk version to unlock unlimited gold coins and more.

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