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How to Make a Pizza Hydraulic Press

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[Article Summary]:Though many pizzerias still use the traditional method of stretching dough by hand, high-volume operations may need to streamline their process with……

Though many pizzerias still use the traditional method of stretching dough by hand, high-volume operations may need to streamline their process with pizza dough presses. These devices flatten the dough for uniform crust creation while simultaneously heating it - making them suitable for Neapolitan-style pizzas.

1. Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic presses are essential tools when it comes to shaping things to size, and nothing beats their efficiency in doing this task. While other presses rely on flywheel and crank mechanisms, hydraulic presses employ Pascal's law by applying pressure through a steel ram forced down by a hydraulic cylinder. These heavy shop tools have numerous applications from stamping out metal workpieces to crushing powder mixtures for X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy analysis.

For an easy DIY pizza hydraulic press, a base should be constructed from two 2" x 4" pieces with hinges attached on one end and screws positioned accordingly. Measure the distance from one of the boards' bottom edge to its top edge in order to determine where you need to bend your hinges; mark those areas, use a vice to bend them as needed and screw everything back together when completed. Once assembled and working, your pizza hydraulic press should connect easily to its base.

Commercial operations looking to automate their dough production will find this automatic pizza hydraulic press an invaluable solution. Capable of producing uniform crusts within six seconds, and capable of handling up to 250 pizzas an hour, it features a digital counter and programmable timer to ensure consistent pizza production. Requiring 120V power, its built-in oil tank provides pressure gauge monitoring; making this tool both time and cost saving by eliminating skilled labor needs.

2. Liquid Nails

Dough presses are an invaluable asset to pizza kitchens looking to streamline production or achieve more consistent results. They work by pressing dough into desired shapes before clamping the platens closed to form crust. Furthermore, this device helps reduce shrinkage during baking.

Proluxe Apex's automatic hydraulic pizza press saves both time and energy with its lightning fast six second flattening of dough into hand-tossed style pizza crust. Equipped with a digital counter that displays how many crusts have been pressed as well as programmable timer for tracking output, and interchangeable mold sizes that accommodate any number of pie types this press provides a quick solution.

To create your pizza press, use two 2" x 4" pieces as hinges. Cut one end of each to an appropriate height before marking where to bend the other end. Secure these halves together using either liquid nails or wood glue; wood glue works better as it bonds tight-fitting wooden materials while liquid nails is an open joint construction adhesive used more widely.

3. Pine Square

Hydraulic Press Channel have taken this homemade cooking tool and used it in their video compilation to make other unusual dishes with it, like pizza!

This project requires a 12" square of pine wood and two 14-inch lengths of 2" x 4" boards. You should leave an overhang of an inch on both sides, so mark this line using chalk at one inch from each end and screw two 7-inch lengths of 1" x 4" boards onto their interior surfaces so their rounded edges align perfectly with uprights - then clamp securely into place.

4. Black Granite Squares

To construct your pizza hydraulic press, you will require black granite squares from any home improvement store at an extremely reasonable cost. Simply glue two pieces onto either side of a pine square and clamp until dry.

Once the squares have been assembled, attach them to a vice and use two 2"x4"s for hinges hammered between their top and bottom sides - leaving an inch and a half gap for handles between each 2" x 4" as you do so.

The Hydraulic Press Channel is famous for their compilation videos featuring things being destroyed with hydraulic presses, but in this one, they attempt to make pizza with it! Although they appear not to know exactly how best to utilize their press in this instance, at least they make an attempt at it!

5. Caulking Gun

Dough presses can help speed up production in any pizza kitchen. The machines allow you to flatten dough into uniform crusts for more consistent results than hand-tossed pizzas, whether that means cracker-thin crusts or fluffy focaccias - there's bound to be one perfect press to meet your needs! Many models also include digital time and temperature controls so that each pie you create comes out perfect every time!

When selecting a pizza hydraulic press, take into account your space limitations and desired pizza style in determining which model would work best. Some models, like Ecor International S.p.A's OperaPrima with interchangeable molds for various sizes makes offering various styles easier; others like Proluxe Apex Pro X1 DP1350E Automatic Hydraulic Dough Press can save time further thanks to its automatic design that flattens dough in 6 seconds!

To load a caulking gun, first pull back on the release trigger until a metal rod extending from behind the holder is revealed. Next, insert your caulking tube keeping the nozzle forward before pushing it until it fits snugly within its holder.

Once your tube is securely in its holder, close and turn off the release lever to lock it. If you're uncertain if you have loaded your caulking gun correctly, test its performance by running a short bead of caulk over some scrap material; if this comes out quickly and smoothly then your pizza hydraulic press can begin production!

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