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Hydraulic Press YouTube Channel

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[Article Summary]:Those who enjoy watching everyday objects get destroyed should check out the Hydraulic Press channel. Each video features an unnamed narrator subjec……

Those who enjoy watching everyday objects get destroyed should check out the Hydraulic Press channel. Each video features an unnamed narrator subjecting another object to its crushing force in each video from this channel.

Lauri Vuohensilta, who runs his family-run machining business, launched his channel seven years ago. Utilizing his 150-ton machine for testing purposes he uses this channel to examine objects such as LEGO toys, diamonds and cans of silly string.

What is the net worth of the Hydraulic Press channel?

Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere, Finland uses his family's industrial hydraulic press to demonstrate what happens when objects are crushed with tons of force. Since it first debuted in 2015, this video series has attracted over 3.79 million subscribers as of this writing.

Vuohensilta pits the 100-ton hydraulic press against everyday objects ranging from bowling balls and Lego toys to Barbie dolls in his videos. Each episode begins with black-and-white shots of the press in action while Ethan Meixsell's rock song Thor's Hammer plays in the background, followed by an introduction introducing one or more objects he will crush using it and an "Welcome to Hydraulic Press Channel" announcement followed by one or more objects being crushed using it.

According to Vuohensilta, his Hydraulic Press channel's success can be attributed to its unique content and the viewer response. He attributes his success to hard work and persistence and emphasizes the importance of learning from failure while overcoming obstacles.

His Hydraulic Press channel has earned him a considerable income; in 2021, it ranked number 84 on YouTube's Top Earning YouTubers List. Furthermore, he recently introduced a behind the scenes channel which is garnering considerable traction among viewers.

While his success with Hydraulic Press channel has provided him with financial success, its success has taken its toll on his personal life. In 2022 he announced his intention of divorcing wife Lauri and starting up a new business despite remaining close friends despite this new chapter of their lives.

Anni Vuohensilta remains an active part of the Hydraulic Press community despite living alone. She regularly posts images and videos of herself on her social media accounts; as an entrepreneur and IPF powerlifter. Additionally, Anni is Taurus with strong physical features.

Anni is well-known on Instagram for her cycling-related posts. She often rides alongside her dog and enjoys camping trips. Anni holds a Bachelor of Science from Tampere University of Finland.

How much does the Hydraulic Press channel make per video?

The Hydraulic Press channel on YouTube is one of the most watched channels, featuring Lauri Vuohensilta crushing objects with hydraulic presses. His videos have become immensely popular and amassed over 1.7 million subscribers and 218 million views - not to mention an estimated monthly advertising revenue of $63,000!

The videos posted to this channel are straightforward. Each begins with a black-and-white shot of an operating hydraulic press, followed by Ethan Meixsell's rock song. Lauri Vuohensilta then introduces his object for crushing before slowly closing on it with his hydraulic press before slowly replaying and commenting upon what had transpired before and after its crushing.

Since 2015 when Hydraulic Press channel first went online, its videos have been watched over 60 million times. Its success can be attributed to its unique and entertaining content that viewers find highly shareable - perfect for viral marketing! Furthermore, Reddit users have seen tremendous subscriber growth as a result.

Apart from crushing objects, this channel also highlights other activities at Lauri and Anni's shop. They create series called "Beyond the Press", where Lauri uses his hydraulic press to prepare and destroy different foods; all videos feature Lauri's deadpan commentary as Anni giggles along in unison.

Hydraulic Press channel's unprecedented success has come as a shock to many. Since launching uploads only three months ago in October 2015, they've already amassed one million subscribers! Not only does the channel generate advertising revenue through ads but they also sell merchandise such as T-shirts and hats directly through their dedicated page on YouTube.

This YouTube channel has also captured mainstream press attention. BBC reporter visited to view hydraulic press in action; found videos educational yet entertaining at once.

How much does the Hydraulic Press channel make per month?

The Hydraulic Press channel on YouTube has quickly become one of the most watched channels online, featuring Finnish factory owner Lauri Vuohensilta crushing various objects with his industrial-strength hydraulic press. His videos are captivating to watch, garnering worldwide media coverage; plus this channel has earned over $2 Million dollars from advertising revenue alone!

Vuohensilta first created his YouTube channel in October 2015 and soon found widespread attention after his video of folding paper more than seven times with his hydraulic press went viral. Since then, his channel has amassed over 2.2 million subscribers and generated 360 million views - while also making over $800,000 through ads alone on YouTube.

Vuohensilta and Anni have also created another channel called Beyond the Press where they post videos related to their lives and projects, frequently using their hydraulic press and air cannon to play practical jokes on each other and engage in humorous pranks against each other. Furthermore, there are cooking and food episodes in which the couple use their hydraulic press both to prepare food as well as destroy it!

While many videos on the Hydraulic Press channel can be quite dangerous, Vuohensilta takes great care in operating his hydraulic press from behind thick glass and other barriers while closely overseeing every experiment. He takes requests from viewers regularly; however some items, like lithium-ion batteries may cause explosions that damage his workshop and should therefore not be destroyed.

Vuohensilta uses his hydraulic press not only for destruction, but also as a testing machine to gauge various hand and power tools against pressure. He often adds commentary to his videos with Anni as both good-natured and humorous; one video shows them both playfully mocking each other for mispronouncing words incorrectly - she even calls him out on mispronunciations of "hydraulic" (spelled hoodraulik in Finnish). Since his accent sells the channel, Vuohensilta sometimes takes an amusing jab at himself by calling himself out in some comments section videos as "liar".

How much does the Hydraulic Press channel make per year?

The Hydraulic Press channel on YouTube specializes in crushing objects using a hydraulic press. Established by Lauri Vuohensilta of Tampere Finland factory owner in 2015, the channel now has over 3 Million subscribers.

The basic premise behind the channel is straightforward: an object sits atop a pedestal in an industrial setting, and what appears to be a metal hockey puck descends and crushes it either slowly (if soft) or all at once (if hard). Videos feature a man with an identifiable Finnish accent narrating this sequence of events.

Though it may seem odd, this channel has found amazing success using this unconventional strategy to gain internet fame. Videos uploaded often garner millions of views within just days!

As well as standard hydraulic press videos, the channel also features various destruction experiments such as:

One of the most watched videos on our channel is, "Can You Fold Paper More Than Seven Times With a Hydraulic Press?" which was uploaded in October 2015 and received over two million views within one day!

Other popular videos on the channel include, "How Many Lego Can Fit in a Hydraulic Press?" and, "Does Crushing an Nokia 3310 with a Hydraulic Press Really Turn Into Goop?".

The Hydraulic Press channel has its critics, with some viewers alleging that it promotes an unhealthy depiction of violence. However, it should be remembered that the channel does not advocate violence; rather it simply showcases its power through demonstration.

Recently, this channel expanded their operations with a press that is capable of crushing much more than before - the Smashinator machine - capable of crushing multiple items simultaneously. As seen in one video, this machine crushed multiple Lego castle pieces, sneaker shoes and speakers while in another it destroyed Lego bricks and Barbie dolls!

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