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How Much Does Hydraulic Press Channel Make?

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[Article Summary]: Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland first uploaded videos featuring him using a hydraulic press on YouTube five years ago and quickly rose in popularity ……

how much does hydraulic press channel make

Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland first uploaded videos featuring him using a hydraulic press on YouTube five years ago and quickly rose in popularity with viewers worldwide. His amusing and satisfying videos draw millions of people on major social media platforms each time one is posted.

New York Magazine writer Jesse Singal believes the channel draws viewers by combining tension created by Vuohensilta's hydraulic press with his goofy nerdiness - his Finnish accent being another draw.

YouTube Ad Revenue

YouTube's video "Hydraulic Press Channel Crushing Objects" has received over two million views and its creator is making money through cost per thousand (CPM) ads that appear around it. How much an advertiser makes can depend on how many viewers actually watch their video -- for instance if one video garners 10 million+ views, their creator could earn as much as $65,000!

Lauri Vuohensilta and Anni started their YouTube channel in October 2015 to test whether viewers would be interested in watching Lauri use his hydraulic press machine to crush objects. After being inspired by other destruction-focused channels such as carsandwater's use of fire to melt objects, this Finnish couple decided to give their hydraulic press a go themselves.

Vuohensilta family runs their family machining business from Tampere, Finland using hydraulic presses among other pieces of equipment. Vuohensilta told the Wall Street Journal he made $650,000 last year from advertising revenue alone and plans on continuing that momentum moving forward.

Since their inaugural video release, their channel has expanded with additional tutorials and bonus content. Each video begins with black-and-white shots of a hydraulic press in action set against Ethan Meixsell's rock song Thor's Hammer before Vuohensilta introduces himself by saying, "Welcome to Hydraulic Press Channel!".

In most videos, he discusses the history and use of hydraulic presses before demonstrating their power to crush objects like Lego toys, hockey pucks and Nokia 3310s. His dry humor often recalls Captain Obvious from The Office television show; making his commentary entertaining for viewers.

Most popular videos uploaded to the channel involve him smashing various items he finds engaging, such as watermelons, an adamantium-bearing ball from Logan movie and even one created with wife by themselves as Wolverine figurine. Their videos have proven both bizarre yet entertaining for millions of subscribers worldwide.

Even though their channel has become immensely popular, the Vuohensiltas recognize that not everyone enjoys their crushing videos. Some viewers have complained that the videos are too violent while others have accused them of being wasteful or materialistic. As a response, they provide educational content like blog posts and FAQs on their website to balance the tone of their videos.

YouTube Subscribers

Lauri Vuohensilta of the Hydraulic Press Channel stands out from YouTubers who use quick editing or dramatic make-up applications in his videos by remaining true to his brand - crushing objects under his 150-ton hydraulic press since 2015. His content is intriguingly captivating! In addition, Vuohensilta and wife Anni also host Beyond the Press which offers humorous pranks!

The channel began as a hobby but has quickly grown into one of YouTube's most successful businesses, earning millions in advertising and merchandise revenue from advertising and merchandise sales. Now boasting over 2.2 million subscribers and 360 million views - enough to place them as the 84th most watched channel - its appeal stems from people's enjoyment in watching objects being crushed under heavy machinery; viewers find this combination of metallic brutality and goofy humor immensely captivating.

Not just limited to crushing videos, this channel provides tutorials and extra content besides its crushing videos. With 522 videos in total showcasing various objects being crushed - some filmed in slow motion for maximum impact - and Vuohensilta's dry humor similar to Captain Obvious is popular with viewers; so is his thick Finnish accent!

Vuohensilta has crushed everything from an iPhone 7 and Lego cars to hockey pucks on this channel, but his favorite item to crush are steel pipes, as they provide maximum satisfaction when crushed. He also enjoys smashing potentially harmful items such as ball bearings that explode and fly at approximately one kilometer per second.

