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How Much Does the Hydraulic Press YouTube Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: The Hydraulic Press Channel has amassed an enormous following on YouTube by using hydraulic presses to crush various objects, created in October 2……

how much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make

The Hydraulic Press Channel has amassed an enormous following on YouTube by using hydraulic presses to crush various objects, created in October 2015 by Lauri Vuohensilta of his family machining business in Finland. His dry commentary and thick Finnish accent add an additional level of charm.

Reddit users saw the video of him trying to fold paper seven times with a hydraulic press go viral, garnering over 20 million views in just days.

How much does the hydraulic press you tube channel make?

Hydraulic presses can be used to crush an array of objects, from bowling balls and soda cans to metal tools and bowling pins. One YouTube channel takes this destruction to another level by showing its destruction in real-time; Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland created The Hydraulic Press Channel in order to take this process public.

Vuohensilta runs a family-run machining business and began the channel after seeing other destruction-themed YouTube channels. He used his hydraulic press occasionally at work; however, after watching other destruction-themed channels online he saw a way to use it more frequently while making money in doing so. Anni, his wife, posts one weekly video featuring Vuohensilta crushing phones such as Nokia 3310's that has since gone viral!

Lauri Vuohensilta

Lauri Vuohensilta, 29, from Finland has become an internet phenomenon through his YouTube videos showing him crushing objects with the force of a 100-ton hydraulic press. These videos have amassed millions of views worldwide and turned Vuohensilta into an international celebrity. He has created his own genre on the web; as a result he is reaping the benefits of his success.

Hydraulic Press Channel (HPC) was initially established in October 2015 with a video titled, "Can You Fold Paper Over Seven Times With Hydraulic Press?" That video quickly went viral, amassing more than one million subscribers within two months and garnering worldwide media coverage for both individuals involved. Since then, they have crushed various objects in their workshop while building up a loyal following of viewers who follow along in real time.

In their videos, this couple employs a large hydraulic press to test different materials and items for strength. Their tests include rubber ducks, golf balls, books, bearing balls, Lego toys, Nokia 3310 phones and diamonds - with hilarious results and many featuring hilarious commentary!

One of the most-watched YouTube clips features Vuohensilta crushing a teddy bear, with over 3.3 million views within days, becoming one of the most-viewed ever YouTube clips and being featured on major news sites as well as being made into an emoji!

Vuohensilta attributes his success to Anni's laughter, his thick Finnish accent, and having lots of fun doing what he does. To learn English he watched films and television shows such as Top Gear and Fallout.

Anni Vuohensilta

Anni Vuohensilta, better known by his YouTube name Hydraulic Press Lauri, first became well-known with his videos of crushing random objects with hydraulic presses. Lauri is known for his humorous videos featuring crushing random items using hydraulic presses as well as his unique Finnish accent and distinctive sense of humor. Additionally he maintains both his YouTube Channel as well as blogging regularly about cycling adventures on his blog and Instagram account.

The Hydraulic Press Channel launched in October and quickly amassed over 4.5 million subscribers within four months, earning them over 50 million views and thus significant advertising revenue. Based in Finland, they have become one of the most sought-after channels in their genre.

Many YouTube users enjoy Vuohensilta's channel for its amusement and entertainment value, drawing them in for its quirky videos featuring him using his 100-ton hydraulic press to crush items such as Lego cars, hockey pucks and Xbox 360 consoles. He has even produced sponsored videos such as one with 20th Century Fox to promote Logan film.

Channel also hosts amusing prank videos featuring the destruction of secondhand clothing mannequins. One video features Anni shooting an air cannon at one mannequin before crushing it with hydraulic press; other videos show her smashing homemade clay figures made by him himself. Anni herself enjoys cycling; her Instagram page showcases photos from her cycling excursions while doing modeling work in between rides - she even offers her Taureans an online horoscope!

Ad revenue

The Hydraulic Press Channel has become one of YouTube's most viewed channels since 2015 when Finnish factory owner Jari Suominen and his wife started uploading videos featuring objects being crushed with their family's 150-ton hydraulic press. After one video using it to test whether paper could be folded more than seven times went viral on Reddit, its popularity skyrocketed - now earning significant advertising revenue and providing significant financial stability to this couple.

The channel features a faceless narrator who uses a hydraulic press to squeeze new objects, often to violent and explosive ends. His thick accent is captivating and his videos stand out as being less flashy and dramatic than many others on YouTube; unlike some that use quick edits or make-up effects for effect.

While many of the channel's videos showcase objects being crushed with hydraulic presses, they also include humorous pranks and demonstrations. For instance, one video features a narrator shooting an air cannon to shoot Johnny the clothing mannequin before crushing him with his hydraulic press.

Its success can be attributed to its use of humor and surprise to engage viewers, coupled with the charming accent of its narrator. What's even more remarkable about its success is that it started out simply as a means for its creator to market their family's machining shop; yet it has grown into an internet phenomenon thanks to its quirky sense of humor and jaw-dropping destruction videos; drawing in over 1.7 million subscribers and 526.2 million views combined! Ad revenue drives this success story.

Net worth

The Hydraulic Press Channel is an immensely popular YouTube channel featuring Lauri Vuohensilta using hydraulic presses to crush objects with an assortment of objects he finds around his house, earning millions in ad revenue from ads displayed. He began using them since childhood. Since then he has amassed over 1.7 million subscribers - which shows his passion for destruction!

Vuohensilta's channel has been around for some time, yet recently gained significant exposure on Reddit, leading to a tremendous surge in subscribers and views - up almost 600% and 3 million respectively in just 30 days!

Hydraulic Press Channel content often features ridiculous and humorous moments. For example, one couple often fires an air cannon at Johnny the secondhand clothing mannequin before using their hydraulic press to crush him in one piece. Sometimes they even use a meat grinder on Johnny!

Though many videos on this channel feature humorous content, some serious issues exist as well. Lauri accidentally severed his right arm with the hydraulic press in one video and crushed his wife's eye in another one; yet these incidents continue to attract large amounts of traffic and advertising revenue for this channel.

Lauri and Anni may have become famous through the Hydraulic Press Channel, yet they do not possess as high of a net worth as some other YouTubers like Jimmy Donaldson (known as Mr Beast ). He boasts a net worth of $54 Million due to his viral YouTube videos which showcase him smashing everything from Lamborghinis to frozen toys!

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