Vuohensilta takes great care to ensure his hydraulic press operates safely; he typically operates it from behind glass barriers in order to reduce injuries or fire risks. When making potentially explosive videos with his wife, he and she also take measures such as recording multiple takes until they get optimal results.

Vuohensilta and Anni also operate a merchandise store where they sell T-shirts featuring their video content, making a fortune through it thanks to their huge following and unique content creation. As they look to expand their merch line with more products.

Facebook Ad Revenue

Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta have become YouTube superstars by crushing objects with a 150-ton hydraulic press in their Finnish workshop since 2015. The videos are strangely compelling to watch; viewers seem drawn in by a combination of humor, surprise, and Vuohensilta's charming accent - making for compelling viewing! While its hard to pinpoint exactly why these videos draw people in so much, many experts speculate that these videos tap into our human desire for destruction while offering a sense of achievement when something has been successfully destroyed successfully.

Vuohensilta and his wife uploaded their initial video, featuring Vuohensilta trying to fold printer paper seven times using the hydraulic press, to Reddit and it gained two million views within 24 hours - leading them to create the Hydraulic Press Channel where Vuohensilta crushes various objects using large hydraulic presses - regularly posting videos that go viral online and amass millions of views and sponsors.

Hydraulic Press videos typically depict objects being crushed under Vuohensilta family's hydraulic press, followed by Vuohensilta explaining why they chose to crush it - usually in humorous or engaging fashion - which draws viewers' interest further. As well as various objects being crushed under their hydraulic press, Vuohensiltas also make videos about daily life and other topics; recent one including crushing watermelons under hydraulic press being particularly entertaining to watch!

Vuohensilta has described using music in his videos to help set an atmosphere and set the right atmosphere, adding atmosphere and setting mood with every episode. These soundtracks typically consist of rock, pop and jazz styles to give his videos their distinctive tone. Vuohensilta himself reportedly uses background music extensively when working with media; Vuohensilta often relies on this when working alone on projects requiring concentration from him.

Hydraulic Press Channel's success can be attributed to its combination of humor and surprise as well as unique aesthetics. Each video showcases different objects being crushed in their family's hydraulic press; each video proves more captivating than its predecessor! In addition, they've released bonus content called Beyond the Press wherein they feature videos unrelated to hydraulic presses altogether.

Facebook Subscribers

The Hydraulic Press Channel, run by Finnish machinist Lauri Vuohensilta and his wife Anni, has amassed millions of views since its creation on YouTube in 2015. Both couples take great care to ensure the safety of their hydraulic press by operating it behind glass barriers and taking measures against fire or explosion damage.

A couple started uploading videos to YouTube in 2015, but only after one video in which they attempted to fold paper seven times using a hydraulic press went viral did their channel become widely watched and gained fame. Since then, they've earned thousands in monthly advertisements from these videos alone; plus running Facebook pages and merchandise stores selling T-shirts!

Vuohensilta and Anni have recently experimented with Facebook's Fan Subscription Monetization Tool in an attempt to increase revenue from their videos, with promising results. This feature allows creators to charge subscribers monthly fees for exclusive content as well as badges. Several creators who have used it so far have found it to be highly effective at increasing subscription rates.

Creators using Fan Subscription on Facebook can earn up to 30% of subscription revenues collected from fans minus Apple and Google's 30% cut on mobile subscriptions, which compares favorably to Patreon's 5% fee, YouTube channel subscriptions at 30%, and Twitch channel memberships at 50%.

Vuohensilta stands out from the pack among destruction-focused channels like CarsandWater and Let's Melt This by using their unique blend of charm, chemistry and thick Finnish accents with amusing Captain Obvious commentary to stand out. Additionally, they take great care to protect themselves by operating their hydraulic press behind protective glass barriers and taking precautions against fire or explosion damage in their videos.

Their videos have proven immensely entertaining due to the couple's incredible chemistry and charisma, yet they have distinguished themselves from other vloggers by not resorting to fast editing or dramatic make-up applications. As a result, these charming yet humorous videos have amassed millions of views and become an online hit.

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